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  1. Excited to get caught up on the last 10 pages of the argue with Marla thread.
  2. While the beano Boost is cool, I would rather have that than my regular KOT and Sun Lion. That’s all you need.
  3. The 335 was sounding **** good into the Sun Lion into the Mesa tonight though. You need a Beano Boost too Jdave.
  4. In bed with a porn star raw doggin her.
  5. State News, y’all. Russian interference is fake. ok, it’s real, but it’s Obama’s fault.
  6. Just sausage, no eggs.
  7. Waylon and Otis don’t have any nuts to lick
  8. The picture is fake, but white people are still crazy. Jumping out of planes and letting dogs kiss us in the mouth and ****.
  9. You said she can either choose to be a victim or fight back. Then you said unlike the cop, she has no choice.
  10. One of these things is not like the other.
  11. More like Neil Gamby.
  12. This is why the logic is just so ******* stupid behind arming teachers. A LEO got scared in the face of a shooter and did nothing, but a 24 year old, pregnant 1st grade teacher is going to calmly reach into her desk, pull out a glock, and stop an active shooter situation? **** outta here, Donald.