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  1. At first I thought he said, I'm with you "boo" lol
  2. also Sherman wasn't doing any where near enough hugging
  3. I love Julio, but that was very inaccurate. Dude didn't get up limping enough, and definitely wasn't called off the field enough. /jk Hilarious!
  4. The first pic is nice, for some reason the second almost looks kinda drag. Or is it just me?
  5. Falcon in pa is ahead with that comment
  6. We're definitely not doing great but there we several good to great plays being called back on bogus calls
  7. You said "only" talking about when y'all get going
  8. At least, it looks like, we will escape only down by 6 going in to the half
  9. No I don't see it. Again what did Freeman do unsportsmanlike
  10. You said"the only" thing to argue is the saints not having any penalties
  11. Ooooohhhh so we should ignore the rest because they got ONE right?
  12. This is as blatant as you can get period
  13. Apparently what brees gets. Cause he didn't get called for intentional
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