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  1. I went to the doctor and they send me to ER (they did not have any equipment there) for thinking I have a blood clot because of the vaccine. Turn out that I had one forming but they took care of that.
  2. Yeah, I just got the J&J Vaccine on last Thursday and it has been giving me so many issues from my joints hurting like **** to having constant headaches, I tried to go to work yesterday but I was super tired and headaches. So I have to go to the doctor today to see what or anything can be done about this.
  3. Yea, I would fire the GM for that mistake. You could trade Buddy to another team and resigned him but noooo and that is good for us but if the Bucks had him, Holiday, Middleton and Freak, they would be insane.
  4. My first impressions about Mortal Kombat...............It is actually decent and good.
  5. Sports and Politics always together in one way or another affect it for greater change or vice verse. As a Braves fans, I am sad that this had happen but as a black man, I think this needs to happen. I have the chance to read that law and it does sucks royally for black votes like myself and other people of color. Regardless of the Voter ID or what not. Getting in trouble because you want to give food and water to others?!? That is crazy. It puts a black eye on the team and it is going to hit the businesses around here but this what happens when power corrupts absolute.
  6. It is coolest but it will be always Macross for me, not Robotech (even know that I grew up looking it with Robotech as the title)
  7. Well, sometimes I just wonder why do they want our votes when they are just going to lie to the people like this. That is one of the reasons why I do not like voting or politics because none of them really care about us working folks just their pay masters.
  8. I am really like this, she does not need his approval just his vote and she is the Vice President not another senator. Manchin might need to switch to GOP because I do not think that none of the GOP want to work together and if the GOP gets control again, they will put every bill that they dont like in a dark corner and approval on everything else. I will like both sides to work together but we have seen that GOP is not going to do that and if they dont do anything then they will lose the Senate again.
  9. Somebody please help me out on this, why those 45 voted for this even know that it was their own lives in danger and if somebody in that mob was smart then some of them wouldn't be here with us right now. What is wrong with the Republican party?
  10. Why you say that for? You dont be thankful about a person death. I should report you on that
  11. I think if John McClain was still alive, he would whoop the crap out of Lindsay Graham for all of the crap he been doing.
  12. I swear they always want to complain about stupid stuff like this, 600, 1400 or 2000 WHO CARES That money is going to help everybody who needs it including us in here. So stop complaining about it
  13. It looks like he went with option #2, so impeachment here we come
  14. I think she might need to stay home tonight, she was the one that was telling Twitter where everybody was at right?
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