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  1. 12K.
  2. Hannity jumped on the Trump train before he had the nomination locked up. If anything, CNN is to blame for Trump. They gave him all the free advertising he needed.
  3. I'm not sure why people continue to engage wfw. He's been trolling this place for years, and literally shut down all traffic in another subforum.
  4. Yeah but Kris Bryant ****** up his hand.
  5. Which one? There are several here.
  6. Ehh, I'd put hazmat suits in both kits, and here's the Gary Johnson kit:
  7. And the hits just keep on coming.
  8. IIRC, @marla_mulder was shocked and disgusted, and I think it was in the thread that Hillary-plant @holymoses "accidentally" deleted, and one of her first, if not her actual first reaction, was to say she didn't even know if she would vote in the election after that. I can't quote it, because, our resident operative of the adult diaper-****ting former Secretary of State beat it to pieces with a hammer.
  9. So what are your thoughts on the NYT interview? I'm assuming by posting here you want to contribute to the discussion.
  10. Trump already came out and said it on the campaign trial - he could shoot someone and nothing would happen to him. Like Jdave said, his most ardent supporters are treating this like college football.
  11. And Trump was a democrat a good chunk of his life.
  12. I'm assuming Fox News is already filming an interview with Alan Dershowitz about how this is still not obstruction of justice (while probably simultaneously filming segments of Krauthammer and Napolitano, who have surprisingly been A LOT less partisan lately, saying its troubling) and that will be the mealy-mouthed defense here.
  13. Scouring far-right social media and "media personalities" (not actual journalists, from the folks' here own mouths) on their smart phones for talking points as we speak.
  14. I bet it happens by Monday.