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  1. putnam6

    Braves vs Rays

    Acuna just missed that one
  2. SEC football starts Sept 26th in conference only. Going to be interesting The full schedule will be announced at a later date. The revised schedule, which was altered because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, increases by two the SEC's usual conference slate of eight league games, which includes six divisional foes, one permanent cross-divisional foe and one rotating cross-divisional foe. Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin confirmed the SEC will keep its division format and the eight teams that are currently scheduled, and that the league is still determining the two additional teams. Sources told ESPN that one proposal heavily discussed is to add each school's cross-divisional rotating opponents for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. For instance, Alabama would add Florida and Vanderbilt, and Georgia would add Arkansas and Mississippi State. Any plan must be approved by athletic directors. https://www.secsports.com/
  3. putnam6

    Braves vs Rays

    Yes Dansby drilled the heat. LOL Acuna Albies and Ozuna had trouble with the fastball Dansby showed them how it's done
  4. Thats the rub, finding that balance Ive watched TG closely when he was at UGA and since in a game he gets better the more carries he gets, not saying get him 30 but just ride him when he is hot. With the Falcons offense he will always have to share the ball. And it's on the offensive line too, saw a video where the some of the difference his last two years in LA was the difference in how well the OL was 2 years ago compared to last year.
  5. He likely will have a huge impact on Quadree and Ito, NIck Chubb and Sony Micheal always talked about what a positive influence Gurley was. Koetter is going to have to find a way to keep him healthy and get him enough touches Gurley always seemed to better with maximum touches
  6. Dansby clutch base knock
  7. JD who!! Braves got all MO they need
  8. Man no gonna expect too much from a 2nd round rookie, with all the crap going on and the Falcons lack of ability to draft a defensive lineman nor have the coaching ability to coach them up. Grady Jarrett obviously being the outlier. We could use both Marlon and Senat stepping up and getting some quality snaps. Quinn has never been able to even come close to duplicating the rotation he had in Seattle, thats partly on TD, Quinn and the multi DL coaches.
  9. **** I turn off the volume even the Braves announcers sometimes. Though most times if I listen its too the opposing club so you dont hear the same **** over and over
  10. Riley needs to start hot
  11. Going to fun too watch glad some of you are here missed watching and following along online
  12. I get it football is much more difficult than baseball and even soccer, you have people all draped over you every play, a running back is on the bottom of a pile with 300 pound lineman breathing on them half the game. Might be overly cautious but if i was sitting on the 20 million from the Rams Id sit out if it wasn't perfect too. Don't blame him it's an individual's choice, now Quadree and Ito might have a different opinion and that's okay too, the whole country is in uncharted waters. I know I'm doing stuff differently cause we have our mother living with us now, we take extra precautions
  13. If he is healthy he could have shined a bit in Seattle, nice outlet for Wilson not to mention stick it to the Falcons in game one. I don't think he is healthy or he knows he hasn't got it.
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