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  1. If I may ask, what changed so much,just out of curiosity?
  2. Nonsense,no sense,.....Same thing
  3. Good lord...I can see you bitchhh about the rain.
  4. I wouldn't have said never,before adding Fusco, but I will now.
  5. I've just been silent. The originator...LOL
  6. It won't at guard....(just stirring the pot)
  7. Hate to say it....The same way the Patriots do...Draft...Draft...Draft
  8. Double LOL
  9. duplicate thread
  10. I have no agenda here other than wishing the Falcons to the Super Bowl. That's what I want, I would also love if we we could get all the FA's you mentioned. On a side note I would love a threesome with Hallie Berry, Kristy Brinkley, and Lady Gaga..... It aint happenin.
  11. I don't see your math working. I wish I could.
  12. I know....ohh and don't forget "It's not our money"
  13. That's all I was saying??? To totally understand the cap is one thing, but looking at our piggy bank versus other teams, is ignoring the math. We better keep drafting well, and develop our most great teams.