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  1. To be fair we weren't paying Hooper what he got in Cleveland anyway, and I dig Hooper but that's too **** high. Hurst is growing on me and I think Ryan will use him to good effect for a fraction of Hoop's money
  2. Get of Tommy's nutsack jeez... Birds beat Tampa twice Tommy gets his 30 million but not much else, misses Edleman and misses the playoffs. Been watching the NFL since 75 no QB switches teams late and fares well. The first year even the really great ones, the ones that win Super Bowls with different coaches like Joe Montana take awhile. It usually takes time and practice and I would bet practice time get delayed because of this virus ****.
  3. Dig the Glen Garry Glen Ross reference.
  4. Yes it does, can remember the Rams game cause Namath was coming to town, the first game I had ever been too. I was 12 years old and my brother and I got on the bus in Brookhaven and went to the game. They swarmed Namath he had no chance. When we were leaving the stadium to catch the shuttle ran into some neighbors tailgating in their old RV and they gave us a ride home.
  5. Thanks for this have seen a bunch of the Falcons yearbook but first time seeing 1977 Did I hear that correctly did he say 26 interceptions? to go with 9 blocked kicks. An amazing defense no doubt went to 3 games that year after the first against the Rams I was hooked. And yea I wouldn't mind those uniforms with the new logo on the helmet. Not to mention Quinn needs to learn how to blitz from this team.
  6. I wouldn't mind a red helmet, just sub the red in the falcon logo with gray, that would be cool too. I like the simplicity of it, LOL unless the pants has feathers on them LOL
  7. **** I like that too. Wouldn't mind that with white pants being the home uniform and a red jersey or all white being road uniforms.
  8. Im just glad no more Goodell hugging and photo ops BS, Gotdam...
  9. Yea I'd watch all 22 from the Rams games last year lots of time TG would get no help and get nailed in the backfield, but if he got a small crease he made the most of it. 10 catch game against the Eagles he is gonna be a great outlet option for Ryan. Another point is TG isn't in this for the money, if so he could have waited till some team needed an RB and stuck it to them, instead it's a quick turn around and a very team-friendly 1-year deal. He knows this isn't his last contract. I remember when Ottis Anderson used to run wild for the Cardinals in St.Louis, and everybody thought he was done after a couple of substandard years. Saying he was beaten down and broken. Ended up on the Giants and after a slow start had 2 good seasons in the rotation with Rodney Hampton and others and when he was 32 and 33 and was a huge part of their Super Bowl run. Pretty sure next year most here will be saying they hope the Falcons bring TG30 back NFL game pass is free till May check his games out he didn't get used enough most games
  10. I dont think Cam has the want too anymore. Like Brady, Brees, and even Rivers all could walk away but you get they just love playing. You don't get that from Cam. Patriots isn't a good fit BB is in for a rude awakening and the Boston press would eat Cam to pieces. West coast maybe Chargers? Vegas? doubt there will be much interest and he could just walk away
  11. I just liked where he cuts and goes, none of this wiggle waggle ****. Not mention TG is a **** good mentor to the other backs. Sony and Chubb both mentioned how helpful Gurley was to them, learning game preparation and work ethic. One year deal it's worth the experiment. This isn't 30-year old SJax at the end of the line. This 25-year-old TG30 getting 18-20 carries 4-6 passes mixed in a game with a rotation with Ito and whoever. If he is healthy and it falls into place play-action passing game will be sick, Hurst, Jones, and Ridley should feast.
  12. Looks fine to me it's a one year deal pending a physical.
  13. Well, he is signed now, let's hope he goes nutso. One year contract definitely worth a look. Even McVay admitted he should have used him more last year. Get a good rotation of Gurley, Ito, Olli and whoever else is here. Now get a much later round back if needed witht those early picks on defense
  14. Not to be that guy but what would have been without the #7 trade. Do the Birds take LT? I know that's who I wanted them to get before going bonkers over getting $7. and do they then have to draft a smallish QB with a mole on his face? That's two Hall of Famers in one draft or do they not even reach that potential here?
  15. Honestly its Quinn's and Dimitroff's azzes on the line so I can get behind whomever their picks are. That said those first two picks need to be season one impactful players no matter the position, or they likely won't be here for the 2021 draft.