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  1. I got a black (home) Ryan for father's day. If you don't want to wait, I got mine at the Atlantic Station team store. They had home Ryan and home Ridley, that was it. I have ordered a white Julio. Gonna get a gradient just not sure which player I want. Can't decide between Gurley/ Jarrett, or Debo.
  2. several good youtubes on him. This is just one of many:
  3. I love his hands, his athleticism and his rumble!! He could be a sneaky good get for us.
  4. Yeah I agree he looks fine in the highlights, game speed that is... but he was really slow at combine: 4.9. ( Hooper was a 4.7 guy at combine). I'm not complaining though, I really like him and I think he game speed is faster than the 40 test.
  5. Jared Pinkney is a nice get. Solid all around TE. He is slow as molasses but he can catch, block, is surrprisingly athletic despite his speed and has some rumble. His 2018 yr put him on the map. Then in 2019 he had a wrist injury combined with poor QB play that affected all the passing game. Solid solid get.
  6. yeah, that did work out for them the last time but just crazy that they made it as far as they did in the play-offs and then not to address the positions that would aid in furthering the current offense. Crazy. BUT you have a point Rodgers may be burning some bridges.
  7. Nah... I mean if I'm a Packer fan I would be totally ticked off right about now. A QB in rd 1 and no wide receivers? If Im a Miami fan I would have been mad they passed on Ryan for a tackle whose out of the league now... and on and on. BUT I do agree, now with the evidence from those experts, I do think TD and DQ did a good job of fit/need.
  8. maybe so but also , Terrell had a few good plays against LSU too that gets a little overlooked. I went back and watched what I could find on Terrell at the combine and he is really smooth.... really smooth in his back peddle and flipping his hips. I see the traits they like now.
  9. Kinlaw to San Fran Chinn to Carolina Baun to NO Adam Trautman to NO and Bronson Reichsteiner signing as a UDFA with Raven.
  10. Me too. Helps to know more "experts" had him going Rd 1. And he takes a lot of grief from the LSU game but I'm pretty sure CJ Henderson got lit up against LSU also.
  11. Tony Pauline's last mock had the Raiders taking AJ Terrell at 19 and Marlin Davidson going rd1. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/final-nfl-mock-draft-2020-tony-pauline/ I really wanted Kinlaw and I thought AJ was a reach...at first...now I'm starting to see that many scouts did have him going in Rd 1 and I'm pleasantly surprised with both picks. Both guys appear to be dogs and very high potential. So anyway..for what it's worth I posted the link. (Also majority of the last NFL.com mocks had AJ going Rd 1.) So I'm hopeful.
  12. Me too. I'm even warming up to the possibility of trading up for Hendersson .... but not Chaisson.
  13. Im resigned to the fact TD is gonna trade up. IF he's gonna do it, I hope it would be for Okudah, Simmons, Brown, or Kinlaw. ( Okudah and Brown being my favs) I'll be a little ticked/disappointed if its for Henderson. I'll be downright upset if its Chaisson. I'm just resigned to the fact he will trade up.
  14. Go ahead and prepare for Saints drafting Gladney. It is the Falcon way.
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