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  1. Yep just watched a replay of the second game didnt really see any standouts in the front 7 in the second half. Like most teams its going to tough if they get injuries that linger. Very interested on seeing what happens after these next two weeks we need some quality vets
  2. when did I say he or any guy threw 110mph all I said is old guys were hard throwers and they routinely threw complete games.Once you get over 100 2-3 mph aint much difference. Not mention a lot of these guys did it before middle relievers and 5 man rotations etc. Braves should avoid bullpen when they can Rockies were struggling against Folty and Teheran.
  3. Make him pay for missing that
  4. come on Charlie go yard
  5. you are saying Nolan Ryan didnt throw 100 plus? They had radar guns in the 70's even used the early ones on Bob Feller
  6. good lord time to cue the Bad News Bears music...
  7. interest article from 2013 but 5 of the pitchers are from the 80's or before. https://www.si.com/mlb/2013/03/08/power-week-baseball-pitchers
  8. You are missing the point, It isnt just about MPH its about starting pitchers throwing complete games masking a crappy bullpen. Not to mention you can screw up your arm just just bad trying to throw a curve or breaking pitch. One reason they go deep now is so much money is put into the players salaries they get spooked and worry about phantom injuries.
  9. Not a **** thing
  10. Come on Duvall
  11. If this team can only get 6 innings out of a starting pitcher,they will melt down the stretch unless the the hitting is absolutely phenomenal. Cause there is nothing in that bullpen that can consistently give you an inning and a half much less 3. No matter how many pitchers they bring out to throw 10 pitches. Dont get me wrong enjoying the season but it is what it is, going to take a miracle to advance in the playoffs. LOL Steve Carlton would have had 13-15 complete games by now and he pitched into his forties. LOL and none of the Braves staff throw as hard as Carlton did.
  12. They had this game it had nothing with being to amped up, Minter blew it but maybe they should have kept Folty in a little longer and maybe they wouldn't be looking at very avoidable 2 game losing streak. Still think some of this crap is an old school manager trying to be new wave metrics. What happened to instincts lol or better yet pushing your starting pitchers to give an extra inning or 2 occasionally cause your bullpen is weak sauce. We would have been better off letting Folty trying to close the deal than exposing the mentally fragile bullpen to another failure. Probably the same for Teheran the night before, they had better get used to it cause if they do make the playoffs the starting pitching will need to go deeper or it will be a quick ouster.
  13. I just need to adjust my expectations, quit thinking they are better than they actually are. No lead is safe,and yes in the playoffs you had better have a bullpen. Aint nothing new it was why Charlie Liebrandt was pitching extra innings game 6 WS in 1991.
  14. Well he did this one, thats all thats matters now. On to the 4th pitcher since Folty left.
  15. Keep losing 3 run leads in the ninth you wont have a playoff run, I get the reasoning behind it, but it wasted another **** good start. think it is way to cautious, pitchers get injuries all throughout a game not just at the end.