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  1. I think that Alexander being out was the difference. Fulkerson is a huge drop off, talent wise. I'm proud that they didn't quit, but you're absolutely right about this one going to sting for awhile. I probably won't watch anymore of the tournament on account of it. Hats off to Loyola, but we had our chances to win.
  2. Rematch with Mississippi State tonight at 7:00. I don't expect another blowout like in Starkville.
  3. Very true, man. My Uncle died in a 4 wheeler accident in 1990 in Chattanooga, when I was 8 years old. Best of luck to Mohamed Massaquoi.
  4. What are the basketball facilities like at UGA? I've never been to a basketball game there, but went to see the beautiful campus in Athens around 2000. Athens is a great college town, which I can't help but think would be appealing to a good basketball coach. Does UGA have good fan support in basketball? I rarely see them on tv, aside from when UT plays down there.
  5. I watched UGA vs Vanderbilt last night. Y'all looked pretty solid, even better overall than y'all did in Knoxville. The commentators were all about Mark Fox keeping his job because he's a good guy & is clean by NCAA standards too. In my opinion, sometimes you've gotta take a chance on a potentially better coach. UT did that in 2005 by replacing Buzz Peterson with Bruce Pearl, which worked out well until Pearl lied to the NCAA in 2010. Y'all could do worse than Mark Fox, but could likely do better, in my opinion as an outsider looking in.
  6. I'm proud of Barnes and company for their various awards. Now lets just keep the momentum rolling in the tournaments.
  7. Forbes was Bruce Pearl's assistants in Knoxville. I've heard good things about him. Have you all considered Kermit Davis of MTSU? He's been there since 2002 & has won quite a few games in recent years.
  8. Thanks! I appreciate it! I must admit that we really lucked into Barnes after the Donnie Tyndall debacle, which followed the stupid petition that some "fans" started to fire Cuonzo, then re-hire Bruce Pearl. I honestly didn't think that Barnes would be as successful here, but I'm glad to be wrong on that. I knew he'd bring stability though, which is always a good thing.
  9. I don't know anything about him, but extra depth never hurt anything. Especially since J.G. 2 holds onto the ball too long then gets sacked all the time. Glad to be SEC (co) Champions. I went to the game at Thompson Boling last night. We may have been lucky to have gotten out of there with a win, but I'll take it. The basketball team lost fewer games (7) in 30 contests than the football team (8) did in 12 contests last season.
  10. Good game last night. I was in attendance and feel lucky to have gotten out of there with a win. Who do y'all think UGA goes after as Head Basketball Coach once this season is over?
  11. Y'all seem to nearly always play really well against UT, especially in Athens. I think the game in Knoxville will be a good contest. I plan on attending it.
  12. Good game. Best of luck the rest of the way, minus the game on March 3rd in Knoxville.
  13. I hate that. I really liked him. I'm sure he'll land on his feet at a good program. I'm not all that excited about Chris Weinke.
  14. I can't help but think that Pruitt will get better recruits than Jones or Dooley, as well as develop the talent better than either of them did. I have no basis for this yet, but I'm hopeful for better overall coaching. Dooley didn't even recruit Von Bell & sent a Grad Asst. to recruit Jalen Ramsey, both of whom are very successful NFL DB's now.
  15. Hopefully the recruits that come here can help us go at least 6-6 so we can go to a Bowl Game this year, then further improvements in following seasons. I look at a Bowl as that much extra practice with coaching opportunity for development. I'm not expecting much this season after the disaster than was the 2017 team.