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  1. His celebrations last year, and years prior bugged me... this year... dude has been unstoppable... more power to him.
  2. Debatable whether or not he'd be able to stay on the field, but if he can, he's better than anything we have now, he'd be cheap, and it's not like it's the only acquisition we would make, or heck, even the main acquisition... it would just be another piece. If he fits Quinn's scheme, I'm all for it.
  3. Really? I look at Carolina as the best of the 4. They're perhaps less "balanced" or "stable" than the other 3. More of a wild card as to what you're going to get, when that team gets going, it's crazy. Living in Carolina, I've seen too many Panthers games this year, and it's just crazy to me how you can literally SEE a momentum shift within their games. That being said, they've had huge leads on teams this year, and almost lost to them in the second half(Giants, Packers, Colts, Seahawks).
  4. I think this is potentially a good thing, no one questions this guy has the talent. His play, and lack of playtime because of it, could be what it takes for him to make that "Roddy transformation". I'm looking forward to seeing him and Alford compete in the offseason.
  5. Using Chrome, same issue, had to ctrl + scroll just to see anything.
  6. Yeah, I really wasn't excited about being the first team to start 5-0, and finish with a losing record. And to be the team that ended the perfect season run, just perfect.
  7. I don't think we give enough to credit to the changes in our defense. Obviously there are still issues, but look year over year: 2014- 398.2 YPG(#32) 26.1 PPG(#27) 2015- 350.3 YPG(#16) 22.3 PPG(#22)
  8. Fire TD, we clearly lack talent. Fire Shanahan, we somehow took a relatively competent offense, and neutered it. Our defense, all things considering, today's game aside, have kept us in every game.
  9. Lol, anyone blaming this on Ryan is clueless.
  10. My argument is that Matt Ryan tends to turnover the ball more than we like, ks offenses turnover the ball more.
  11. "The main thing is, I don't think about balancing out passes," Shanahan said. "I think about trying to get the ball to Julio (Jones), for the most part."
  12. So what changed? The offensive personnel is almost identical. New OC, new playbook, same players.
  13. Oh fair enough, Schaub, Grossman, McNabb, RG3, and Hoyer. No doubt I think Matt Ryan is a different level of talent than what Shanahan has had to work with prior, but we know Ryan is prone to turnovers as it is, I'm just saying that a turnover prone QB and an OC who's offenses turn the ball over a lot, are going to equal more turnovers....which we're seeing now.
  14. We clearly have two camps right now, with half blaming Ryan and the other half blaming Shanahan. I've been vocally against Shanahan over the last 6 games, and tonight decided to look at his career as a coordinator. KS has been a coordinator since 2008, the same year that Matt Ryan was drafted. So for the sake of this I've looked at turnovers since 2008 for the Falcons and for KS coached offenses. We all know that throughout his career,Matt Ryan has been prone to turnovers, just not to the extent we've seen this year. The reason I'm bringing this up is that I'm convinced that these turnovers "follow" KS wherever he's been. As a coordinator, KS: 95 of 112 games with a turnover. 58 games out of 112 games with 2+ turnovers. Falcons 87 of 112 with turnover 42 of 112 with multiple turnovers. I would argue that we turned the ball over too much under Matt Ryan, but we brought in an offensive coordinator who's offenses historically are worse than what we've deemed as too many turnovers. I guess what I'm getting at is that this is a terrible pairing between these two. Matt Ryan isn't going anywhere, but he and KS are a terrible combo. This team is better off with a "conservative" on like Mularkey or Koetter than what we have now. This team can't win turning the ball over multiple times a game, and that's what you'll get half of the games under Shanahan.
  15. I wouldn't trade Trufant for Norman, but I bet they're the 2 best in the NFL right now.
  16. our d had 3 turnovers wasted by the offense
  17. Colorblind aside,I thought it looked cool.
  18. Yep, defense has done more than anyone expected in year one. Didn't anticipate the offense being this bad though.
  19. We all knew that this was going to be a "rebuild" for the defense. But, the fact is, the #1 defense in the NFL is allowing 17.4 points per game. The Falcons, who were last in the NFL 1 year ago, are allowing 21.1 points per game, good enough for 13th. With a defense allowing just 21.1 PPG, there is no excuse for us not to be undefeated considering what we have on offense. The D will only get better, but if the offense can't get out of it's own way, it won't matter.
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