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  1. Why you say that for? You dont be thankful about a person death. I should report you on that
  2. I think if John McClain was still alive, he would whoop the crap out of Lindsay Graham for all of the crap he been doing.
  3. I swear they always want to complain about stupid stuff like this, 600, 1400 or 2000 WHO CARES That money is going to help everybody who needs it including us in here. So stop complaining about it
  4. It looks like he went with option #2, so impeachment here we come
  5. I think she might need to stay home tonight, she was the one that was telling Twitter where everybody was at right?
  6. Problem is, do you think that Trump is going to go out quiet like that after all of the stuff he done in the last four years, then I got some land in Sahara for you. Right now, we cant trust him at his word and if they leave him there and something else, the fault fall squarely on everybody shoulders who did not get him out of here.
  7. More reading I was doing about this event, more I am convinced that Trump and his enablers has to go now!!! Those fools in QAnon was talking about doing Mass Executions on Trump's foes in a event called 'The Storm, I have a feeling that if he does not resigned or leave, something even worst is going to show up and nobody will be spare for it.
  8. Look like Pence opposed using the 25th amendment on Trump. I swear this folks have no heart or the stones to do what is best for America. We got 2 more weeks of this crap and anything can happen and those fools is just let it go. As someone who spend almost my whole adult life working the government from service member to civilian, I was so shaken with rage last night and still in rage right now because I was willing to give up my life for this country but giving up to people who was about to destroy the same thing that many of those who came before us did it without hesitant. Trump do
  9. So I believe that was seven yes votes — Cruz, Hawley, Hyde-Smith, Kennedy, Lummis, Marshall, Tuberville These names is going down in history as they were okay with all of the crap we went through today
  10. That is the one thing that got me mad about, some of those cops did nothing at all and some of them was taking selfie with those fools. If it was BLM.....You get the idea
  11. Somedays I wish I could have stay in Japan because living here suck really sucks
  12. I was at work when all of this went down and make me miss my rounds today. Right now, I think we should do 25th Amendment on Trump, for those senators who wanted this needs not to be seated at all and Biden might need go FDR on them.
  13. Perdue needs a miracle to pull this one out but I dont see anything like that for him.
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