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  1. Mimicking a Nazi ceremony is the lesser of two evils - wfw, in the year of our Lord twenty-21. Moderate Christian, indeed.
  2. Bo has now thrown two picks this year. All is right in the universe. He did appear (and the announcers could not stop saying out out) to have finally learned to set his feet before throwing yesterday, and he didn’t sail half of his passes as a result. He’s a talented kid, just hasn’t put it all together yet.
  3. If Harsin doesn’t work out I really hope we poach Lane
  4. “The Blutfahne (pronounced [bluːtˈfaːnə]), or Blood Flag, is a Nazi Party swastika flag that was carried during the attempted coup d’etat Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, Germany on 9 November 1923, during which it became soaked in the blood of one of the SA men who died. It subsequently became one of the most revered objects of the NSDAP. It was used in ceremonies in which new flags for party organizations were consecrated by the Blood Flag when touched by it.”
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