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  1. Hey man!! great to see you on here. I just recently jumped back in myself! Hope all is well!
  2. Question: IF Julio gets traded for a 2nd (for simplicity sake just saying a 2nd) would we also be eligible for a compensatory pick next year as well?
  3. I'm cool if its in the 5th or later. Happy about this.!
  4. I'm actually very happy for him. He landed with a good team that's just been missing a good QB. He's gonna rock in Chicago. Allen Robinson is probably the happiest dude in Chicago to finally have a real QB. I can understand the argument for us not taking a QB. I can also understand the argument for taking one and I think we loved Lance. With that said we chose to ride it with Ryan .. cool! I get it. Pitts is a full grown man. But I think Carolina and Denver will regret passing on Fields. Hes legit.
  5. Ridiculous. (I'm more than cool with Pitts. But QB WAS a real consideration at 4.) But back to your take.....Want me to list all the QBs teams passed on that have turned out very well?
  6. I think it's playing out to be Lance.
  7. Sounds like Pitts and his agent think we are either going QB or (and after recent rumors we are researching the top receivers) they think we are trading down.
  8. Wow what a hard decision to make. I can absolutely understand each argument/direction. Just watched this vid. It's 20 mins of impressive highlights . (20 mins is a lot) If Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson had a baby you'd get Fields. Good luck TF and AS. I'll have some popcorn ready Thursday night.
  9. Actually, you may remember I said Christian Hosoi was a better skater than Tony Hawk. Turns out Tony Hawk was the better skater BUT Hosoi had more Flare! And more Air! 😊
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