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  1. Cant wait till preseason to see how this battle shapes out Let the best man win
  2. which one is Cam?
  3. The first few yards are the slowest as you build up speed so it not an accurate comparison to a 100 meters.
  4. 2nd round 4th round 5th round I guess OG in the second followed by BPA in rounds 4 and 5? I wonder if we trade back to get back some picks?
  5. If he falls to early 20s i think we trade up for him.
  6. Could play G or OT That would be a great pick if he is still available.
  7. Thats an awesome write up SamMills. Its great to get the views from a knowledgeable fan from another team love the football talk.
  8. Hey SamMills51 do you see the Panthers moving up to get anyone in the draft?
  9. That one of the awesome benefits of going deep in the playoffs it makes the off-season a lot more shorter
  10. I see what you are saying i just see it the other way around If you cant draft well then higher picks are better as you try and get sure thing prospects. If you can draft well then it would be better to have more draft picks because that means you can select more good players on your team Also note if you have a large number of players on your team on rookie contracts then you will be in great cap shape.
  11. Good point i remember last year DT Andrew Billings was lock as a mid to late first round pick that alot of people here wanted and he went to the Bengals in the 4th round.
  12. why trade up when when we have been drafting so well in the mid rounds I would rather trade down and get an extra picks
  13. Yes we came up short but we have came along way under Quinn If our defense continues to get better (which it will) this will be SB contender for the next 5 years. Anyone that wants to come here and try and kick us after the loss just shows that they are the really sad souls and hope to make them selves feel better by seeing us down. I love the Falcons am proud of this team and look forward to the team getting better and kick a$$ next year.
  14. Poole better get a pick 6 to make up for his holding calls
  15. All these stats are nice but i just want the winning SB stat.