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  1. Wardaddy has to maintain edge. Love his effort ...its stands out when everyone else is playing grab *** but maintain the edge Takk! I'm a little concerned about Keanu. Looked slow . so did Ricardo and so does Free. Hoop looked good , his hands have improved but man he's a fast as molasses. Ito needs more playtime and for goodness sake activate Hill and Quadree this week. Overall it just feels like All hat , no cattle. NEW RULE: if you were on the team during the Superbowl loss you CANNOT ask for a pay raise until we win a superbowl.
  2. My analysis: All hat, no cattle. ....tired of potential. give me hard work.
  3. He was non committal to begin with. Not arguing just not convinced myself.
  4. Falcons specify that Julio had a rest day... .NOT INJURY RELATED. hilarious. Buckle. Up.
  5. Something does seem to be going on we aren't privy to. I'd be surprised if he plays without an extension.
  6. Maybe but doesn't seem his style. Something else seems up.
  7. seems fishy. Multiple sources say Julio was acting bizarre at practice with limited participation....D Led says something physical or emotional bothering him..... wearing two different shoes. Did he re-injure himself?
  8. So does Keith Smith improve our running game? If he does , how the heck did we have the opportunity to sign him? Why did Oakland release him? I did some investigating last night and here is what I've determined. We finally have a legit FB that can legit run block and legit pass block. Don't expect him to make "plays" with the ball, but we don't need him to ....we just need a FB that can get after some a$$es and hit someone in the mouth. And that is exactly what Keith Smith can do. How did we get him? why did Oakland release him? Oakland drafted a FB in the past draft...Ingold. He was/is considered the best FB in the draft. He is a playmaker waiting to break out.....down the road. His opportunity started when Keith Smith required arthroscopic surgery on his knee approximately a month ago/right before training camp started. With that being said, MOST iOakland enthusiasts fully expected Keith Smith to be the starter and Ingold to make the practice squad. Why? Because Ingold is spotty to inconsistent with run blocking and pass blocking at this time. He can catch the ball and make plays but he isn't yet reliable in run and pass blocking..Again he represents a better "playmaker" down the road but is the lesser when it comes to blocking. So, (to our advantage), Gruden decided to go with youth and potential playmaking (and to my pain b/c I have Josh Jacobs in fantasy) instead of reliability and old fashioned smash mouth. Fellas, I doubt he was in the Falcons "plans" but we got an UPRGRADE at FB this year.. (which we haven't had since Dimarco.) Really think and hope this helps the run game. Although I do not know if he's fully over the arthroscopy he had. I just haven't seen much about the potential this signing is for us.
  9. I'm excited now too. Ovie, Dimarco..Bob Christian... we need a good thumpin FB!
  10. Yes.. I watched several youtubes last night of Oakland enthusiasts who did just that. They watched all snaps via gamepass to compare Smith with Ingold and almost unanimously they all agreed that Smith was the much better and consistent run blocker and pass blocker. I'm stoked about this. As someone already said, we haven't had a good blocking FB since Dimarco.
  11. Yes...agreed. I think they were monitoring but had to have been pleasantly surprised he became available.
  12. https://twitter.com/CoyWire/status/1167117104241 Bring.him.home TD. https://twitter.com/CoyWire/status/1167117104241401857
  13. I think the fee is for yearly. Will probably go with the $40 unless I hear a better reason to go higher. Looks like $75 gets special training camp stuff. And the $150 membership gets early access to special events. Anyone in the $150 mind telling me what the special events are or were last year?
  14. I am going to join ATLCAST this year. Any recommendations on which level I should join? considering one of these : B. Field Goal - $75.00 (USD) Subscription period: 1 year, on: April 1st No automatically recurring payments Everything under RedZone and ATL CAST Hat; access to special perks for Training Camp; Falcons Flag Experience access and 10% discount at the ATL CAST Store. This is a new level. Don't forget we are a volunteer organization and we need your help! C. Red Zone - $40.00 (USD) Subscription period: 1 year, on: April 1st No automatically recurring payments Includes items from First Down level; ATL CAST T-Shirt; ATL CAST Lanyard; access to Super Fan Experience and Access to Standing Room Only Tickets. Don't forget we are a volunteer organization and we need your help! any reason to go for any other membership? thanks!
  15. More thoughts: -Eric McCoy looks good (unfortunately). -LJ Collier looks good too, can see why Seattle took him.
  16. Saving $.....now go get Gerald McCoy please.
  17. https://www.uwdawgpound.com/2019/4/9/18301014/2019-nfl-draft-profiles-kaleb-mcgary-washington-huskies-football
  18. Ain't mad at this at all. Film against Clemson. Tough match up but he had some highlights...
  19. Like it. Good size and really good balance. Here is film against Clemson. He was one if the lone standouts for Pitt against that nasty d like.
  20. Don't like it. Trash. Duke Riley 2.0 at corner. Gets pushed around, can't get off blocks, isn't as game fast as you'd expect. SMH.
  21. he may have been more valued by teams than we know.... https://forums.colts.com/topic/61907-howard-mudd-tutored-washington-ot-kaleb-mcgary-new-colts-oline-coach-chris-strausser-was-his-oline-coach-in-college/
  22. Sounds good but Ive seen Risner going in the 1st Rd. Would be shocked if he his available for us in the 2nd.
  23. I agree with this. I like Christian Wilkins. Big boy on the line..compliments Grady. He is also a great athlete. I love how Clemson used him as a RB in goal line/short yardage situations. He'd fill the Dontari Poe shoes nicely. Fill a big need on DL and can be used on offense. The more I think about him, the more I like him at that pick.