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  1. I know it's just MSU but gotdam JT he threw 3 touchdown passes that drive of 30 plus yards LOL
  2. Did the Dawgs hire Dan Quinn as a consultant, this defense smells. MSU isn't that good
  3. I can't ever remember UGA hitting on so many deep throws
  4. It's a big fat rationalization but I'm gonna try and enjoy a no stress game. Just get em through healthy, get reps for the young guys and finally a look at JT Daniels. Not as interested in whats happening even around the league either its just a crazy year.
  5. I know it's probably been said this team could have so easily been 5-4 6-3 after 9 games, it's killing me to think about
  6. Don't you have to lay out for the ball Demotius
  7. I agree but the Dawgs weren't likely going anywhere special with the QB play anyway. With Bennett everything has to be perfect and Mathis well the 2 years off show.
  8. Come on defense need a turnover now right now
  9. Injuries yea, but Florida was ready to play, Georgia wasn't huge Kirby fan but thats on the him and the staff
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