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  1. All I know is we would have been given Tree Rollins **** if he did that in playoff game and Embiid is bringing in 29 million a year, and a 35 year old 13 year veteran NBA can swipe the ball away from you? **** and Im not taking anything from Gallo it was a superb defensive play, coaches love that kind of play. Still you don't turn it over, at least get a shot off and hope for an offensive rebound.
  2. Some would say turning over the ball down by 4 with 50 seconds to go might be a reason too...
  3. Philly Cheesesteak with Red Velvet cake and a glass of Gallo wine...
  4. He could wreck a little havoc in Pees' defense. It is much needed. think this year comes down to the defensive front 7
  5. It could go a number of ways, got to believe Wholio wasn't the only one having a bromance with Quinn. Might see a few other players move on before Smith gets players on the same page as him. I think they will be better and more balanced, but right now the talent just isn't there to make a lot of noise year one, especially on defense. A lot depends on those 2nd and 3rd year players Marlon Comminsky Terrell all got to bring it Deion and Grady need to step up even more as leaders. In some ways I think the defense will be surprisingly better with Pees, even more so than the offense early on.
  6. If Pitts is 75% as what everybody is saying he won't have too. **** if we are honest the Falcons and #2 best games is when he was throwing to 7-8 different guys. Not to mention now Ryan can actually practice with these guys and develop some kind of chemistry. Remember how in year 2-3 Hooper after having plenty of reps with Ryan became so much better, Hooper was good #8 could be great.
  7. Wholio averaged 84 catches and 1200 yards and 6 TD's a year as a Falcon, pretty sure Pitts hit that 6TD target easily year one might get close on the catches but those yards are gonna be difficult year one if not more. Anything close though and it's better than Jones delivered the last 2 years.
  8. That was hilarious, these successful professional men one word turned into middle school boys
  9. The thing is if Julio wasn't happy and TD was already on the hot seat backing Quinn, I could see where the best option to win now, was throw money at Julio. That said there was no hint Julio was this unhappy publicly. He really shouldn't have extended him.
  10. Nice start Hawks keep it up. Keep passing that rock and playing defense.
  11. Well ****, thought when the Julio trade happened way back when, him and Ryan would have a trophy or 2. Wholio and Ryan got them as close as you can get to a SBC without winning it once, 3 NFC Championship game appearances, lots of great games, as good as that is, I'd trade it all for one Super Bowl championship.
  12. Used to be on the old Prodigy boards, then I spent lots of time on the old AOL boards. Bought playoff tickets 98 from somebody on AOL boards and they told me about TATF . Found out about Eugene Robinson's special night in Miami on here, being able to discuss that till the wee hours Super Bowl Sunday, then I was hooked.
  13. It's almost more fun watching Young dish out the slams, than watching him bury a deep 3
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