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  1. As much as I hoped he would be something, we're gutting a defense that was lastin the league. I'm not disappointed.
  2. So far squats are my favorite, I feel it almost instantly from my calf to my azz.
  3. I read up on stronglifts, and I'm definitely going to give it a shot, but I'm going to wait until I've hit my comfort zone with the equipment. Now, I'm kind of going with the workout plan the gym owner game me. So far I haven't given up(I've been 3 out of 4 days since I signed up). Let me ask you this though, are squats really the best lift overall?
  4. Holy **** lostone, you're a beast. I finally got off my *** and joined a local gym yesterday, I'm 2 days in. It's shocking how weak I really am lol
  5. I guess liking this makes me guilty of something, but that ***** funny.
  6. Who was it that lost their girlfriend to a dude in a wheel chair?
  7. Truth be told, the video game forum is more real these days than ABF.
  8. Can we rename the forum Anything But Trayvon?
  9. Alright, my turn: I'm 28. I've been into a gym maybe 3 times in my life. No idea what I can lift, really no idea what I would be doing if I walked into the gym. I'm been blessed genetically that I'm not worse off than I am, but I'm 6'1, 203 lbs right now. I smoke, I drink, I don't really watch what I eat(although I've at least tried to cut out fast food recently.) Where do I start?
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