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  1. Same here. I think the Alabama game helped wake them up quite a bit.
  2. Texas A&M is up next at 8:00 on Saturday night! I'm trying to make it to a weekday game or two at Thompson Boling Arena this season. Maybe Vanderbilt and/or South Carolina in a few weeks. I'd really like to go to Senior Night, as well, to help honor the great work these young men have done.
  3. You got your wish cause apparently he's back in Knoxville!
  4. I'm planning on buying tix for the Arkansas game next Tuesday. So, we finally got an OC. Didn't see that coming at all, but I'll take Chaney back. Can he bring Sam Pittman back too?
  5. I think he'd be a solid hire. Upgrade from Helton, imo. As you know, UT won big, Kentucky lost. It was a great day for Tennessee Basketball.
  6. UT's second most lopsided SEC victory in school history. I'm not surprised yesterday was a win, but winning by 46 was really unexpected to me. I got off work at 4:00 yesterday, so I listened to quite a bit of the first half on the way home, but UT was up by so much by the time I got home 35 mins later that I watched Texans vs Colts instead.
  7. Heck, I wish my Vols could've hung on to win in Columbia against the Gamecocks. Even we'd have beat a Big 10 team in a bowl game if we qualified for one lol. Seriously though, I'm not surprised at all about the SEC dominating the Big 10 in Bowl Season this year.
  8. With Sarkisian out with the Falcons & Applewhite out with the Houston Cougars, might one of them end up as OC in Knoxville? I'm tired of waiting, although I would like a good OC like one of those two.
  9. He clearly agreed with you. Going into the season, I didn't think this would be his last year coaching though. Despite him winning against UT more than he lost, I always thought that Mark Richt seemed like a very good person. I wish him & his family the best in retirement.
  10. Cuse played WV when I was stationed at Fort Drum, NY many years ago. I was a Syracuse football season ticket holder for 3 years. $100 per ticket for the season. Glad to see they've improved under Dino Babers, just wish my Vols would follow suit.
  11. I went to Colorado on vacation earlier this year, including the University of Colorado campus. Beautiful campus in an incredible area. Their facilities are nice, plus they've had success in the past, so hopefully Tucker does very well out there. Gary Barnett had some good teams in the early 2000's, although not as good as what they had under Dan McCartney in the late 1980's - early 1990's.
  12. Sunday was the first win over a #1 ranked opponent in basketball since 2010 for Rick Barnes and his team!
  13. I agree with everything you said. The Vanderbilt game was one of the few games I've ever just quit watching early because of how putrid the performance was. I didn't need that kind of negativity in my life.
  14. I'll take your word on that man. I definitely don't doubt it at all, especially volnation. I avoid that site as much as possible because I don't need that kind of negativity in my life
  15. Unfortunately that won't happen this season But there is men's basketball to get excited about. Even though it was a close loss, I think that playing great teams like Kansas will help out in the long run of the season. Let's especially get revenge on Auburn. I'm tired of Bruce Pearl's constant tweets about the programs at Auburn.
  16. I watched some of the lopsided losses all the way through this season, such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, but quit watching this one early in the 4th quarter. Horrible way to go into the off season. Pruitt needs multiple years to fix this mess. I guess part of the problem over the years is that when you have fools like Jimmy Cheek, Mike Hamilton & Dave Hart in charge, they'll hire idiots every bit as useless as they are, like Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley & Butch Jones, who then leave the program in shambles. For what it's worth, a Derek Dooley or Butch Jones coached team likely would've probably finished 3-9. Another thing I thought about again tonight is that Jimmy Haslam ran the Cleveland Browns even more into the ground than they already were. He, along with the rest of his family, are doing the same to UT Football. They were probably the ones who forced Mike Hamilton to fire Fulmer, which kinda got the ball rolling on this stretch of awfulness. But at least the basketball team should do well this year....
  17. More than likely not, but it's definitely better than going winless in SEC play like last season. I got back home from Neyland Stadium a little while ago. It was a bit chilly, but a great team win today. Naturally Kentucky fans said things like "enjoy your losing season" & "just wait til basketball" on their way out.
  18. Glad you're ok!! I hate it for Trey Smith too. Not only is he a great player, far and away the best o-lineman on the team, but he seems to be a good young man with solid leadership skills. Whether he's ever able to play football again or not, here's hoping he makes a full recovery!
  19. Tough loss, but Tennessee has nobody to blame but themselves. Those 2 Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties were brutal. Especially the one on Jennings right before halftime. I think the team is improving in areas, but there's still a very long ways to go. I'm patient, but could care less about "moral victories".....
  20. A couple good steps were taken yesterday: Win an SEC game, beat someone that they're not supposed to beat. I'm sure Alabama will blow out Tennessee, but games like South Carolina, Kentucky & Missouri seem much more winnable now after yesterday's performance.
  21. For what it's worth, it happened at Tennessee too. UT was preseason Top 25 going into 2008, then the Dave Clawson debacle happened & it cost Phil Fulmer his job midseason of his 16th season at the helm. UT competed for the SEC Championship in 2007. It also happened in 1992 when Johnny Majors got fired, although Fulmer had quite a bit to do with that. Majors won the SEC, as well as the Sugar Bowl in 1990, just couldn't beat Alabama.
  22. The jury is obviously still out on Pruitt, but I'm glad we got him at UT, rather than Mullen. Florida's been a thuggish program for years. Seems like they weren't *quite* as thuggish under Spurrier or Zook, but that's been ages ago.
  23. I may have to look at Auburn fans message boards to see how many "Fire Gus" threads there are right about now.
  24. And he just got embarrassed by Duke at home. Does GT just not care about winning? I mean, they have Josh Pastner as Basketball Coach too
  25. Charlotte, Vanderbilt seem likely. It'll be tough to get a win at South Carolina or vs Mizzou or Kentucky. I'm really proud of these guys.