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  1. Have fun!! Nothing like a first game with a child.
  2. If they do have Schiano, it'll be hysterically funny. I'm not surprised at all that Urban Meyer would sweep something like this under the rug the way he did. He's a total sleaze. Y'all probably remember when Brandon Spikes tried to gouge out a UGA players eye out in 2009, but Urban didn't suspend him. Spikes ended up suspending himself the next game. This is drastically worse than that, but it's just an example of his lack of ethics.
  3. I don't think that he had never called plays before Mike Hamilton foolishly hired him at Tennessee in 2010, then he went directly to the Dallas Cowboys as WR Coach after he was fired in Knoxville. Hiring him to be OC/QB Coach really is a head scratching move. He must be a great interview or something cause he keeps getting good jobs, despite being a horrible human being, not to mention being an awful Head Coach at a place that shouldn't be hard to become bowl eligible at.
  4. I decided to go through Tennessee's schedule, since I really don't know much about most of the other teams in the SEC, or specific players. -Sep 1 (Sat) 3:30 P.M. ET vs West Virginia in Charlotte, NC: Loss probably by at least 2 scores. 0-1 -Sep 8 (Sat) 4 P.M. ET vs ETSU: Easy win. 1-1 -Sep 15 (Sat) 12 P.M. ET vs UTEP: Should be another easy win before the brutal stretch. 2-1 -Sep 22 (Sat) vs Florida: Loss. 2-2 -Sep 29 (Sat) at Georgia: Loss in a big way. 2-3 -Oct 13 (Sat) at Auburn: Another big loss. 2-4 -Oct 20 (Sat) vs Alabama: Blowout loss, although Saban doesn't run the score up intentionally. 2-5 -Oct 27 (Sat) at South Carolina: 14 point loss, but the team is playing better. 2-6 -Nov 3 (Sat) vs Charlotte: Lopsided victory for some relief after the very difficult stretch. 3-6 -Nov 10 (Sat) vs Kentucky: A bit of a toss up, but Tennessee finds a way to eek out a win. 4-6 -Nov 17 (Sat) vs Missouri: I hate to lose to Dooley, but their offense is too much for UT to handle. 4-7 -Nov 24 (Sat) at Vanderbilt: Toss up. I'm sick of losing to these guys, so surely UT's leaders are too. Close victory on the road, even though there will be more orange/white than black/gold in the stands. The team is playing much better now than they were in September. 5-7 Overall: 5-7, so they'll need to win all the games they're supposed to, plus upset a team to get bowl eligible. I do hope that Fulmer as Athletic Director nixes the out of conference neutral site games, especially when trying to build the program up. I could see the West Virginia game getting ugly quick this season.
  5. I wouldn't buy one either way, but I don't like those collars. Georgia has a good color scheme, but those collars are too much. Odds are, UT will have them too, since we're also a Nike school. No, I won't be buying one of them either haha.
  6. I'll give Walmart credit on that one, it was pretty good. Plus it helped get Butch Jones out of here, so it may not end up being that bad in the long run. Admittedly I avoid Walmart because it's always very busy with very few registers open, I'll shop there when I need to, regardless of whether they troll UT sports or not.
  7. I didn't watch that game, but it's not like it's 17-14 or something close. The Butch Jones quotes will forever be embarrassing. Not as bad as losing 41-0 or 42-7, but still embarrassing.
  8. He was a terrible person that didn't get along with people. From what I heard, he had a very foul mouth, plus would have these temper tantrums all the time. He didn't want former players around the building or at practice. He was a micromanager too. Even as incompetent as former AD Mike Hamilton was, it's still hard to believe he'd bring in someone like Dooley, who had one winning season out of three at Louisiana Tech. But as far as the original thread goes, unless several crazy things happen, Georgia shouldn't have too much trouble winning the East this year
  9. I personally want them to be terrible because Derek Dooley is their Offensive Coordinator, but they are bringing back a vast majority of their offensive starters. I don't like being that way towards someone, but he was even more of a jerk than he was a terrible coach at Tennessee.
  10. For what it's worth, the coaching search last year was a huge embarrassment. I'm not hugely excited about Pruitt, but I'll at least give him a shot. Better than Dave Doeren of NC State or some of the guys Currie was interviewing. Apparently Jeff Brohm of Purdue wasn't hired because the then Chancellor, Beverly Davenport, was too cheap to pay his buyout with the Boilermakers. He wasn't setting the world on fire at Purdue, but he improved their program quite a bit in a short time. I agree on Scott Frost. I hope he does well at Nebraska. I remember he ran all over UT in the Orange Bowl to end the 1997 season/Peyton Manning's college career. I'll definitely keep an eye on Moorhead. Agreed, Mullen could be quite inconsistent. Let's hope he's consistently mediocre at Florida! I think they're a 10 win team tops with Mullen in Gainesville. But they'll have some 7 or 8 win seasons scattered in there too.
  11. I don't see it either, man. UT looks to be bad, Florida might improve under Mullen, USC East might give UGA a good game with it being in Columbia, but none of the others look to be able to compete with the Bulldogs. As much as I dislike Florida, I find their streak over Kentucky kinda funny because Stoops mismanaged a player that went to my high school, Dyshawn Mobley (RB #33) awhile back. He had a 69 yard td run at UGA in 2013. (I apologize in advance if this hijacks the thread)
  12. Oh, I understand what you mean. I'm definitely going to give Pruitt a fair chance, seeing as how I gave Kiffin, Dooley & Jones all a chance here. Hopefully he has better results than his predecessors. UT is a strange place, even I'll admit that. I try to be one of the better, more reasonable fans. Which is one of the reasons I've never posted on VolNation.com, haha. I don't think Fulmer wants his old job back, but he might be more patient with Pruitt than he would with a coach that he inherited. But yes, he's known for back stabbing big time. I always liked Fulmer, but he's all about himself. I hope he's patient with Pruitt, unless we're going like 2-10 or something awful like that.
  13. I'm not too overly concerned about this just yet. They're both still relatively new at their job, so I think some growing pains are to be expected. That said, I also think Tennessee is in better hands than with John Currie/Butch Jones as the AD/Head Coach combination. This year will be a rough year. If Tennessee somehow went 7-5, I'd consider it a great season. I'm thinking more along the lines of 5-7 or 4-8 again though.
  14. Anybody going to tonight's game? I may have an extra ticket that I won off vettix.org this morning.