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  1. On the road it was only two games both against the eventual NFC Champ Cardinals in 08, who got extremely hot with a veteran QB, and against an very good Giants team that won it all. Now Ryan is the veteran QB, and even with all it's problems this year 2017 team is probably more balanced and better defensively than in 2008 and 2009. Still got a wait and see approach it all starts next Monday,who knows this long lay off might be just what they needed to get more focused and prepared.
  2. Only IF and you will note it's a big if, Ryan gets his chit together. I'm still questioning the rumors/reports that they fiddled with his throwing mechanics this past off season. yes there has been this drop here this tip there,but overall he hasn't been crisp and on target as much as we have grown accustomed to. That said I do believe the guy works his azz off to get better,there is a slight chance he could get on a hot streak, he has done it before virtually with every OC he has had . Just never with Sarkisian, he is due for 3-4 game stretch
  3. Man hate that for the Eagles if true even though I hate them LOL. You want to beat them at full strength. Not that the Falcons are anywhere near getting a shot, they got too much work to do themselves
  4. bortles almost threw it away
  5. and just like that....
  6. that and fook them fookers..... that was a nice pass and catch
  7. remember that they were actually okay LB's
  8. 10-0 Jaguars just enough to get me interested to watch it all
  9. LOL the Falcons havent put together 60 minutes of good football since the Packer game and it will take 6 straight games of it to get to the Super Bowl. Though admittedly not as long of odds of losing the Super Bowl at 28-3 late in the 3rd quarter,so it could happen.
  10. Have no faith in the Jaguars
  11. **** that was as frustrating as watching the Falcons .... Vikings had plenty of opportunities but they chit the bed, got complacence who knows but very frustrating. I might have been better of just not watching and just getting the score later
  12. forget that I want the Falcons to make it no matter what. I'm still holding out hope the Birds get hot some how
  13. I got you the Falcons have had so many games where offensively they weren't sharp,ultimately it's their own fault being in this situation.
  14. at least they beat the Jets,plus that was in a driving rain storm
  15. Man I'm watch Colts Bills in a blizzard in Buffalo its unreal watching them try and play