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  1. Please read this link below: Thanks, Moderating team.
  2. They re-aired season 8 a couple of months (feels like years now) and I rewatched it. Doesn’t make me want to rewatch the entire series now. Finally started Schitt’s Creek with my wife, she promised we could watch The Wite after it.
  3. Yeah I posted it yesterday. I suspect a lot more of them did it.
  4. Being stuck at home seems like ideal conditions for GRRM’s fat *** to finish TWOW.
  5. @Gritzblitz 2.0 Dollar Generals and McDonalds laid the tinder for this wildfire to spread here.
  6. Would you expect anything else from this garbage organization? After 28-3, then later season and we keep Quinn and Dimitroff to be lame ducks, creating ****** new uniforms is exactly what this dumpster fire of a team would do.
  7. They always include things for a reason. It has something to do with it. I can’t imagine Gus has a second mole in the Salamanca operation, but who knows.
  8. I forgot that the guy at the shop with the vault/bloody car made a clandestine call. Might not have been Lalo, but a third gang.
  9. I figure by about January NYT and WaPo will release investigative reports about how Trump and how friends personally profited off of this, leading Democrats to try to impeach him again, fail spectacularly again, and then we still get Tom Cotton for 8 years after Trump.
  10. Those drafts aren’t going to mock themselves
  11. I also don’t think Lalo decided to send them until Jimmy demanded $100K. The way he took a while to consider it and responded. Jimmy didn’t go until the next morning, Lalo could have easily called his guys that night.
  12. I really think Lalo sent them, which will begin to distance Jimmy from Lalo and move him to team Mike (and unknowingly team Gus). Lalo said the cousins couldn’t bring the money all the way to Albuquerque because his rivals would notice. His rivals “noticed” all the way at the border right after the drop happened.