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  1. A couple good steps were taken yesterday: Win an SEC game, beat someone that they're not supposed to beat. I'm sure Alabama will blow out Tennessee, but games like South Carolina, Kentucky & Missouri seem much more winnable now after yesterday's performance.
  2. For what it's worth, it happened at Tennessee too. UT was preseason Top 25 going into 2008, then the Dave Clawson debacle happened & it cost Phil Fulmer his job midseason of his 16th season at the helm. UT competed for the SEC Championship in 2007. It also happened in 1992 when Johnny Majors got fired, although Fulmer had quite a bit to do with that. Majors won the SEC, as well as the Sugar Bowl in 1990, just couldn't beat Alabama.
  3. The jury is obviously still out on Pruitt, but I'm glad we got him at UT, rather than Mullen. Florida's been a thuggish program for years. Seems like they weren't *quite* as thuggish under Spurrier or Zook, but that's been ages ago.
  4. I may have to look at Auburn fans message boards to see how many "Fire Gus" threads there are right about now.
  5. And he just got embarrassed by Duke at home. Does GT just not care about winning? I mean, they have Josh Pastner as Basketball Coach too
  6. Charlotte, Vanderbilt seem likely. It'll be tough to get a win at South Carolina or vs Mizzou or Kentucky. I'm really proud of these guys.
  7. I hate that I had to miss this one, since I work 7-4 every Saturday, but I'm definitely happy to finally get an SEC win. The fact that it was over a top 25 team on the road is even better. Thankfully I got to listen to some of the first half on my lunch break & follow the rest on my phone.
  8. Personally, I'm willing to give Pruitt time to change the culture, then get things back where they need to be. Baby steps though: win a conference game this season. Go to a bowl game next season. Beat someone we shouldn't in season three, etc. This is lame, but it's where our Vols are at right now.
  9. It sounded like there were some positives, despite it being a 26 point loss in Athens. This is random on my part, but I'm glad that Pruitt doesn't waste timeouts or throw the ball deep at the end of out of hand games. I noticed that in our equally lopsided blowout loss to West Virginia week one.
  10. Agreed. I listened to quite a bit on the radio, but only saw the last few minutes. Most gave it their all, Georgia is just significantly better. Hopefully they bring their best efforts again, even as the losses keep mounting. I really want that SEC losing streak to be over with. Congratulations, Georgia fans. Best of luck the rest of the way.
  11. The biggest thing I want to take from this game is significant improvement from last week. I never thought that Tennessee football would get to this point. Play hard for 4 Quarters knowing you gave your best effort against the number 2 team in the country.
  12. We might have started talking basketball before Kentucky this year. Mainly because their football program looks really good right now, unlike Tennessee. I'm hoping for significant improvement in play week by week, even though most will likely be losses.
  13. Prior to last season, it had been a very competitive game from 2011-2016. It's hard to get excited about Tennessee Football after the debacle vs Florida lol.
  14. My prediction: Georgia 49 Tennessee 13. Odds are, Tennessee won't play any worse on Saturday than they did against Florida, but I don't know if it's possible for them to have played any worse than they did last week. I don't think that Kirby will run the score up on Tennessee (nor will Saban in October), but the talent gap is gigantic, so Georgia will win easily and their walk-ons will even get to play in an SEC game. I work until 4 on Saturday, so there's a very good chance of the game being out of reach by the time I turn on the Vol Radio Network to hear Bob Kesling's call of the game. Not trying to be negative, just realistic. Not that y'all need it, but good luck, Georgia fans. Here's to a clean, injury free game.
  15. I may look at the schedule to see about a Vol Pass again this year. The only problem with buying from UT is how they'll bug the fire out of you to renew the next season. The downside of a Vol Pass (had a couple last season) is how they'll put you in the worst seats of T.B.A. for big games. They were $100 each for the whole season, so I guess one gets what they pay for though. But it irritated me that so many UNC, Kentucky fans got better seats than we did, even though we are pretty much season ticket holders.