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  1. Thank you...needed that
  2. Or lifted an SUV?
  3. We've only played two. duhhh
  4. I have to agree with @athell. Vision is Freeman's biggest strength. He is not physically gifted like Gurley, Barclay, Elliott, etc.. With out his vision he is just average. No agenda here.
  5. And we are proud of that?
  6. Did the Bears win?
  7. The Eagles are without there best WR, and there #4 WR. Expect to see lot's of two TE sets on there part. The are gonna try and run the ball down our throat. It's imperative our OF scores ponts (TD's) So the Eagles will be forced to pass. Good luck with that on our secondary, without your #1 WR, and #1 QB. Falcons 24- Eagles 13
  8. He was being sarcastic....pretend it was in purple
  9. Didn't mind trying to run over them as far as tackling that guy, I'm out...I know it's weird ...but no cups of gatorade for me.
  10. I played RB, but if I played D, I wouldn't tackle that guy. pass....Sorry coach I just misread the play( takes off helmet hides on the bench)(with no cups of of Gatorade)
  11. Huge fan of Rodney Anderson
  12. Wow...makes you think. RIP Slappy
  13. Farve never would have became a HOF'er in Atlanta...You know this Someone let KOG know Ed Reed stopped by. He understands that position more than than most, me included.
  14. You mean Marvin Harrison