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  1. We drafted multiple DBs maybe we thought if we can lock down receivers for 7 to 8 seconds the D line can finally get to the QB
  2. The scary part is we seem to getting worse from week to week. Please bring in a GM or coaching staff that focus on the Dline. Drafting DBs is useless until we can get some sort of pressure on opposing QBs Rk Team Games Sack 1 Carolina Panthers 6 27 2 New England Patriots 6 25 3 Pittsburgh Steelers 6 20 4 Cleveland Browns 6 19 4 Jacksonvil
  3. Never thought that we would be tied for the worst record after 5 weeks. Here are some options. DT Ed Oliver LB Devin White OT Jonah Williams DE Nick Bosa DE Clelin Ferrel DE Zach Allen
  4. Trade for Earl Thomas oh wait never mind.
  5. Why is there so much hate on these boards?
  6. The only thing worse about hiring Sark is now keeping him around putting the hand brake on the offense for another year. Please dont waste away the potential of this offense which is now back up by a top 10 defense hoping Sark picks it up at some point.
  7. Watch the first 2 drives of the NFC championship game against the packers on You-Tube and you will see the big difference in play-calling between Shanahan and Sark
  8. Thats what separates average players from great players showing up against good competition.
  9. True Matt didnt have his best game. However look at the offense under Shanahan. It was an attacking offense getting everyone involved from tight ends to full backs. It had a rhythm we had long drives and a plan to get the ball into the endzone.
  10. Not really we just got to play better. Cant have this we need to avoid that team as historically we struggled to play there. We need to find a way to click on all cylinders then its the case of bring anyone on anytime anywhere.
  11. I guess thats one way to get more playmakers on the field. Neal at OLB Kazee at SS Riley on the bench
  12. Your being to nice. It looked much worse imo
  13. I guess the bigger question do they plan on resigning Coleman for the long term or letting him walk at the end of the season? If they are planning on letting him go and we can get a high round pick then that could get us another starter on the team which we could have a rookie contract for the next 4 years which will give us more cap space to resign the core of our defensive players. No one wants to see Coleman leave but if we are unwilling to pay him do we try get something in return?
  14. For the sake of our offense i hope not to see Schweitzer starting. As a back up sure
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