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  1. I didn't know that history, that is pretty telling ..
  2. 3rd and short need to pick this up
  3. Glad it's working for some people, my daughter and I were very close to getting PSL's but backed off at the last minute. Sooo glad this spring she relocates to the west coast LOL. So instead of finding just one other person each week it would have been 3 or sell at a loss, or become a part-time scalper to recoup some monies. Already would potentially miss games that I'd going to on last-minute work BS,
  4. LOL got to like the coaches to players ratio close to 1 coach for every two players LOL. Just win baby!!
  5. #24 when healthy just gets the offense clicking. If birds do anything this year Free is a big part of it. Like Ito and Hill bothbut they arent in Coleman's class and aren't even near Free when he is healthy
  6. LOL I need to treat it like the little autistic boy my daughter taught that year. He went to bed early. When he came in the next day he refuses to believe they lost because no team has ever lost the Super Bowl after having such a huge lead. LOL its not even a discussion. He is still happy as a clam while I see a brief highlight and I'm like Dustin Hoffman and hot water in the tub. LOL I still havent watched it again, in fact I stopped watching after the Edleman catch and just followed along on the message board. Saw the slow motion highlight of Ryan shell shocked walking off the field, with confetti the next year and was like crrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaappppppp!
  7. Yea me too, wouldn't mind drafting him late, Remember when San Diego LT,Turner and Sproles **** they jacked through some yards. Only the Patriots and Schottenheimer stopped them. Good running game can save a defense some games.
  8. Reddit had a pretty cool AAF message board with some Legend stuff too.
  9. Legends starting to smell
  10. Well need 8 here
  11. **** already down 13 thanks simms
  12. no its not rigged, just going through the process getting the right call
  13. Ma J?? thought it was Mawger LOL phonetically
  14. LOL rigged, its just first game bullchit.
  15. dont know why but made a deal about elbow hitting the ground first