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  1. I caught it, I’m just not taking any **** from someone who’s been torturing a grieving a family for 4 years now. Have the people you did “research” for been sued by the Rich’s yet?
  2. ::Trump supporters on ventilators:: ”Yes ::gasps for breath:: daddy!”
  3. That photo of Jr, in addition to being gross (big game trophy hunting isn't about preserving/sustain wildlife, it's about having a little pecker), shows no blood on his knife, and none on his pants where he might have wiped it off. He definitely had the guide cut off the tail, pulled out his clean knife, and asked for the picture.
  4. I wrote in two choices for unopposed candidates, my authoritarian, lifelong law enforcement republican state senator for my district, and the incoming democrat district attorney. If yall don't see me post in 2021, it's because the incoming DA was completely unqualified for the job and let six counties burn to the ground within weeks.
  5. I'm going to get my vasectomy reversed and have a son named Hunter.
  6. I deeply regretted my vote for Joe Biden the second I cast it, but I wish I had a time machine so I could go back to Sunday and write in Hunter Biden instead. He might actually make MAGA more mad than Hillary, and I am joyously soaking up every last bit of it. Just absolutely delightful.
  7. lmao at saying I'm pitching a hissy fit given your behavior here every day. Also I didn't say you're anti-Semitic, I said Gosar is. Reading comprehension is fundamental. Anywho, Gosar tweeted it 4 hours ago, and he also made fun of Hunter's addiction problem, because he's a white trash congressman with nothing better to do with him time
  8. You randomly show up in this thread without a full understanding of the various folks who have shown up here over the years. Dozens of folks have randomly popped in, claimed they're not republicans but independents/conservatives, don't gather info from any one source exclusively, "decide for themselves," and then regurgitate standard right wing talking points spoon fed to them by various outlets/pundits.
  9. You don't need anyone to tell which right-wing conspiracy to gobble up next.
  10. Where could you have ever gotten this idea from? Ahh, yes, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory-spreading congressman. How unfortunate!
  11. How's that Obamacare-replacement plan coming along? It's halfway to voting age/being able to serve in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars Trump never ended even though he's the commander-in-chief by now.
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