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  1. LOL, I've read worse, and it wasn't all bad.
  2. I get it I actually read the whole thread...LOL
  3. Of course it's loaded with incentives, which is why it says 18 million MAX. Not saying I agree with the move, but I don't get to see the players everyday like the FO does....and neither does anyone else here.
  4. Thanks Mash. always look forward to these.
  5. What I expected from Teco, was exactly what I expected. He has the skill set, to be a NFL RB, but it's limited.
  6. Been saying the same thing....But then I was a Teco hater. ??
  7. I like Snell, but love me some Devine Ozigbo. Bruiser with speed.
  8. she was 37 I was 47. Wallet was getting low, she had to go. LOL
  9. LOL, that's not me, that's my old GF from 10 years ago. Hated to see her go.
  10. I never liked Hill's game in college(not a big secret). But he looked like a NFL RB the last couple of games. He might make the team.
  11. I like both of their games. I just think 3rd plus for a RB is not in our plans.
  12. Profile says 1969...LOL 1999 very probable.
  13. I would be shocked if he even went in the first.