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  1. [quote name=B_Lo_Touchdowns' timestamp='1319478104' post='6 432329]We all knew Suh was a dirty player and should've lost respect for him last year. He does crazy stuff in every game. Some ppl like his attitude some don't. I lost respect for #94 Cliff Avril because he kicked Ryan while he was down. What were the other Falcon players doing when Ryan was being kicked?
  2. That was one of the points I was trying to make earlier in this thread. By just leaning foward and at least attempting to get that extra half of yard, he would have sent a clear message to the team that he's doing all he can to win and that may have provided a spark to his team. If he can hang in the pocket when he knows he's about to get crushed, why not attempt to get an extra half a yard? In retrospect, that play didn't lose the game, but when you consider the fact the Falcons didn't score another point after jumping out to a 14 zip lead, I'm not sure if being conservative at that moment w
  3. I'm not sure if Ryan sliding early has anything to do with whether or not he can win a Super Bowl, but if the Falcons finish 1 win short of making the playoffs, that decision not to try to extend that drive against GB and get some points may have been costly.
  4. That was blown out in their first playoff game after having a week off to prepare. So, many he should dial down the post-tackle antics too?
  5. I know, right? In everything I've read about him they say he works hard and wants to win. So what if it looks like he's actually having fun while playing???
  6. You know what? After reading your response, I've reconsidered my position. Maybe Ryan didn't lunge forward at that moment, not because he was fearful of getting hurt, because as you have pointed out, he's a tough guy, but maybe because he realized at that moment he didn't really need to extend that drive . . . unfortunately after that series GB put up 10 more points and held the Falcons scoreless the rest of the way . . .
  7. You have to be kidding, right?!?!? Do you realize what the score was when this happened???? The Packers were up 15 - 14 and the Falcons had done nothing since their first two possessions. By extending this drive they could have possibly gone on and regained the lead by getting either 7 or 3 points, thus putting the pressure back on GB. Not to mention attempting to get that last half of yard would have sent the team a message that Ryan was doing whatever it took to move the chains and keep the drive going. So, at that moment in the game, being down 1 point, not attempting to get that half
  8. LOL . . . that play may have energized the defense and kept GB from scoring . . . it may have fired up the offense as well and maybe the Falcons score again after that drive . . . you just don't know . . . we don't know what effect it may have had on the outcome of the game . . . that's why you do it, that's why you go for it because that one play may be a spark and change the whole outcome of the game . . . understand?
  9. Every yard counts in a game. Suppose Ryan had gone head first for it and gotten the first down . . . got his team pumped up, got the crowd fired up, gone on to put 7 points on the board?
  10. If I remember correctly, it wasn't like he ran around for 40 yards behind the line of scrimmage before he started moving forward and lost track of where he was - he took the snap, surveyed the field and ran straight ahead - there is no way I see him forgetting he needed 10 yards. Half . . . a . . . yard . . . was all he needed to extend the drive . . . half . . . a . . . yard . . . as intelligent as this guy is suppose to be, for all the "intangibles" we've been hearing about since day one and you claim he was "confused" or "discombobulated?" You can believe that if you like - we'll just hav
  11. I'm not buying the "he may not have known where he was" excuse. It was 3rd and 10 from their 20 yard line. It wasn't like they were at the 22 or 23 yard line and had to get to the 32 or 33 yard line. He needed to get to the 30 yard line for a 1st down. As he ran he had to have known he traveled at least 5 yards by crossing the first solid line, so common sense would tell him the second solid line he was approaching was 10 yards out. And, it wasn't like he ran towards the sidelines and then cut up and maybe lost track of where he was, he ran straight ahead! How could he have gotten confus
  12. I once heard someone say . . . those who say "act like you've been there before," have never been there before. LOL!
  13. In hindsight - yes, I think he should've let Kafka air it out some. However, remember Kafka had never played in a game before so I think Reid was thinking that maybe Kafka could "manage" the game, their D would hold up and they would get out of there with a win. Once the Falcons scored their last TD and Philly was down 4, he had no choice but to change the play calling. Their offensive philosophy changed with Vick going out. With Vick in, I think Reid continues to put the pedal to the metal through the fourth.
  14. So, Kafka had little if anything to do with them getting 7 points on that drive. Which goes back to my point that he didn't produce any points. Yeah, it was a good write up and beside a couple of things - it was a fairly accurate portrayal of the game. Yes, we'll have to agree to disagree.
  15. So, you should know that when Kafka came in the Eagles were already on the Falcons' 9 yard line. All Kafka did on that series was hand the ball off to McCoy. So, my point is that when Kafka played a FULL series by himself, he produced "0" points.
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