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  1. For rock music I gotta go with Guthrie Govan, John 5 or buckethead
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.loudersound.com/amp/news/dave-grohl-wants-to-resurrect-his-dream-band-them-crooked-vultures
  3. baddest drummer on the planet. I miss the Mars Volta
  4. @eatcornso be weary of the dimensions of the supply itself. I’ve made the mistake of ordering one too big
  5. Yes you just have to be able to mount the supply
  6. I use two boards as well. I use the trex fuel tank jr on my small board. It works great as well. But would only recommend for a small board. It has only 5 power units and is limited to 9v only.
  7. Any questions continue asking. I’m a pretty big nerd in this department. I’ve made too many mistakes as well so y’all can capitalize on them haha
  8. One more thing, Velcro sucks! I use 3M dual lock and couldn’t imagine using anything else moving forward.
  9. They make three different sizes but it’s the basic idea if you click on the video I posted it’s the first board I used. and of course you can go cheap and build your own and just get the power supply. It will come with the cables needed to power up the board. ive lived that daisy chain life and it sucks!
  10. I would start by researching how big of a board you want to build. That way you know how many pedals you have to power up. What kind of voltage the pedals require, most are 9v but some are 18v. The type of power supply you use is important in order to avoid electronic interference. I highly recommend voodoo lab power supplies. They make a board I use called the dingbat and the power supply is already mounted in so you can avoid drilling and pulling out the power tools lol.
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