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  1. Before I went to a game in person it was Cliff Branch but after my first Falcons game it was Claude Humphrey then when he was traded Alfred Jenkins till #31 hit the scene.
  2. Aint gonna lie there are a few high priced birds Id rather lose than Sanu.
  3. New OL had tough assignment the first two weeks. The RB and OL need to be in sync there were a couple of times where Freeman flashed it almost. On the short center dump off pass 2016 Freeman scores, 2019 almost did. That said I'm mostly moving towards Ito starting unless his production picks up, and I'm huge fan of Freeman. To me the running game these past two weeks should have had heavy doses of Ollison or Hill thrown in.
  4. From now on McGary shall be known as the Black Knight. Trainer You tore your ACL McGary No it isn't Trainer Yes it is McGary Ive had worse you panzy tape it up,Im going back in.
  5. Definitely trial by fire for both units, OL with Swartz's blitzing and the DL facing a solid Eagles OL. DL got good pressure all night, Battered and bruised OL held on through the onslaught and it was Matthews pancake with Sanu's block that sprung Julio. Maybe most importantly the win was for this team's players coaches and fan's psyche. Now just build off of it,and grow LOL where did I hear that before.
  6. yep work with people from Jersey gonna enjoy this
  7. yea but the Falcons have mental problems and questionable coaching lol
  8. aint gonna lie this one meant something nice win Falcons!!!!!!
  9. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. haven't had tobacco since November lol and I'm checking old coats in closet drawers in the kitchen lol
  11. yep!!!!Matthews crushed the CB