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  1. Maybe they shouldn’t have given unending free tv exposure to Trump during the campaign
  2. I posted earlier today that his reputation is shot after the IG report, yet the media is fawning over him the last couple of days. I want a more reliable narrator.
  3. snak lost his mind over the Iran nuclear deal. Wonder how he feels about Kushner and Flynn trying to give nuclear secrets to the country that produced the majority of the 9/11 hijackers.
  4. Stubbed my toe on a baby gate last night. ******* Russia!
  5. I'm trying to imagine which is more amusing, him dismissing his attorneys trying to discuss Mueller, or his aides trying to get him to do his job, to do this.
  6. Underused word.
  7. Biden will absolutely smack Kamala on the *** as he walks to his podium at the first debate.
  8. My favorite scene in the criminally underrated film Munich is the dinner scene when the group first assembles. That has nothing to do with any of your thoughtful post, but sort of ties in as far as the movie's depiction of the events in 1972. It's an interesting juxtaposition against the violence these men go on to inflict in the movie.
  9. Bad news for Howard Schultz, who I assume until proven otherwise has a blood boy