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  1. No it's not impossible but for a rookie QB they had better have a helluva running game or a OL or a defense. This Falcons team has none of that at the moment, the #4 pick and the 36th pick could go a long way to shoring up those 2 areas. Hit on the 3rd and 4th rounds or just one later it can change a team. **** the Falcons started 3 rookie linebackers in a lot of games in 1980 a second year NT and that team had a bruising RB and a veteran QB with half the accomplishments as Ryan has. One the OL I really believe we are about to see where offensive scheme and coaching make a difference. An OL ge
  2. **** I dig Trae but he clanged two late shots
  3. Like a lot of us here don't want a QB at 4, and **** sure not sold these top 5 QB'S will all be stars. It will likely be 2 with another one being pretty good and it could be worse than that. That said if they do draft a QB at 1 it might as well be Fields, so we can all the theatrics and storylines, cause I don't think they will be seeing the playoffs for 2-3 years. If you have to go QB early go Mac Jones in the 2nd hopefully after a trade back in the first
  4. Fields in the right situation has a chance to be good real good, just not sure if its Atlanta. Not going to lie Id rather see him drafted than Trey Lance, just for the theatrics and if he succeeded it would be a great story, ie fill the stands etc. Still Im going Sewell and get a stud RB when you can, or trade back.
  5. I'm so against a QB and I do hope they trade back. **** I want a defense or at least the defense to get better have been watching Parsons' vids, the guy is explosive and quick seems to be a guy the could move all over the place. That said I'd be fine with Sewell or Surtain too. Whoever they pick Im gonna be pulling for big time these last 3 years have sucked I miss competitive football. I do hope they find a **** good RB Chubba Hubbard has some quicks otherwise build the defense and pray the offense responds to CAS. If they are still here it's Ryan and Julio's last hurrah or **** close to
  6. If they pick the 3rd best QB at 4 and miss, this team is gonna suck for a long time. QB class next year is pretty stocked, likely they have an early to mid round pick next year and they can get a replacement then. Wilson and Fields both have huge question marks for QB's hyped as franchise makers to be picked to sit for 1-2 years on a team full of needs.
  7. With a new staff coming in, they could really find 3 starters and change the face of the defense alone, add in a RB that produces immediately. I'd be good with that. Been said here forever if they got a defense they could make some noise
  8. If you have no life select all the teams, I might be having one draft the next 3 days. Thought it was funny my only A+ pick was Ehlinger
  9. Id be pissed if they spent a 3rd on Newman, of course I'd be pissed picking a QB that early anyway. For a guy who took the year off to prepare for the NFL he looked ill prepared in the Senior Bowl. I'm thinking he will be there 6th round or later.
  10. Likely improve all 3 levels of the defense and get a stud RB in the first 4 rounds. Wanted to go Sewell in the first but he was gone. 4: R1 P4 LB Micah Parsons - Penn State 35: R2 P3 DL Daviyon Nixon - Iowa 68: R3 P4 S Trevon Moehrig - TCU 105: R4 P3 RB Chuba Hubbard - Oklahoma State 145: R5 P4 EDGE Malcolm Koonce - Buffalo 175: R5 P34 EDGE Joshua Kaindoh - Florida State 182: R6 P3 LB K.J. Britt - Auburn 211: R6 P32 DL Glen Logan - LSU 214: R6 P35 QB Shane Buechele - SMU
  11. I would agree however Julio's phenomenal catch in 2016 should have sealed the deal, not a lot of coaching staffs blow that setup. **** I know if you were the HC and PMF was the OC in Houston that day the Falcons would have their trophy.
  12. It's not that difficult **** even Matt Ryan went the playoffs his first year...
  13. The point is if it is Chase or Smith, that is still a high pick in an area that isn't weak yet, I could get behind Sewell, Slater, Parsons as not only are they potentially BPA but they would all have immediate impact in positions of need. That said I hope Fontenot is listening to other offers, an off the charts offer might be to hard to refuse.
  14. Your arguments lose what little credibility they have when you don't know Ryan's real age is 35. Have faith, but I'd bet that Smith and company have Ryan at QB the next 2 years. There is no reason not too, except hyper inflation of soon to be rookies, none of which are solid guarantees including Lawrence.
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