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    eddiesauto reacted to Black Francis in Tennessee Thread   
    I know my response is a month late, but that’s true. Alabama with major NCAA sanctions twice in 10 years in the 90’s and early 2000’s. It crippled the program as you know. I know we’re supposed to “hate” one another, but I’d like to see a strong Tennessee program. The 3rd Saturday in October should be a game of the year every year. 
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    eddiesauto reacted to SacFalcFan in College Football Video Game Is Back!!!   
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    eddiesauto reacted to AUTiger7222 in College Football Video Game Is Back!!!   
    I said when they introduced a few college football teams and college football playoff on Madden a couple years ago that it was EA testing the waters to see how it would work without the NCAA license. So glad that has proven to be true and can't wait to get my hands on this game!
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    eddiesauto reacted to SacFalcFan in Tennessee Thread   
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    eddiesauto got a reaction from Porter Osborne Jr in Coaching Rumors 2020   
    Good point on that. The whole culture of UT football is absolutely toxic, so a guy like Steele would just make it even worse. I'm wanting to say that Jim Chaney, Chris Weinke were given the boot today too. I won't miss either of them either.
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    eddiesauto reacted to Porter Osborne Jr in Coaching Rumors 2020   
    I wouldn’t have wanted him on staff either after he stabbed Gus in the back.
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    eddiesauto reacted to tl;dr in Tennessee Thread   
    Honestly, my first thought was "good hire!" Let me explain:
    People said Hugh Freeze (not gonna happen), Chadwell (why would he leave for this train wreck), Fickell (would rather be at Cincy now), Eliot (Clemson OC is a better job than UT HC job right now), and others. 
    Instead of going out and getting like, the Marshall OC, they got someone who has at least been a HC.
    This was as good a hire as they were gonna get. 
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    eddiesauto reacted to SacFalcFan in Tennessee Thread   
    List of vols and where they are heading in the portal.  
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    eddiesauto reacted to Friendly Folk in New Details Emerge About The Scope Of Tennessee’s Investigation Into Football Program.   
    He comes from that Hoover High School system in Birmingham. Those guys are freaking nut cases. Rush Probst was the coach there years ago. Read his story. 
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    eddiesauto reacted to SacFalcFan in Tennessee Thread   
    Yep.  Pruitt's response was dead on IMO through his lawyers.  I said this when it was announced Tennessee signed up this group of lawyers that they are known for protecting the school while digging up dirt to be used to fire a coach with cause to avoid the buyout.. They are doing this to avoid the big buyout.  I can guarantee you if the vols were competing for nattys and sec titles this internal whistleblower would have been handled, but instead because they want to fire Pruitt with cause they went another route.  Phil Fulmer should know about cheating, he was one of the worst in his time in knoxville.   
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    eddiesauto reacted to theDIRTYcode in Tennessee Thread   
    All I know is y'all are nuking the whole god dam program to save $12 million. If this isnt rock bottom, I honestly am starting to feel for you guys.
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    eddiesauto reacted to Cockybrit in Tennessee Thread   
    Good Ole Rocky Bot, Rocky Bot Tennessee 😉
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    eddiesauto reacted to Volunteer Falcon in Tennessee Thread   
    I keep thinking so, but we always find a way to reinvent it...so probably not.
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    eddiesauto reacted to 95Dawg in Tennessee Thread   
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    eddiesauto reacted to Carter in Florida verses Oklahoma in Cotton Bowl Game Thread   
    (Special thanks to @AF89)
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    eddiesauto reacted to g-dawg in Florida verses Oklahoma in Cotton Bowl Game Thread   
    Dan Mullen is a miserable human being.   
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    eddiesauto reacted to joefalco in Florida verses Oklahoma in Cotton Bowl Game Thread   
    Go Sooners. I’ll never root for the sec. 
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    eddiesauto reacted to SacFalcFan in Florida verses Oklahoma in Cotton Bowl Game Thread   
    TJ Eckert
    Florida coach Dan Mullen tonight after getting embarrassed: “The last game this 2020 team played was 11 days ago.” “We didn’t have to play.” “I thought our scout team guys played well.” Didn’t think it was possible, but his quotes are more embarrassing than his teams play
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    eddiesauto reacted to TheTrue7 in Cheez-IT-Bowl.. #21 Oklahoma state against #18 Miami.   
    Only got to watch the first half.. QB for OSU looked good. King suffered the knee injury which is why I’m not a fan of running quarterbacks. Longevity.
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    eddiesauto reacted to SacFalcFan in Cheez-IT-Bowl.. #21 Oklahoma state against #18 Miami.   
    great game so far.. 21 to 19 osu. 
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    eddiesauto reacted to Volunteer Falcon in Just In: Tennessee Football Under Investigation from Compliance and NCAA.   
    Wish I even cared anymore.
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    eddiesauto reacted to Friendly Folk in Coaching Rumors 2020   
    It’s fun to jab at Tennessee lately, but it’s better for everyone when they are competitive. I mean, their annual games with Bama, Georgia, and Florida are great rivalries that have lost their luster. 
    They’ve got to find someone that can make top recruits in surrounding states believe in Tennessee again. They’ve had their best success when they can pluck kids out of north Georgia and Alabama, Western SC and NC, Kentucky and even Ohio. And they used to be able to recruit California well. 
    And when I say “pluck”, that’s a mild word to describe what went on in Georgia in the 90s. During the Goff and Donnan years, Majors and Fulmer would almost literally rape the north Georgia and Atlanta area and steal them away. 
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    eddiesauto got a reaction from BamaBirdLady in Who you like, or hate the least, in SECCG   
    Florida: I just really don't like anything about them in any sport, although I do hope that their basketball player who passed out recently fully recovers. Kentucky: Their basketball fans are the biggest reason they're so high on this list. Texas A&M: I don't like Jimbo, nor did I like Manziel. Georgia: Just don't want to go to a game down there. Auburn: Just never have cared for them. Vanderbilt: They're not as high up on the list after James Franklin bolted for Penn State. Ole Miss: I heard their fans are great on gameday in Oxford. But Lane Kiffin is their head coach. LSU: They just beat Florida, which helps them in my book. Arkansas: Sam Pittman did a great job as o-line coach in Knoxville in 2012. Glad he got a chance to be a HC. South Carolina: No hate for them, especially with Muschamp gone. Missouri: I'd like to go out there for a game some year. Alabama: Their fans left my friends & I alone in Tuscaloosa in 2017. Mississippi State: Their fans were great my friends & I in 2012. Nothing at all in Starkville though. Tennessee: Always been my favorite team since I grew up about 20 minutes from campus.  
    Roll Tide on Saturday. I do think it's really remarkable what Saban has done down there.
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    eddiesauto reacted to usmcdirtybird in Army-Navy Game!!!!   
    I am a Marine.  We all know what Marine stands for.  My A$$ Rides In Navy Equipment.  
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