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  1. Perseus kills the Kraken with Medusa's severed head almost immediately after it's released. These people need better pop culture references.
  2. All great news, but the other reality is we're about to have small gathering spreading events in all 50 states in Thursday, months before any vaccines are available. And I know two people who are currently fighting for their lives in the ICU right now. So forgive me for "clucking."
  3. I'm not sure that would be revisited since they were all "cleared." However, speaking of Sidney Powell again, I'm not so sure that a new AG will reverse the DOJ's position of attempting to dismiss the prosecution against Flynn. Powell ****** around with so many frivolous motions and wasted so much time unless Donny is going to go ahead and pardon Flynn on his way out, which would not surprise me along with Bannon and Manafort.
  4. lmao I forgot she said Collins actually won over Loeffler. I wonder if Kelly called daddy to complain
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