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  1. "Aloha Felicia" says Marcus Mariotta
  2. I used to watch much more football on the weekends than I do now, but I try to always see the Vols, Falcons and/or Titans whenever possible. You're absolutely right about UT/Florida nearly always being a wild game, although my team is usually on the short end of the stick. Who knows, it might change with Pruitt at the helm. I hope Richt does well, also. Guys like him represent what's right in sports. If I had to make a top 5 of teams I follow, I'd say that there's only 2 that I actually like (UT & Army), but I wish well for Syracuse, Virginia Tech & Miami. I root for Tennessee cause I'm from Knoxville, the Army cause I'm an Army Veteran; Syracuse & Virginia Tech, because I enjoyed following them when I was stationed in New York & Virginia, respectively. Miami just because I want Mark Richt to win the big one. One somewhat odd note about Syracuse is that even though they play in the Carrier Dome, there is no heating or air in the Dome. So early season games were uncomfortably warm, while late season games were pretty cold.
  3. With the orange thought in mind, I doubt you'll watch the Tennessee vs Florida game either lol. I'd say it's extremely unlikely that you watched the UT vs Miami home & home in 2002/2003. I don't know what your opinion on Miami now though is since Mark Richt is their Head Coach now. Personally, I want him to be very successful down there because he seems like a such a good person. I would think that most UGA fans wish him the best, as well.
  4. Out of curiosity, do y'all think UGA is anywhere near as successful with Eason under Center this past season, or was Fromm that much better? I didn't see them much under Eason in 2016, just the UT game with the wild finish & I thought Eason looked really good.
  5. I wish all of them the best, although I wish they would've stayed. I'm sure you do too. I'm glad the Butch Jones experiment is over finally. Not everything about his tenure was bad, but it's refreshing to not hear goofy cliche's and things in press conferences anymore. Hopefully Pruitt can at least get us to a Bowl game next year, even if it's at 6-6. I'm planning on making the trip to Auburn in October, even though we'll likely get beat.
  6. I hate that he feels that way, but I don't blame him. His talents were obviously not properly utilized at UT. I just wish he was playing so well for someone other than the Saints.
  7. I was pretty surprised by that, as well as Gaulden's decision to leave.
  8. Oh yeah, those VA Tech uniforms were awful. Seems like they didn't have any orange or burgundy on their helmets, jersey or pants. Do you know if Pruitt said anything yet about keeping the grey's, or if we're sticking with orange all the time at home now? I'm fine with it either way.
  9. Gaulden left too. Best of luck to them both, although I doubt either will get drafted before the 5th round.
  10. I hope that Army can keep their Head Coach for a long time. Jeff Monken has done an outstanding job at West Point, leading them to two straight wins over Navy, as well as two consecutive bowl games.
  11. I'm going to give Pruitt the benefit of the doubt. You're definitely right about him bouncing from job to job regularly. I've liked what I've heard from him in interviews & such, but still don't know a lot about him. One thing for sure is that I've got more faith in Pruitt than I did in Schiano. This team will be lucky to get 6 wins & a bowl trip next season regardless of who the head coach is. 2018 Football Schedule Sept. 1 -- vs. West Virginia (Charlotte) Sept. 8 -- ETSU Sept. 15 -- UTEP Sept. 22 -- FLORIDA Sept. 29 -- at Georgia Oct. 6 -- Open Date Oct. 13 -- at Auburn Oct. 20 -- ALABAMA Oct. 27 -- at South Carolina Nov. 3 -- CHARLOTTE Nov. 10 -- KENTUCKY Nov. 17 -- MISSOURI Nov. 24 -- at Vanderbilt
  12. I'm pretty fired up about Pruitt. I like what I heard in the Press Conference, plus I trust Fulmer's judgement in hiring him.
  13. It'll be interesting to see how all this plays out, especially once they become public records. I wouldn't be surprised if he helped play a role in forcing Currie out. I hope Fulmer has called Les Miles already, even if his Offense was lousy the last several years at LSU. We need some stability after this embarrassing debacle. Whether it's true or not, I've heard that Tee Martin's wife, who is a lousy hip-hop artist, loves the LA area and doesn't want to live in the Southeast again. Not sure if there's any truth to that, but we'll find out soon, I'm sure..
  14. Fulmer claims that he's not going to be the Head Coach. I surely hope he hires Les Miles in the very near future. Just get some stability in there. Also, I heard on Sports Talk in Knoxville that UT is looking to fire John Currie for cause. Not sure what the cause is, but this is interesting.
  15. I can't understand why they won't at least talk to him. I mean, let him come on board for 4-5 years, get things settled in & improved some, then let him retire.