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  1. Heres the number of resale tickets(in pink) available for maybe the last marquee matchup 4th home game of 2017 against the Cowboys easily in the high teens percentage wise.
  2. LOL behind 3 lol 4 if I count the block on his lay up
  3. Missed lay up for#17 shot number 5
  4. Nice Collins slam off another miss, dudes got 8 points and a good bounce
  5. Nice dunk follow up for Collins
  6. Okay live stats says 4 misses now I'm caught up. Collins looks quick might be fun with him Baze and Prince running the floor.
  7. chit im getting behind was that 2 for Dennis
  8. I'm watching, just got in from driving all day. LOL much like the Falcons now I got no expectations and a bottle of tequila if it gets unwatchable. Want to see how and if they mesh. Tonights drinking game one shot for every time Dennis misses a shot.
  9. Thats it to me, **** I can handle them losing. But at least have some intensity about it, it seems only a short handful have done this every game for the Falcons. A lot us expected offensive struggling with the new OC, but expected the defense to improved, this early part of the season they may be regressing. Its a team game until the whole team buys in wins ain't gonna come on a consistent basis. This team should never be favored in a game the rest of the season, they are the Any Given Sunday Falcons. It don't matter if its home or away. Obviously hoping they win on Sunday, but gone are the days of thinking any win is likely.
  10. Just a quick watch on NFL game rewind shows the last few years at the Georgia Dome lack of crowds wasn't as near as obvious as it is at MBS. Of course it was there,but now it kind of slaps you in the face a bit. Wish one of the Falcons reporters would ask the players what they think. LOL but I am glad that Todd and Maureen are enjoying their wine spritzers and fig and olive tapenade during the game in the club area, I know exposure to all that noise might lead to premature deafness.
  11. You are actually right they have only had one game where the fans were into it the Green Bay game. Dont think its a boycott or anything just think there is a different kind of attendee at these games. That said Quinn always talks about fan's getting loud or he used to, really hasn't in the last 2 pressers. All I know is active loud fans can get you a false start here and there if not get the teamed a little more juiced up. This 3 game away stretch is crucial if they go 1-2 or 0-3 that Dallas game will be full of silver and blue. **** it might be regardless as PSL owners sell for top dollar to Cowboys fans. I would bet that most of the Falcons are glad to hit the road for awhile.
  12. Fans were there last year. The new stadium and PSL's and digital ticketing only makes reselling them way more difficult theres a learning curve there. Said it all through out this as long as it creates some kind of home field advantage I'm cool. Does anybody feel like the Falcons got a home field advantage.
  13. If they aren't in their seats 90% of the game they probably aren't hardcore fans. But hey next year I hear there will be an Apple store,Claire's Jewelry and a Hot Topix LOL.
  14. I know they couldn't beat Alabama, Birds can't tackle for chit.