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  1. I'll bite, for the next three years what TE in the NFL, scares every D in the NFL? They already know this, but still can't stop him. Same as Julio. Not to be condescending but have you watched a lot of Gronk, in action?
  2. Without him they wouldn't have got there, and too double down they didn't have Brady for four games. Gronk is going to blow every Gonzo record out of the water, even if he plays 12 games a year. I mean I'm a Falcon fan, but Gronk is a monster.
  3. I have read none, as in zero of this thread...I forgave him years ago....He's a afterthought. Apparently you have never went through a divorce, that really had life changing sequences. Vick wish him well, My X... I'm trying, I'm trying real hard
  4. Gucci...
  5. Go look in the dictionary and find the plural definition for mistake, you'll see me smiling and waving.
  6. I'd like to be in on that myself. Would probably keep my mouth shut most of the time unless we are talking RB's and blocking scheme's. Actually there are many knowledgeable posters on this board. Not going to name names, there's to many. PMF has a very innate ability of explaining the X and O's . For all we know he's Bill Walch's cousin...
  7. Thank You.
  8. Ohh just keep on posting azz pics, your contribution is not only a minor grammar lesson, but the smile you give to most posters with your avatar brings the up most joy.
  9. You wanna see some bad azz Harlow highlights, check this out. You kinda start feeling sorry for the guy he's blocking...LOL
  10. Thanks Tim, now I'll never get finished with my resume...
  11. That was a **** good video!!!
  12. That's what I was thinking....? NEVER mind I went back and read all of the other posts, plenty of anwer's already out there. Thanks
  13. Yeah a few hours everyday of the week.
  14. I know I turned the highlight video on and didn't even watch the highlights...4th time around....LOL