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  1. Julio average just under 20 yards per catch. Norman called that one catch a lucky "throw up."
  2. If this keeps up, it may be Julio who is the one asking to be traded.
  3. Panthers: 45 Falcons: 16 Why? Falcons are neither mentally nor physically tough enough to match up with the Panthers. It's that simple.
  4. I would suggest that someone should post this in the Falcons locker room as inspiration for Sunday's game at Carolina, but I seriously doubt it would do any good whatsoever.
  5. Just saw this article on Twitter. Unbelievable but not all that unexpected, to be honest with you. This team has no heart at all.
  6. THE. FALCONS. HAVE. NO. SHOT. OF. WINNING. THIS. GAME. NONE. If the physical or skill set advantage the Panthers have weren't enough, they are mentally tougher than the Falcons as well. I see absolutely NO WAY the Falcons win this game.
  7. Honestly, I don't see the Falcons winning another game this season. (Yeah, I'm serious!)
  8. And Peterson! He'll probably gash us for about 200 yards. With Hill in there, you know they're gonna be feeding AP that rock!
  9. The bottom line is the Falcons should never have been in that situation to begin with.
  10. I concur it was a catch. Julio didn't lose control of the ball until he was clearly out of bounds.
  11. That's 1 game for each year since Gabbert's last start prior to beating us last week. I'll give the edge to Hasselbeck.
  12. So, um, which back-up QB will we lose the Colts game to?
  13. Why hold a post-game "summit" when you can hold one pre-game? It's called "practice."
  14. I feel the same way. I was thinking this morning that if we're not going to use Roddy then trade him. He deserves to end his career as a true WR and not strictly a guy that all he does is block.
  15. Did you see that incompletion Ryan threw to Julio when Julio was triple-covered but Roddy had the ENTIRE left side of the field open? I was like, "WHAT THE **** RYAN???!!!"
  16. Yup, it's THAT bad. The Falcons probably couldn't beat Alabama right now.
  17. It's just how we roll, bruh. We made Teddy Bridgewater and Geno Smith look like pro-bowlers in their rookies seasons when we played against them.
  18. The sad thing is that Gabbert probably won't win another game in his career. But after not starting a game in TWO WHOLE YEARS, he can brag that he beat the Falcons.
  19. The moment when I could have thrown a brick at the TV was when Gabbert ran a keeper for the 1st down late in the 4th. As the head coach, how could you NOT be expecting that and be prepared for it?!
  20. I'm not starting this thread to toot my own horn or to rub the noses of players in the dirt, but I was one of the few members, if not the only one, of these boards who OPENLY predicted that the Falcons would lose to the Niners and make Blaine Gabbert look better than he actually is. I said last week in the 'Predict the Score' thread that the Falcons would lose and that we are the weakest 6-2 team in the league. I wasn't being a smart-ass when I said that. I was just calling it like I see it. This team is weak mentally and is starting to exhibit some of the same pitiful characteristics we became used to seeing when Smitty coached here. Namely, a reputation for running a predictable offense and of opposing defenses being able to easily to push around our O-line. There is no sense of urgency with this team. None at all. It's gotten to the point now to where, and I'm speaking only for myself, I expect this team to lose regardless who they're playing. I wouldn't be at all surprised if, after the great start this team had, that it ends up watching the playoffs on TV.
  21. Just read that and I wouldn't be surprised at all if it went down like that. In fact, truth be told, I also have the Niners winning, with the Falcons helping them out with more turnovers.
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