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  1. My wife and toddler went to Senoia to see our new baby second cousin, so I’m in the kitchen blasting Led Zeppelin and portioning out meat I bought at Sam’s to go in the freezer.
  2. It’s almost impressive you’re calling for not only mental indoctrination in favor of the State, but also physical.
  3. My dude, the recently elected MAGA ****heads like MTG (Jewish space laser Qanon lady from Ga), Boebert, Cawrhorne, or Gosar who just a couple of days ago spoke at an honest to goodness white nationalist conference, are a million times more divisive about the “race/Jew” thing.
  4. They don’t blame Jews for anything, they’re critical of the State of Israel and it’s terrible treatment of Arabs and awful foreign policy.
  5. No they say incredibly stupid **** all the time. Do some dumb things too. But they’re trying to make people lives’ better more than a lot of ****heads in Washington. I’ll take AOC over MTG six times a week and twice on Sunday.
  6. I bet Sadaam thought it was important for Iraqi citizens to not question the police too.
  7. I mean, that’s some of the most authoritarian **** I’ve ever heard of in my entire life, state sponsored “education” to bend the knee to the police state. Lesson 1 - “remember kids, always give the officer your express consent to search your entire vehicle, even the glove compartment and trunk!” Nah. **** that. Conservatives never bother reading past the second amendment and don’t care about the 4th.
  8. Why should we spend money on teaching people how to not get extrajudicially murdered by law enforcement? Maybe law enforcement shouldn’t, you know, extrajudicially murder people during routine traffic stops?
  9. Elba is 48, four years younger than Daniel Craig right now, plus Sean Connery suited up as 007 for the last time at age 53 (of course he looked a lot older because that was 53 in 1983, which added a lot of wrinkles due to hard living).
  10. There’s no happy ending to this story, while I know they will do things we can’t predict, I do think it’s fairly safe to assume the Hex gets taken down, which takes Vision away from Wanda, and possibly the twins. Wanda now has an enemy in Hayward and all of SWORD. She’s going to have to go on the run. I’ve come to appreciate studies of grief, loss, and depression in tv and films since HBO’s The Leftovers (not that it was the first treatment of those issues, but it was such a **** good show) and the MCU has done a really great job tackling those issues in a really heartfelt way, and Wanda
  11. That’s my district’s Senator that I’m always telling y’all about. I knew him before he got elected 😑
  12. Rumors on Twitter that Amber Heard got fired from Aquaman 2. Good.
  13. The single most stressful scene I’ve ever seen in any movie.
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