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  1. A shutout win is a plus, although it was against a very weak opponent. I'll still take it though. I expect the next two games to get ugly in a hurry at Florida, then Georgia after an open date. 9-21 at Florida (Probably a blowout loss) 10-05 vs Georgia (Probably a blowout loss) 10-12 vs Miss State (It's a potential win, but will take a great performance) 10-19 at Alabama (I'm tired of getting blown out by those guys, but it'll get ugly again this year) 10-26 vs South Carolina (Possible win, although it'd take a good performance vs Muschamp, who's had our number) 11-02 vs UAB (Should be a win, but Georgia State, BYU should've been wins too) 11-09 at Kentucky (Can UK make it 2 straight in Lexington over UT? Time will tell) 11-23 at Missouri (Don't know much about them, except that Kelly Bryant is their QB with Dooley as his OC, so the potential for bad coaching for Mizzou is definitely there) 11-30 vs Vanderbilt (Don't know a whole lot about them, aside from the fact that their QB who lit us up 3 years in a row is finally gone. Toss up)
  2. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Haslam family pretty much determines whether Pruitt lasts the season or not, in my opinion. There are numerous shiny new buildings on campus named after that family. Much like the Cleveland Browns, who as we know were terrible when Jimmy Haslam bought the franchise, he has made the organization even worse. Seems to me that everything Jimmy touches turns to garbage like the Browns, UT Football, along with the Pilot/Flying J rebate scandal awhile back. I know it was only one game, but even after the Browns preseason Playoff hype, the Titans went up to Cleveland, then left with a 30 point win. Let Tennessee sports be an example: Don't hire idiots to be in charge, then expect them to do competent things. People like Jimmy Cheek, Mike Hamilton, Dave Hart, John Currie hired Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, Butch Jones, Donnie Tyndall, not to mention being a signature away from hiring Greg Schiano.
  3. Florida vs Tennessee kickoff is at 12 noon on the 21st in Gainesville. At least I'll be at work during our next huge embarrassing failure against those guys.
  4. I can agree with both counts. I'm not opposed to it being a spot foul either. Even the commentators were shocked at how he got beat on that play. I hate to bash a college player, but one has to know situational awareness.
  5. Tonight's performance wasn't great, but it was good enough until it really mattered with 15 seconds left in regulation. Our Defensive Coordinator is also the Secondary Coach, so he needs to have somebody else coach the DB's. That said, Alontae Taylor should've known by high school to NEVER let the WR get behind him with that little time left. Tackle him if you have to. Take the Defensive Holding or P.I., just don't give up the big play. This loss feels about like 2010 in Baton Rouge on the last play, but the biggest difference is that LSU was much better than UT. BYU, isn't all that great.
  6. Finally got onto Volnation, but I'm sure The Vol Radio Network (107.7 WIVK FM here local) will have some interesting callers tonight too. The Defensive Coordinator, Derrick Ansley, is also the DB Coach. How did #2 Alontae Taylor not know that the only thing he had to do that play was not let his guy get behind him? He should've know that before high school. But at least Basketball starts on October 30th.
  7. https://utsports.com/schedule.aspx?path=mbball Above is a link to the partial UT men's basketball schedule. Figure may as well have something to look forward to this fall/winter.
  8. I haven't gone on Vol Nation yet, but probably will just for the entertainment value of reading what those people have to say. Hats off to Georgia State though. They deserved it. They just played better overall football. Thankfully, at the end of the day, it's just a game. Anyways, good luck to the Dawgs the rest of the way for a successful season with no serious injuries. I wish the best for Georgia State, as well.
  9. Speaking of almost football time in Tennessee, apparently they'll be allowing beer sales at Neyland Stadium starting with the BYU game on September 7. It doesn't affect me much, as I no longer drink alcohol, but I thought it was interesting.
  10. RIP, big guy. He was definitely one of Verne Lundquist's favorites in the early 2000's.
  11. Good point haha. I'd be there in Vegas too, although I doubt many coeds would have any interest in me.
  12. At nearly 37 years old, I never thought I'd see the day that the Basketball coach at UT made more than the Football Coach, but Barnes has earned a nice raise, although I would've liked deeper NCAA Tournament runs. Maybe my Vols will be lucky enough to get to a Bowl game in football, plus the elite 8 in basketball. One can hope anyways. On a side note about men's basketball, it was nice to see the Vols get three guys drafted. Hopefully they'll all fare well in the NBA. I'll have to see them play in Atlanta in upcoming seasons.
  13. Same. For what it's worth, I think a Derek Dooley or Butch Jones coached Tennessee team loses to both Auburn, Kentucky. I thought we'd stand a fighting chance for a bowl game after the Kentucky game, but that ended quickly. I've turned off the UT vs Vanderbilt game early the last two seasons due to embarrassing performances against those guys.
  14. Haven't posted in awhile, but I'm really glad to have Rick Barnes still. Proud of the effort of fighting back from the big deficit vs Purdue, but don't consider it a moral victory. Now I guess it's Braves Baseball & Predators Hockey to follow til football comes around again.
  15. Unfortunately I had to work throughout the whole game, so I wasn't aware til I clocked out shortly after 4:00, but it sounded like a totally dominating win. Agreed as well about the game in Lexington. I knew they'd be very difficult to defeat up there, but the Wildcats were very impressive in the win. I muted it there in the second half because Jay Bilas talking about Kentucky was even more annoying than John Madden talking about Brett Favre. Here's hoping for a big win in Auburn, then an SEC Tournament Championship
  16. I heard that the referees in Baton Rouge were terrible, but regardless of the officiating, defeating LSU would've been a great road win. I didn't see any of it on account of work though. Losing in Lexington isn't a huge shock, but hopefully that loss didn't expose UT's deficiencies too badly.
  17. Same here. I think the Alabama game helped wake them up quite a bit.
  18. Texas A&M is up next at 8:00 on Saturday night! I'm trying to make it to a weekday game or two at Thompson Boling Arena this season. Maybe Vanderbilt and/or South Carolina in a few weeks. I'd really like to go to Senior Night, as well, to help honor the great work these young men have done.
  19. You got your wish cause apparently he's back in Knoxville!
  20. I'm planning on buying tix for the Arkansas game next Tuesday. So, we finally got an OC. Didn't see that coming at all, but I'll take Chaney back. Can he bring Sam Pittman back too?
  21. I think he'd be a solid hire. Upgrade from Helton, imo. As you know, UT won big, Kentucky lost. It was a great day for Tennessee Basketball.
  22. UT's second most lopsided SEC victory in school history. I'm not surprised yesterday was a win, but winning by 46 was really unexpected to me. I got off work at 4:00 yesterday, so I listened to quite a bit of the first half on the way home, but UT was up by so much by the time I got home 35 mins later that I watched Texans vs Colts instead.
  23. Heck, I wish my Vols could've hung on to win in Columbia against the Gamecocks. Even we'd have beat a Big 10 team in a bowl game if we qualified for one lol. Seriously though, I'm not surprised at all about the SEC dominating the Big 10 in Bowl Season this year.
  24. With Sarkisian out with the Falcons & Applewhite out with the Houston Cougars, might one of them end up as OC in Knoxville? I'm tired of waiting, although I would like a good OC like one of those two.
  25. He clearly agreed with you. Going into the season, I didn't think this would be his last year coaching though. Despite him winning against UT more than he lost, I always thought that Mark Richt seemed like a very good person. I wish him & his family the best in retirement.