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  1. I understand no change to certain extent,but still think its the quickest and easiest way to get a positive turn around. If they do make changes in the OC and or DC please go outside of the Falcons they need a new approach.
  2. Seriously though, I like it when Tech is better. Romping them Techsters doesnt sting them as much as a close loss. If I am honest I like it when when all of UGA's rivals are better competition. #1 makes for great games the whole season long #2 think its how UGA gets over that championship hump, still think they play some if not most games tough for awhile and then coast. leaning on talent and depth. Which is great, but it doesnt prepare you for Bama or other games where the competition doesnt go away so easily. Its why you see Kirby freak at a mistake when they are up 21 points in the 4th, he knows Bama wont fold and will be there 4 quarters.
  3. This team sucks so bad they dont have to TANK to lose the rest of their games they are going to do it trying their azzes off, its pathetic really. Go check out the no names on the Colts defense, yet that TEAM is playing decent defense with just a bunch of pieces of course it might have to do with they are receiving some coaching.
  4. obviously Gurley is better than Beasley.....
  5. Well I know Blank spent a fortune to give United every advantage, but no one could have for saw the fans participation it was off the charts. This championship is as much theirs as the franchise, we will see the next few years as the players and coaches come and go but I'd imagine they are gonna remain rowdy and proud.
  6. Loaded up a couple of Packer heavy line ups with Rodgers at QB. Which means it will be a 10-7 game.
  7. Think if he can play he should play, Birds need to know he has still got it and if they need to hang on to Teco. As somebody else said if he plays well might get some interest from a stupid front office or two.
  8. Seriously the United Fans are nutz in a good way,definitely makes watching more enjoyable..
  9. Vamos Vamos Vamos ATL!!!!!!!!!
  10. He started in the Super Bowl because of injuries and was off the team the next season, his career in Atlanta including post season 2 ints and 12 passes defended in a 27 game career. No way no how should this guy been drafted in the 2nd round. Regardless what he does now he two years removed from those heady days, the Falcons could have made a better pick.
  11. True, but do you draft a CB that doesnt give a shiz about playing football at the 42nd pick?
  12. Not to be that guy, but it doesnt matter what the fans believe, its what the players believe. Certainly dont think every plater is buying into Quinn's stuff anymore, once it reaches a tipping point he has lost the team. good way to stop it is win the next 4 weeks. 1997 Falcons were like 2-9 but they won those last 5 games and went into 1998 on a high and confident wave. Something like that should be the only thing to save some peoples jobs
  13. Yep 28-3 still pizzes me off, but yea finally watched the 1980 game in 2010 and it brought back all those memories sitting there at AFCS as a teenager, got pizzed off all over again.
  14. Id reach out to Kubiak now if you can, might be the stabilizing influence Quinn needs