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  1. He's been nominated to oversee the entire VA.
  2. Braga was questioning if it was real yesterday, and then it appears a facebook employee confirmed it to him. We'll see.
  3. To be fair, it appears the Obama administration missed this stuff too.
  4. That was like the final "Meg"
  5. This is a message board owned by the Atlanta Falcons. There is no free speech here. You should read the Bill of Rights sometime before you open your drooling mouth.
  6. ::wfw smears feces all over his naked body while listening to Santana's Abraxas on vinyl:: mdrake34: "That's gross dude." wfw: "Haha! Victory is mine again!"
  7. I don't give a twopenny **** what you consider to be a sufficient reply.
  8. Your tribal leader doing something you would have crucified the former tribal leader of another tribe, and rationalizing it based off of an unknown and uncertain future event
  9. Double standards are fun.