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  1. Turner definitely deserves his due William is he stayed healthy would have broke records though
  2. Man when the threes arent dropping quit shooting them, you got no boards... you aint Steven Curry lol well Trae is trying to be lol nice bomb
  3. Wasnt a fan of the Trae Young pick, but the guy can dish it. If they can run and catch and finish ought to be to watch if nothing else
  4. Prince aint afraid to jack it up
  5. 10-2 Hawks we want the Warriors lol...
  6. 60 wins seeems like so long ago
  7. Yea its the remodeled Turner Field...been told they did a good job with it too. Its spring football Atlantas roster has some Tech guys and a Bulldog or 2 Quincy Mauger I remembered one QB is Marquise Williams from North Carolina was a familiar name. Most of the others I dont remember at all
  8. Props, I dig going to the games, definitely going to checkout other sitting areas at MBS. LOL I yell my *** off, so does my daughter. I can enjoy a full stadium game or a half empty one..
  9. Yea, I dont Free lost his want to at all, just a series of bad luck. As for the signing at the time I was for it knowing it was a risk and they would lose Teco likely. But its blown up in TD's face now, and as much as I dig Freeman you cant count on him being there game ready each week. So now you make a run at keeping Teco, but not too much, if he leaves, he leaves ..hope Free plays a little, Ito gets better and draft a fooking big back like Ive been saying since we drafted Beasley.
  10. All Im going to say is for me sitting 4 rows from the top at the Georgia Dome was just as good for watching a football game as the first 5 rows 3rd level at MBS it seems farther back and definitely less energy in the crowd at MBS. LOL my daughter loved it though cause she was able to go shop and get Falcons stuff. To each their own I guess, but we both were glad we didn't get PSL's like we almost did before last year. Ga Dome had its moments where it was loud and proud, but there were also lots of low energy games too
  11. Even if that were true Eyore and its not, even more of a reason to kick the tires on virtually any and all available players in PON. So got dam tired thinking every player is released aint work a look, sometimes getting released motivates a guy even if its just a few weeks, not to mention who wouldnt drag *** a little bit by being stuck in Washington. Kick the tires I aint saying sign him but it doesnt hurt to look either.
  12. Lets start a 'Name Freeman"s injury this week? contest. He will miss the Cleveland game because he has scurvy.... love what he did 2016 but he is not playing 2018 and is likely to only available here and there the rest of the year.
  13. It is what it is, not gonna change anytime soon, Id imagine it would have to drop to 60 percent paid PSL's before they would panic. Doesnt bother me when you want to go you can get tickets cheap cheap cheap. Its funny Ive been twice but Im one of those that watches the game and was glad I didnt have anybody in front of me for the first half, gonna have to go to an Atlanta United game to check out other stuff, now thats a tough ticket.
  14. All Im going to say is mix in an occasional blitz here and there, know the QB you are facing, know his weaknesses. Guess they thought Winston's weakness was let him throw the ball till his arm fell off.
  15. Think its time to let Fields get his feet wet and start, they need that extra threat he brings to the game. He is the future and contrary to popular belief still loads to play for. If Fromm had the passing game clicking would have no issue, but with its inconsistent play no reason to see if Fields brings a spark. Not to mention a more TOP strategy helps the defense too. That said got to trust Kirby and Chaney.