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  1. I also like that the one on the right styled his air before he put his hat on.
  2. The alt-bro on the far left is wearing Chubbies. The other two are wearing what appear to be a cheap bathing suit and his dad's boxing shorts.
  3. I give Trump as long as the Mueller investigation lasts. Getting into screaming matches with McConnell and making Ryan repeatedly have to act like he has a spine is going to leave him without a friend in the world when and if indictments come down. I can't ******* WAIT until Kushner sells them all out. I hope he has to eat egg noodles and ketchup the rest of his days.
  4. Eminem never caused an AIDS outbreak in his state.
  5. I'll just be over here ******* cows.
  6. What trout mentioned earlier.
  7. I didn't play it for a while then started back recently. There are people who play it constantly. Sometimes I can hold my own, but more often than not I get my *** handed to me.
  8. I watched it while shaving this morning. I laughed too. He kicked a **** tear gas canister back at them.
  9. "He stood up to an activist judge!"
  10. that's right. I just to randomly mutter to myself "****in' Jeffrey" after you shared stories of his misadventures.
  11. @Billy Ocean, what's the name again of your ne'er-do-well friend from growing up?