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  1. I get how you feel, but me personally, if a Falcon is on the field, no matter what kind of game it is, I'm watching, and with 9 Falcons in the Pro Bowl, there was no way I was missing that. The Falcon players played great, and I'm glad I watched it.
  2. I'm thinking the same thing. Ryan's a sharp guy, and I really think that was his suttle way of telling management he needs another WR.
  3. The Falcon coaching staff on the sideline, Ovie scoring the 1st TD for the NFC, 2 TD passes by Ryan, Gonzales with a TD catch, White and Turner had good games, an INT and pass defenses by Grimes, Falcons were all over the field tonight. I think there was at least 1 Falcon on the field on just about every play. Did Ovie even come off the field? It was nice to see the Falcons shine tonight. I don't know about you guys, but this makes me feel a little better after a bad end to a good season.
  4. Is there a record for the most disrespected number 1 seed in the NFL? If there is, the Falcons surely must have broken it. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. They talk about how low our overall defense is ranked, but no mention that we're 5th in points allowed(and last time I checked you need points to win games, not total yards), we're in the top 5 in INT's, our team is the least penalized,among other things. Bob Ryan on Around The Horn said our 13-3 record was mis-leading. Huh?!. did we not beat some very good teams this year?Even the players are getting annoyed now. On
  5. ! I don't like 'em either. I just think it's odd how crazy people are going. Geeshh! He's only been back one season! I even heard some say league MVP candidate. Please!
  6. That's what cracks me up. They let McNabb go because Kolb was their future, now they want to trade Kolb if they can sign Vick. no wonder they can't get over the hump.
  7. I was watching Around The League Live on NFLN today and they were saying the Eagles may trade Kevin Kolb if they can sign Vick after the season. All i can say is DON'T DO IT! We on this board have all seen this movie before. Vick comes to town and dazzles the entire city and everyone gets excited. Then the owner and management wants to sign him long term and part ways with your other good QB. We did that, Vick gets in trouble, and we're stuck with Joey Harrington. Whoever signs Vick whether it be the Eagles or someone else if they have another good QB on the roster, they better keep him. My tw
  8. That's probably why it erked me so to see the total lack of respect they got. On NFLN, the host asked Marshall Faulk if the Seahawks had a chance, and Faulk sarcasticly said yeah, they have a chance and that the 12th man would be loud, but he laughed and the way he said it was like he was making a joke. That one irritated me the most.
  9. I can't wait to watch all the post game shows tonight and pre-game shows tommorow to see what excuses they come up with for the Saints. I'll give Chris Berman a little bit of a pass. in his "Swammy" predictions, he had the Saints winning by a very close margin like 3 or 4 points, so he did give Seattle a little credit. Everyone else acted like it was going to be no contest.
  10. I was rooting for the Seahawks all along. Not because I think they'd be an easier opponent if we should face them,(no one's easy in the playoffs)but because of the total lack of respect they were given. I get that they squeaked into the playoffs because of a weak division, I get that they were 7-9, the worst playoff record ever, among other things, but geesh!!!! Everyone on every preview show on every network acted like it was a forgone conclusion that the Saints were going to win. They were saying Seattle had a chance, but you could hear the jokingness and sarcasm in their voices. It got to t
  11. I think we already are, given that since re-alignment no one has one this division twice in a row!
  12. Every team in the NFL has their one big rival, and for years, especially when we were in the NFC West, the Saints have been or big rival. We could both be the 2 worst teams in the league and still jam pack the stadium when we play each other. Since the NFC South was formed it seems like everyone's become a big rival. That's probably why this is the best division in the league. Do you think our rivalry with the Saints has diminished some, or are they still our biggest rival? The stadium seemed crazy on Monday Night Football, so they probably are. It just seems that every time they talk about an
  13. I'm leaning toward the Bears going to the NFC game myself, especially after Philly's loss against the Vikings, I just wondered, because of the history and potential story lines, which out of the Eagles or Saints would give you the most satisfaction beating. that's probably how I should've worded the topic. Maybe we'll see one of them in round 2.
  14. Which would you like to see in the NFC game, Philadelphia or New Orleans? I'm torn. I was happy for Vick that he was able get life together and resume his career, until he made the comment that it would be a storybook ending to beat us in the Dome for the NFC title, like we did something or wronged him and he's out for revenge. Did I miss something in that ordeal? Well, I would love nothing more than for Vick and company to come here and get sent back to Philly with their tail between their legs just because of those comments. On the other hand, after what happened Monday, I really want anoth
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