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  1. Love me some Browns x-players.
  2. I think the Falcons are going to use Beasley, on Wilson, Campbell on Graham, and slide coverage toward Baldwin. Seattle is very beatable even at home. If Sark can keep the O going, we should win, and in IMHO, this is a signature game for the Falcons. A must win, to keep the momentum rolling. Losing Free hurts, I think we are going to see Gabriel more involved in the OF game plan as they have to shadow or double Julio with out Sherman. Any thoughts?
  3. More like a case....LOL
  4. Well we find out next week if their is a brotherhood, now is the time to put those words in action. When the waves are the hardest, and you battle through it to make it to calmer water...That's when you know your a great Captain, and have the situation under control. We need a W next week, the seas will calm, and then it's full speed ahead
  5. Ohh I'm about to really shake things we recently broke up so, now I gonna post my new one here shortly. Yeah but yours was classic...
  6. Man you gotta change your avatar back to something like it used to be.
  7. If he didn't, I'll say it for him catch the ****inh ball.
  8. LOL....Touch'e
  9. Somebody tell Sark, Julio is really a great player.
  10. Ohh if Gabreily can play with a toothache surely you can post...LOL War Zone league, getting tight.
  11. I'm posting while drinking, but I'm not driving....
  12. Cowherd was right on this call, the whole world see's our OF sucks, and Sanu sugar coated his true thoughts.
  13. Are you kidding the best WR in the NFL, has ONE TD, Gabriel Is invisible, Sanu great he's team player. Where is the offense, that scared the shiot out every DC in the league last year. Just run what we did last year....I heard the clamor about a few new wrinkles being added....wrinkles are one thing....this looks like a whole different OF. DQ's biggest mistake. KOG was wrong with Freeman, but he nailed this one....
  14. Well the new stuff sucks, and no the old stuff is not predictable. We have talent everywhere on OF....Used what worked last year until it's proven predictable. I'm an OF guy, KOG could be the DC of the opposing team and know what we are running. You don't fix nothing till it's broke. Sark sucks................
  15. Not Trying To Mimic Anything From Last Year.....How freaking stupid is that, so lets change a offense with the same personal that just put together a historic problem for any D. . That is exactly what worked last year....WTF