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  1. #NoTrueScotsman
  2. We should never stop shouting from the rooftops that Prince is Betsy’s brother. Just an awful goddam filthy rich family. They are the poster child for what is wrong with this country.
  3. So I got my Analogman Astrotone back from the TGP’er I traded it to a couple of years ago, and it’s not leaving this time. Awesome with my les Paul and strat. It’s the best FF-sounding pedal into a combo amp out there.
  4. “Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette.”
  5. Compared to past special counsel investigations, it’s moving at a very fast rate.
  6. lol at Petraus signing that though
  7. The baby has started hitting
  8. I know that’s what I said. I suspect they just want to be able to land exclusive interviewers with jurors, which is also gross, but less nefarious than trying to influence the outcome. Also, the jury will not have been made aware they filed a motion to have their identities disclosed. That motion, like all others, was argued outside the jurors’ presence. You don’t argue mid-trial motions with jurors in the room. Nor are they given copies of motions, let alone motions filed by outside intervenors.