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  1. Its awsome, like a huge sci fi party for 4 days, and halloween for adults all rolled into one.
  2. Dude, Haley joe osment was not even a memory then, this was made in 78. Also In the wiki thing, his wife had a lot to do with this. George didn't do alot of this. Why he hates it so bad. Why read the wiki its about as funny as watching it but it explains alot. :P http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Star_Wars_Holiday_Special
  3. Sorry I like the pantom menace better then this garbage. They had Bea Arthur singing, Art carney and also Harvel Korman, The whole thing was stupid, I could see why, George Lucas will not release it and would like to destoy every copy. Also I agree with cappy, the only good thing, was the introduction of Boba Fett. THat was when Bobfett was introduced actually.
  4. I was at Dragoncon over the weekend and saw Carrie Fisher and she carringed when this guy asked about it, I remember watching it when I was a kid. If your in the 40 range you might remember it. It was released in 78. Its rated as the number one worst things ever in TV. They had Harrison Ford on Conan Obrien and he asked him about it and what he did was hilarious. George Lucas will not release it and you can only view it on you tube or if you can find it online. Carrie Fisher said she kept a copy to driver off her friends after parties. ITS BAD. :P :P They said George Lucas former wife had control of this and basically tried to screw him with it. He soiad he if could find every copy and destroy it he would. :P http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Star_Wars_Holiday_Special http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz550T3QeAo
  5. At Dragoncon they had Dragoncon TV where they made a joke about that, that he pretty much used up that word. Why Voldemort had to use the word, Nyahhhhhh. You had to see it, sure they will have it on dragoncon TV if you look it up soon. But you look at Lucas, last year they had Mark Hammill come to a 5th year Anniversary addition celebreation Con of Star wars in Orlando, anyway, Mark Hammill was charging 125$ for a autograph. If you look at what they made for those films they had to be pizzed, I heard like 100K because looking at people like Daniel Radcliffe, what he made off of Harry Potter and he was a total Unknown too. I was just at Dragoncon and they had Carrie Fisher there and she charged like 50$ for her autograph. But Lucas got screwed himself if you look at his life, after he completed, the star wars 4 5 and 6. His wife divorced him and had been married to him like 20 years like from college. No Pre-nupts back then she got half, He was worth like 500 million at that point. He ended up giving her more money just to get control of all the companies he created like, skywalker sound, Industrial light and magic and all those. Thats probably why he has never gotten married again, enjoying a 250 million dollar screwing. :P Also if you really want to laugh your azz off, look up the star wars holiday special I remeber seeing it, its the number one rated worst thing ever. Lucas said if he could get every copy of it smashed he would. Just read about it on Wiki and watch it you will die laughing its so bad. Carrier Fisher said at the Con she keeps a copy of it to drive away guests at parties when she wants them to leave. :P http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Star_Wars_Holiday_Special http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz550T3QeAo[
  6. Dude it was awsome, but I get it, I'm also, getting that way, Why? It gets bigger every freaking year. There were TONS of hot girls there, too many. Some ugs too. Its just the size of it. Somebody is getting freaking rich, but at the same time, they are not adding to their infrastructure, problems they are still having. Registration is still not good. Bathrooms are a joke, 55k-60k peole partying around 5 hotels add some freaking port o lets. They need to add the World congress center something with size for the big acts, but that would make them corperate model and make sense.
  7. Whose going to Dragoncon??? I did today was a drunken Sci-fi blast, look at this pic below. If you think its just a buch of nerds, think again. :P
  8. Osama Bin Laden is DEAD, and the republicans are pissed because democrats got him.
  9. I know why they do it, its because just put the drugs or guns or explosives on the kid, but at the same time they need to think of a different way, because Chester the Molester type guys will be running to be TSA agents to feel up kids. Thats gross. :unsure:
  10. And watching the Disney channel all day long. I know some people don't like his methods but hey if they make the place horrible to be in, people don't want to come back.
  11. I was with a buddy of mine who had a DUI in Roswell, the judge was pretty cool and they were reading the pre-court mumbo jumbo, the Judge was like please make sure all your affairs are in order like your paperwork, we had a woman who yesterday came in and dumped her whole purse out on the table and 2 marijuana ciggerettes came rolling out. As you can imagine her stay was a lot longer then she thought. :P I just thought it was hilarious the judge was like don't be a idiot please. :P
  12. We had a balcony room too, still can catch you anywhere you are and puke off your balcony. :P Just use the hand sanitzers they give wash your hands a good bit and bring your own pen, like when you buy a drink, they swipe your card and you have to sign for it and the last 20 puking people all have been touching that Pen, Get it. Also watch for dumbazzs that are in the buffet and grab stuff with their hands. I saw a crewmember watch someone do that they just took the whole dish and dumped it. :P They don't take chances.
  13. I just got back from a week cruise to the Eastern Carribean, Saw Puerto Rico, St Martin and St Thomas. It was on the Celebrity Solstice pretty boat and we had a great cruise a week ago. In November they had a Norovirus outbreak, thats basically stomach flu, you puke, diarhea and have a fever, they had about 350-400 people including crew that got it. They had another one between now and then, I knew about going on the cruise and I was real wary to clean my hands and use the hand sanitzer and I had enough alcohol in me would kill about anything. lol :P I just read where the same boat the week after, they got hit with the norovirus again. about 150 this time. The crew was used to everything going on, one person got sick in the the Buffet dining room, but I never knew if it was the virus, they had this little dude in a hazmat suit having to clean it up. Thats one thing that got me, now I have read on this cruise where people were puking in the hallways, now I think its common sense, if you feel the urge, you haul azz to the bathroom, I have about knocked people down then to hurl on them. Or should you just let it fly? Now looking at this poor little dude in the hazmat suit, going what on earth in the 2nd moon from He-ll did I deserve to have to clean up peoples puke for a living. :P I felt sorry for him. Like sure, don't make a effort to get to the toilet, just let it Fly. I'll clean it up. :P If you go on a cruise, Use the hand sanitizer, what I have heard about this virus, you might wish you had.
  14. Fitz and Roddy would be BETTER them Fitz and Bolden. It would be SICK. Bring them home TD. :P
  15. Legionairres is quite common, turn your AC on your house then back to heat then back to air will make a breeding ground, Why if your hot your Hot, if your Cold keep it on Cold, But with Hefs history, I would be checking the Jacuzzi and all. :P
  16. I got one, my mother got it for me and have the proof of it, because he hugged her. Joe Nameth. Fantastic autograph too on a autograph football. I had her tell it was for me, BSed I was a bama fan(im a UGA fan). But when they personalize it the amount goes down, but it kind of tell the celebrity, just sign your name if your going to sell it.
  17. I'm no angel in my past, what gets me, most guys I have talked to in the past, way past. You can't get it up on Coke, you like to look at it YES, but can't touch. Whats the point??? :P Would like being in he11. Got these hot girls but i'm hyped up on coke and can't get it up. FUN.
  18. Charlie Sheen looks high on 20/20, I know he supposedly passed a piss test, but good Lord its not like he doesn't have money to get something to mask the test. Looks likes hes high as **** on coke or meth. :P
  19. I totally agree, if Chilini and Domino left 790 and went to 680, I would never listen to 790 again. The only time I really do is when Steakie is gone and listen to Chilini and Domino, like the old Bottom line days. I cannot stand Steak Shapiro and also if you didn't know hes half owner of 790, his rich parents helped him buy it. So kind of gives him carte blanche to do what he wants. Hes a HORRIBLE analyst. 680 kills 790 and mainly they do it for themselves. Glad Sandra got a clue and left, guess her TV gig she got crashed and burned. I used to listen to the Stews when they came out, but once they went syndicated, the show is BS now, I don't want to hear about the Lakers, or any other teams.
  20. Guy be careful on Valentines day, I have talked to several cops relatives and friends and they have all told me the same thing. Whats the most DUIs do ya'll get on Christmas or on the holidaze? Nope on Valentines day and the cops get ready for it. Because girls take their guys out and get them a little too drunk and boom a DUI, or you have the flip side, the guy who just lost his girl and is crying in his beer at the bar and drinks too much and gets popped. The cops know and look for it.
  21. I hope Arthur brings him on board, the GA dome would probably have access to all his music. So Wanted Dead or Alive might become the Falcons song. But like another poster said, Gloria Estefan, and Jimmy Buffett and Jennifer Lopez all bought into the Dolphins and to me they got a crappy deal. Bon Jovi is a savvy buisness man and I'm sure he has done his homework on the Falcons and see they have promise. Also I think it would be funny as he-ll, hes a Philly guy and when we play the Eagles, He would have to be for us if he was part owner. :P Guess he will have to move from Philly. :P
  22. Could franchise Grimes. Not sure they would want to drop that big of a dime on him though, this CBA crap is causing lots of problems like with Free agency and what teams can and cannot do. -_-
  23. I bet he asked to be released, because the writing was on the wall, Decoud and Moore are the starters and he can go to a bunch of teams needing a starting safety, and also opens a spot for us to get a rookie or pick one up. Preferably a rookie.
  24. If they do make it legal for Beer and Liquor to be sold on Sunday, make it like California, where the grocery stores can sell it. I always thought it was funny as he11 going there and they had a whole isle for liquor, why there are almost no liquor stores in California. In Arizona you can go to a convenience store and buy a pint of Jack Daniels right there. I know I'm pushing it, but if they do it got FULL BORE. :P
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