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  1. Season 2 off to a bang.
  2. You're assuming jpowers and I are democrats when you keep telling us we're losing.
  3. So, keep out the brown people = winning. Got it.
  4. You're my favorite white nationalist poster.
  5. Ugh, I haven't even had mein khamphee* yet. *it's a coffee joke you racist *** holes
  6. I don't think Spicey read his job description.
  7. I don't know, I need to ask him.
  8. Our police department recently conducted a cell phone use while driving sting campaign on the north end of town. They had cops dressed as construction workers who acted as spotters for people looking down at their phones, driving or stopped at a light, and radioed to motorcycle cops who then handed out $200 + tickets. They got like 75 people in one day. ******* *** holes.
  9. I think you should stop making broad, sweeping generalizations, and maybe you'll be taken more seriously.
  10. Like I said.
  11. Acceptance.
  12. My best friend's baby looks exactly like Putin. It's awesome.
  13. I think I'm officially joking @Carter in being at a total loss for this board's post-Trump obsession with UK and French politics.
  14. It doesn't matter if every single citizen in the country doesn't care about the investigation. It's underway and will be seen through to the finish.
  15. Watched it last night, freakin loved it. Up there with the Nolan Batman movies for me. The Professor saying **** was worth the price of admission alone.
  16. Yeah, but where trout is, there are more ladyboys.
  17. I'm putting you in timeout, liberal snake.
  18. Otis sits funny, he tucks his butt underneath him. I think he's got the scoliosis. He has a busted leg too, but he gets along fine on it, he can run fast as **** and jump like a rabbit.
  19. Ruby is the only one we've had that passed away, that was last July. We got Otis a few weeks later.