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  1. I didn't realize that they were ever part of the ACC. That's pretty interesting.
  2. I'm wanting to say they joined the Big Ten around 1993. Seems like they tried to join the Big East in the early 1980's, but they were passed over for Pittsburgh, Syracuse, etc. I saw that in an ESPN 30 for 30 a few years back.
  3. That's a great point cause they're one of the last major programs to remain independent in the last 30 years or so. Penn St, FSU, Miami, South Carolina, etc. all joined conferences since then.
  4. Thanks for the link. I'll go back there again to see who else they play. I'm assuming their traditional opponents such as USC, Air Force, Navy, etc.
  5. True. Aside from Pittsburgh, it really shouldn't be too tough OOC. I consider them one of the swing games, plus I plan on attending the game at Pitt in 2022. South Carolina is another one of those swing games, in my opinion. Ole Miss should be a really high scoring game.
  6. I like it pretty much every time Notre Dame loses. I never have cared for them, especially with their whole NBC deal plus kinda cherry picking how they're somewhat part of the ACC. I do give them credit though for being willing to play Clemson in the ACC Championship Game last season. Do they play Miami every season like they did in the 1980's, or does their ACC Schedule rotate every year?
  7. Definitely one of the good guys. As great of a coach as he was. he's an even better man. Coach has many people praying for him.
  8. Thoughts and prayers to former UGA Coach Mark Richt with his recent diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease. This is bigger than football, especially since he's not just a great coach, but an even better human being! He's one of the good guys, not just at football but at life.
  9. It's not gonna happen this year. I see 7 wins absolute tops
  10. I wish they would too. It's like they're cherry picking how they're affiliated with the ACC.
  11. Hope your biopsy turns out with good results! I never realized that about wooden bats in college baseball. Alabama is a great place to see a game. Speaking of softball, I plan on taking my daughter to see the Lady Vols softball team next season. Hopefully basketball too. She turns 6 in August, so I think she's at an age where she may enjoy it.
  12. I remember he was QB for Hawaii when Georgia defeated them in the Sugar Bowl to finish the 2007 season. Sad news to hear of someone passing at such a young age.
  13. I can agree on both counts. I really don't like Notre Dame, but you're right, they played well in conference last season, including a win over Clemson. If my memory serves me correctly, they actually lobbied to play Clemson again in the ACC Title Game. Tigers had Trevor Lawrence for that one, so they ended up winning, then Alabama defeated them easily in the CFP.
  14. I'm actually planning on taking a vacation for the trip from Knoxville to Pittsburgh in 2022. Drive up there, then head back through Northeast Ohio, so we can hit up Canton for the Pro Football HOF again on the way back home. As far as all the other games go, there are some really good matchups, including Miami vs Auburn. Speaking of Miami, I wish I could've gone to the UT/Miami game at the Orange Bowl in November 2003. I would've liked to see a game at a legendary stadium like the O.B. that's since been demolished to make room for that baseball stadium that the Marlins play in. @youngbloodz, what do you expect out of the Hurricanes this season? I'd like to see them do well. I think it's good for college football when The U has a great team.
  15. I'm willing to give him a shot. He's probably no worse than Derrick Ansley was here, although our last DC from Penn St (Bob Shoop) was a disappointment.
  16. Hope everyone is doing good. I haven't been on the boards in awhile, but things are good after knee surgery. I forgot how many days it is til Thursday, September 2nd when Bowling Green comes to Knoxville. Baseball is doing great, but I never have gotten much into college baseball.
  17. For what it's worth, I have much respect for Alabama, plus generally root for them when they're not playing Tennessee, unlike teams like Florida, Auburn, etc. I respect the heck out of what Coach Saban has done down there over the years. Truly remarkable.
  18. It's nice to beat Kentucky then Georgia in consecutive basketball games. Not sure why Georgia didn't try the full court press sooner, but glad they didn't.
  19. That's a really bad look for UT there. I wish the young man the best, but really hate what UT did to him.
  20. Big win for men's basketball 80-61 vs Kansas tonight.
  21. Good point on that. The whole culture of UT football is absolutely toxic, so a guy like Steele would just make it even worse. I'm wanting to say that Jim Chaney, Chris Weinke were given the boot today too. I won't miss either of them either.
  22. They don't have a clue in Knoxville these days. To say the least, it's an absolute mess. At least basketball is mostly consistent for now... It'll be interesting to see who all is on Heupel's staff moving forward.
  23. I hope that Heupel can keep him on staff. But if he chooses to leave, who could blame him? It's gonna be a dumpster fire here for at least several years probably.
  24. Your last sentence sums up how I feel about things right now. Things around UT are probably gonna be awful for 3-4 years minimum, regardless of who the head coach is. For what it's worth, Miami got drilled by the NCAA in the mid 1990's, but Butch Davis led them through the adversity to become a great team by 2000. Then Larry Coker won it in 2001, should've won it in 2002 before things started going downhill. Not that it'll happen here, but places have recovered from NCAA penalties. I don't think or expect UT to win championships (not even SEC East Championships) anymore, but it'd be nice to be competitive against rival programs.
  25. I've lost track of the number of players who have entered the transfer portal, so I surely hope this at least close to rock bottom.
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