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  1. Fox treated every last one of Trump and Kavanaugh's accusers as gold-digging liars, but hoo-boy they are salivating at a popular democrat potentially going down over a sexual harassment scandal.
  2. Boy, Fox News is just loving it some Cuomo coverage (deserved as against Cuomo for sure!) despite having to ****can numerous employees for the same (and worse!) behavior, paying out tens of millions along the way to settle claims.
  3. I keep looking at this and drawing a blank. I know I'm going to feel dumb when it's explained to me.
  4. Something I'll never forget was in the fall of 2004, going to rent my first college apartment for my freshmen year at Auburn, and while in the leasing office we were talking to the head maintenance employee. I can't remember how it came up in conversation, but he revealed that his son had been killed by an IED exploding under his Humvee. We weren't expecting that in that conversation, it upset my mom especially. He said that he got to view the body when he was shipped back, and it sunk in because his mustache looked different after the embalming.
  5. @Sponge following on the discussion of service members KIA In the ME, I'm not sure if you've ever heard this song. It's a great, heartbreaking, and very respectful song (while also questioning why the solider was sent there in the first place) "Isbell wrote the song after hearing about the death of Marine Cpl. Matthew D. Conley, who was killed at age 21 in Iraq in February 2006 along with 2nd Lt. Almar L. Fitzgerald when their Humvee rode over an improvised explosive device. At the time of his death, Conley, who was a football star at the Alabama high school Isbell attended, had been sch
  6. If Fields is gone, there's a good argument Chase is BPA at 4, although that mock also has Sewell there, and I would prefer to build in the trenches, but do we put him at RT or move Matthews there?
  7. Sandlot was on tv last night, so of course we watched it. I assume if it were made today, it would have to leave out Squint kissing Wendy against her will, even though they wound up getting married.
  8. They're doing a Secret Invasion show with Fury and Talos, it could be a lead in to this. Still does plenty to set up phase 4.
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