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    -Falcon4Ever- reacted to PokerSteve in Does teams have our snap counts?   
    Just before he snaps it, he ducks his head and looks at the ball. When he comes back up he snaps the ball. Never varies one iota. Only a blind D lineman could miss it. 
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    -Falcon4Ever- reacted to Jesus in Congrats Julio   
    All time leading franchise receiver. And he does it on a game winning TD vs the Eagles.
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    -Falcon4Ever- reacted to WhenFalconsWin in Even Bad Ryan is ELITE   
    Ice has played two tough physical defenses throwing the kitchen sink at him, I'm happy we're 1-1 under that scenario.
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    -Falcon4Ever- reacted to 4dabirds in Even Bad Ryan is ELITE   
    Sometimes, Ryan has some questionable throws, but most of the times he finds a way to make it happen.

    37 Game Winning Drives!
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    -Falcon4Ever- reacted to falcons007 in Even Bad Ryan is ELITE   
    He made the adjustment at the line on that play. Ryan and DK made them play on that blitz. 
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    -Falcon4Ever- reacted to wurzshep19 in Even Bad Ryan is ELITE   
    The throw was good, the READ is what made all the difference (and that Matthews block)
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    -Falcon4Ever- reacted to NeonDeion in Even Bad Ryan is ELITE   
    Ryan had an awful game and I’m one of the biggest Ryan homers. 
    But all elite QBs have bad games. Brees once threw 5 INTs against us in a single game. Manning once threw 3 INTs.
    But elite QBs make the throws that matter. Even when our D gives it up  after, time and again Ryan makes the clutch throw very very few QBs make. 
    Easy bubble toss? Sure. But he still had to make it. 
    Thats my quarterback. 
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    -Falcon4Ever- reacted to Monoxide in Matt Ryan #69 on NFL top 100 players   
    Just posted on the NFL’s page (I didn’t watch it). He’s somehow dropped 40 spots after putting up the 2nd best season of his career and sporting one of the least efficient offensive lines in football.
    It’s sickening how under-appreciated Matt Ryan is. Genuinely the most underrated QB of my lifetime.
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