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  1. United said **** off too. Which is up there with Cohen saying this isn't cool.
  2. Eww. Plenty of other sources for that news besides that grifter. And I don't mean his ****head brother either.
  3. "It's been a long ******* day, Karen, I don't ******* want italian tonight!"
  4. "But he helped children you hypocritical dems!"
  5. After giving Syria advanced warning of the target, letting them evacuate personnel and aircraft.
  6. A live look outside Tom Perez's office:
  7. Comparing domestic immigration to foreign policy is in the bad faith olympics.
  8. Because it’s not. You’re really terrible at this.
  9. Trump could pardon Manafort right now if he wanted to, there is precedent to pardon someone charged with, but not convicted of, a federal crime. He could tell Cohen he'll pardon him if he's charged, but that hasn't happened yet.
  10. There is, and we discussed it when it first came out, but I can't remember the prevalent thinking.
  11. She also worked for W. "Iraq has WMD's Bush, and was John "I lied about Maxine Waters" Kelly's chief of staff. She spans multiple ****** sets of employers.