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  1. I will second @JDaveG the holy grail is a great bang for you buck reverb pedal. I like it so much it stays on about 75% of the time. There’s a lot of good ones but you can’t beat that one for The price.
  2. I have severe issues.....
  3. Naturally of course. It’s not some voodoo doll casting away spells. Learn to use it, break down and care for it, and it will take care of you.
  4. If you have handguns already I’d recommend a mossberg 500 or 550. I’m in the Lawrenceville area bullseye has a good collection of firearms. 12 gauge Ammo is easier to find than rifles during times of mass panic
  5. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/anne-cox-chambers-part-cox-family-dies-age-100/ENCZLZ2RAFDERHNVVCCDVSDVIQ/
  6. 2020 sucks already in just it’s first month. Arguably the best drummer and basketball player on the planet already taken away way too soon.
  7. Wow. Rip black mamba.
  8. @JDaveG Have you checked out any of the third man record jack white pedals? I picked up the bumble buzz and my bassist got the plasma coil and mantic, they are freaking awesome! https://youtu.be/uCM__zcakWk
  9. Anyone watch any of the NAMM stuff? The new parallel universe guitar line looks incredible! I wasn’t a fan of the first wave But it looks like fender did very good this time around.
  10. Me and Evan have had an ugly divorce haha
  11. Eagle rare is an upgrade made by buffalo trace I would highly recommend
  12. A lot of places do bourbon flights. Always a good way to find what you like.
  13. **** that’s a rough one
  14. I was the same way until one of the monster cables went bad I switched and realized I should have switched a long time ago lol. The monsters are even lifetime warranty but I won’t even be sending it in for a replacement.
  15. What cables y’all running? I had been running monsters and they suck! I’ve switched over to mogami and tsunami cables and what a difference the cable makes in tone.