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  1. I’ve always preferred the 3/4 size acoustics. Personally I play resonator guitars for that exact reason. They are thin like an electric but have the capability of an acoustic when playing unplugged. I feel like with the new fenders I’d rather devote that $ to a true telecaster.
  2. Btw this is the way her life started and I can never leave well enough alone haha
  3. I’m going to be drilling the electronic cover plate and soldering a kill switch in her this weekend. This is sort of my John 5 custom shop rip off.
  4. time to lay down the funk!!!!
  5. So I bought my first bass guitar. A mim jazz bass. I just picked up some Aguilar pickups that I’m going to solder in there as well. It’s been a while since I’ve made a nice cheap gear purchase since my last two were a fodera emperor and a custom shop fender which are the opposite of cheap haha. Looking forward to laying down some low end on this girl!
  6. I’ll be installing a killswitch on my custom shop tele this week. Should make for an mod.
  7. Any slide players here? I personally fell in love with it about two years ago. I have a gold tone resonator that is perfect for it. I really like brass but ceramic slides have been growing on me. Those two really seem to grip the string the way I like. Glass is cool but just a little bit too wet for me.
  8. I have a 2001 mim that I put the tx specials in. **** of a player. I recently bought an American and while it’s better than the mim I don’t believe it’s really worth it if you know how to do basic guitar upgrades such as soldering pups, carving nuts, replace tuners, etc. and that’s a 2001, the newer ones from Mexico are built even better.
  9. Reggi Wooten is a beast and still plays a Japanese squire through an 80’s peavy amp. Not too many players better than him!
  10. For me it’s DR’s 10-46 all day. I use the 12’s on my resonator. I personally just throw whatever cheap 11 lights for my acoustic. Never been picky about acoustic strings personally.
  11. I saw jack white with Loretta Lynn in Nashville. The raconteurs did a brief reunion then and played three songs together for the encore. I’m very excited to see them live. The presale for the tabernacle show I’m going to came with a copy of the new vinyl as well.
  12. The raconteurs at the tabernacle Béla fleck and the flecktones In November.... oh yeaaaaa
  13. Rip Doc. The world lost a true talent today
  14. The guy still made his money for someone that doesn’t play guitar obviously. I got it about $2000 less than they normally go for. They’re a small company More known for their basses. Victor Wooten is what helped put them on the map. They’re big thing is using premium top woods. Watching them build the product is an awesome process. Really good stuff!
  15. I just bought my dream guitar. A Fodera emperor standard. She’s absolutely amazing. The best guitar I have ever played on. I got her for a great price on eBay. Somebody didn’t know what they had. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw6_lZdBc5H/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link