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  1. What a Fathers Day gift. Congratulations
  2. Peanut Butter....I get a jar of that I already comes 5 lbs. Add in some bananas...
  3. That's correct, you can't tackle the guy, what's left?? The ball....duh
  4. It's a brutal sport.
  5. As a caveat I'm not a UGA homer.
  6. Best backs...hard to make an analysis, Free I think is gonna romp, with Q. Hill if if it makes the team would would be a total surprise, in the league as a whole, Barkley hands down, Gurley would be there but knees only get worse, not better. Chubb is a Turner clone, can it last???
  7. Don't know nothing about D, other than pass blocking the blitzer. My job was easy, don't fumble, catch the ball, and run over people.
  8. We were all given extra "incentives", I used to mow the endzones for $50.00 a week,with a riding lawn mower. In the 80's, in college that was a lot of money.
  9. Chuck got wrapped in the southern California lifestyle, hitting all the drugs, went to prison, came out a new man. We went to church at The Rock, he did a lot of wonderful things after he got straight...All the previous abuse, just took it's toll
  10. McCutcheon alway had lower pad levels....NO we are not that old, start watching football when your 5 years old, you just remember stuff. We had three channels, ABC,CBS, NBC...
  11. Close, but I still think Muncie, could be he was a mentor of mine, back in the day when when I had knees that could churn........