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  1. The ones trying to turn it into Trump's Benghazi care about the ratings they think it will generate.
  2. How does Trump ******* up a phone call to the family help get answers of why that young man died in the first place? That makes zero sense.
  3. The press could have, and should have, began seeking answer on why we were in Niger and what went wrong the second it was reported 4 men died there. We didn’t need the Johnson family being drug out in the open for that.
  4. Advancing the family’s interests vs hers.
  5. Wilson went into campaign mode, not attack mode.
  6. Ted Cruz’s Dad can rest easy
  7. **** off, Mr. President.
  8. @WhenFalconsWin must still be at his lake house, i’ll eagerly await his hot take on O’Reilly sending gay porn to a female he was already harassing and/or assaulting. i’m sure If’s Obama or Hillary’s fault.
  9. He didn’t just send her porn, he sent her gay porn. I can only assume his thought process was that since she had spurned his advances, pictures of two men having sex would be just the thing to make her suddenly want to see or touch his *****. I don’t know if that was before or after he set up a system of forwarding things to his attorneys before sending them to female co-workers. If it was after, his attorneys are dumber than he ones that represent the Trump family. Also, back to the gay porn and possible rape, it shows once again that hardcore conservatives are likely closeted sexual deviants. It’s why they’re so obsessed with allegations of pedophilia against democrats, they are so insecure with their own deviant sexual desires so they project them onto democrats.
  10. Trump has also attacked 4 star generals before the election.
  11. Remember when @WhenFalconsWin said that the "evidence" against Weinstein was that he paid settlements? what are your thoughts @dirtyhairy? @HMFIC Can you chime in as well?
  12. This is also a threat.