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  1. In the late 90's, it was a real treat to go out to eat at the Outback, we went with my dad's boss and his family a lot on Friday and Saturday nights. Their salads were amazing back then, salty, buttery croutons that didn't break your teeth like at ****ty restaurants, and big rings of red onion in the salad. And the ranch dressing . . . Back then I could **** up the dark brown house bread, eat the cheeze fries/blooming onion for an app, pound a salad, eat a 16 oz ribeye and sides, and then get the chocolate thunder from down under. I was still tiny too. ******* metabolism, man.
  2. I'd say replacing Trump with Biden is like ****ting your pants and then changing into a pair of pants you also **** in and never washed 8 years ago.
  3. Mother ******, now one of my cousins shared a Qanon meme on facebook. Just like I think every single person in this country is either going to have to get tested for Covid, or have a close family member get tested, I think everyone in this country is going to have a relative share Q memes on social media. It's inevitable.
  4. A friend of mine from college is a realtor in Newnan, he attended some event a few years ago where Christina Hendricks was, he got a picture with her and the first comment under it was "how are they in real life?" Hardest I've laughed at something on facebook.
  5. I might have been an adult before I realized it was boneless.
  6. I need to do a Mad Men rewatch. We never finished our Sopranos rewatch, and I also want Mrs. Hoopah! to watch The Wire and The Leftovers with me.
  7. @Corn Pop Twitter keeps suggesting that I follow Rick Wilson
  8. That's precisely one more time than I've had one. I didn't like raw onions* as a kid, so the ads prominently displaying raw onion and pickles never appealed to me *::ABF mention of onions::
  9. I recently remembered laughing really hard at my friend @WTA in 2011 (had to look up the year from the movie to remember when) posting that November, 2011 was going to be a good month for black people because the McRib was coming back and Eddie Murphy had a new movie premiering, Tower Heist.
  10. I need to figure out Zoom backgrounds, it's in the background every time I use Zoom because of how my laptop (I use a dual screen setup) is facing. My wife's friend used my mustache selfie from facebook as her Houseparty video chat background early on during 'Rona, I got a chuckle out of that.
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