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  1. Seriously though... It was a great game. Great season for saints fans. No reason to be ashamed. I hate the saints but someone had to win and someone had to lose. There is always next season. You all had a **** of a year. good job guys. You all rocked that stadium as well. I was impressed. Only thing i didnt wanna see is the saints play in the falcons stadium for the SB. But you all have a **** of a team. Scary good.
  2. and breaking hearts. Karma is a female dog..... bountygate karma comes back to bite the saints, breez, payaton...
  3. Everyone loves the Falcons :)

  4. How is it Sycola is a mod and doesn't know who the fake wfw is? I suspect his buddy was the fake danight. I wouldn't have known about him until Sycola mentioned him. Now somehow a mod can't figure out if it's the real wfw or not. Sounds like a Sycola clone account he made as a joke. That's the logical answer how a admin can't figure out if he is the real one.
  5. Wow Sycola. You copy what I say and then add spam to it. Wow you're to hilarious for me. I tap to your trolling. You where wrong when you thought I'd stick around there, your wrong that you think trolling me will get me over there. I saw all I need to there.
  6. Our rivalry is based on dildos, not e-***** sizes. Ours will always be unique.
  7. Actually no RC is complete without having the 2 of you in 1 place. Thats just how you know the world turns. Its like saints vs the falcons. The rivalry goes back so long its just implanted into the very fabric of reality.
  8. You mistaken what i said. I do not mean every single person there is doing any one thing. EX when i say SR sucks. I dont mean every single person there sucks. Im sure there is very smart and nice people there. They just get outshined by the assclowns at time. I havent told you or anyone not to go anywhere on the net unless in joking. Im in multi places and i always have been. This isnt the only site i visit. We keep hearing about this "them" vs "us". There is barely a us left. I went over there and it didn't take long to see the threads talking abut killing this place. So who really is fueling this us vs them? Its not "us". They might paint WFW and myself or mods as having some plan. But we don't have 1 thread discussing trying to shut them down over there or about keeping people from going over there so it does kill them off. They however do. Your anger to us is misplaced. I have blasted spammers or people with agendas for being here. I have not said 1 thing negative to anyone for just being on 2 boards. Like i never said anything to huddle or SR people for visiting reading there. You should know by now. People love to antagonize me or WFW or Rave even JB. people asked me to sign up there. I did. I went and i left. The talk about "intentions of getting this place shut down and you need to stop going by there" was all i needed to see. So i went first hand to see who is fueling this us vs them. I saw it. Your preaching to the wrong choir here. I feel just like you. I go to multiplaces until im not welcome then i move to another places. But if your where expecting some hate speech from me about that server. I dont have one. Nor am i gonna stand here and tell you where you cant go.
  9. Makes you wonder don't it. Why is this place so important? Top 5 threads there is about here. And only ones here either aren't welcome or don't wanna go. The few of us here can't even sit in peace. Some how we are still evil. It's like we are haunting ghost and that place is scared of the dark.
  10. Them said your not allowed to talk to me since I stayed here. Be careful we will give you cooties. You don't wanna get kicked out the cool kids club.
  11. TTFN
  12. But maybe soon you can tell me if you happen to come under fire. Id like to know just how your admin skills handled it.
  13. Dont be silly. You wouldn't know what to do if someone did ping attack you (btw no one was atm). But good job at pretending you actually knew what to do encase there ever was one.