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  1. https://youtu.be/FNgZGqB1yog check this video out. I used to run my strat with three and switched to five and it made a big difference for me. To each their own but you definitely make a tuning/ tone sacrifice based on the string tension.
  2. How many springs do you use on your Stratocaster?
  3. Now that you mention it I have Seymour Duncan’s on 3/4 of my electric guitars. The only one without them is my mod shop tele which has the fender brand. I even swapped to SD on my resonator lipstick pickup.
  4. Jesus Christ what this thing has become. Started as a modest innocent board with a wah, a drive and A reverb. It is Now a fuzzy synth psychedelic funk dream. I discovered Seymour Duncan makes more than amazing pickups. The Seymour Duncan fooz pedal I just added is an extra terrestrial dream. I’m running it into a Dunlop mini For expression versus volume now. It’s got a built in fuzz, trem, envelope filter, and synth. I can’t wait to tap into this things potential.
  5. Reverend John Wilkins passes at 76 Covid 19 took another. 2020 sucks Two legendary guitarists gone in one day.
  6. Heartbreaking. RIP Eddie. 2020 plz just end
  7. Carters lake in Ellijay is great. Deepest lake in Georgia so the fishing is awesome. Gorgeous scenery since it is placed up in the mountains. And it’s not overcrowded at all. Lots of great hiking trails too.
  8. I’m not a bassist obviously lol but my bass player and I decided to have some fun with and do an instrument switch. Got a new camera and decided to mess with multiple camera angles for the first time. new gear doesn’t always have to be completely guitar related! Got a canon eosm 50. Spliced it with a GoPro. Gotta try messing with some band photos next. Pretty excited about this purchase.
  9. If you don’t have a radial powered di box, you have to get one. What a difference it makes. If you’re an active guy though I’d say to try the passive one.
  10. @JDaveG i have started using this chart for the frequency level of my recordings. It really clears up the mix nicely. I use logic and typically put a ribbon mic and run a di signal through a radial powered box. I’ll also use a condenser room mic at times that I put in front of my hands to pick up the percussive guitar sounds. I Personally like recording in big rooms for that natural reverb sound. I always felt 57’s could never get that sound I wanted no matter where I placed them personally. The ribbon mixed with di signal has really done the trick for me.
  11. @eatcornRoland cube amp These little Roland cube amps are awesome for The price. It is my little practice amp. They are also battery powered so you can bring them anywhere.
  12. $570 I sold two guitars so naturally had to get a new one haha.
  13. Put some 11.5 gauge strings on her and rubbed the fretboard down with some oil. She is gonna be a player for me for years to come!
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