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  1. Totally having jazzmaster fever now. Not good haha
  2. As he blows his nose with hundred dollar bills
  3. Dodgers are the new wave braves. Soon enough they won’t be able to make it out of the first round.
  4. Kershaw serves another gopher ball up.! How is he not on the Braves with his postseason abilities!!! Back to back as I type this!
  5. Donaldson it’s time to do something, like right the fuxk now
  6. Freddie and Donaldson have singlehandedly put us In a hole. 3-4 hitters gotta produce
  7. Poor soroka deserves a better outcome
  8. Bats are trash today
  9. 94 pitches and swings at the first pitch
  10. It’s absolutely astonishing how bad kershaw is when the postseason rolls around.
  11. Have you ever tried a higher end buffer? I run one at the beginning and end of my chain and there is no tone loss due to it.
  12. I bought the Robert Keeley Monterey fuzz which has pretty much everything in one fuzz pedal. It has a modulation pedal on the left and a fuzz on the right. The modulation effects include auto wah, rotary, and vibe selections. Also includes the ability to modulate your sound an octave up or suboctave down. You can also plug it into an expression pedal (I’m running the Dunlop mini) and use it as a wah versus auto wah. A Big Bang for the buck and leaves you with a lot more room for effects since it only takes up one power supply and spot on the board.
  13. With Seahawks and cowboys as their next two games, 1-3 looks very nice for them to start the year.