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  1. I have 3 tickets to the UT vs Georgia Tech game for sale if anyone is interested. Section 336, Row 17. I got them from AllVols.com, so it's safe to imagine that they're in the UT section. I paid not quite $85 per ticket, which is what I'm hoping to get out of them.
  2. I wish you had 3. I'm definitely going down there for that game.
  3. I'm not a fan of them, but UGA should definitely win the SEC East this season. They'll definitely be ready for UT in Knoxville, as well as Florida in Jacksonville. Good luck & here's to a well-played, no serious injury season!
  4. Anyone else thinking of going up to see the Falcons play (and defeat) the Jets this season? I noticed that game tickets are pretty cheap on ticketexchangebyticketmaster.com, so I'm thinking of going. Not sure what all there is to do near the Stadium in NJ, but NYC is pretty close by.
  5. I'm not real big on the multiple rings, but they didn't ask my opinion. To me, last season was a big disappointment, for the most part. Bad losses to South Carolina, Vanderbilt ruined what started out as a good season. Plus losing so badly to Alabama at home didn't help matters.
  6. I'd gladly take him at UT if Butch Jones flames out, but I'm not sure that the Tennessee Athletic Department would be willing to pay him enough, plus pay yet another coach out of his contract. Stoops revived one big name program, so I'd love for him to do so in Knoxville. Like has been mentioned before, I see him going to Notre Dame though....
  7. I'll give Currie a fair shot, even though I think they should have gone with David Blackburn. Hopefully he's much better than his former boss, Mike Hamilton.
  8. Don't worry, he'll beat a mediocre Big 10 team in a Fulmer Cup Bowl Game to give us hope for next season, then disappoint us again.
  9. Totally stupid statement by Kenny Chesney. No Dobbs, no Kamara, Hurd's been gone, Cam Sutton is gone, as is Jalen Reeves-Maybin. Personally, I'm cautiously optimistic for an 8-4 regular season. 7-5 seems more likely though. But Butch is undefeated vs mediocre Big 10 teams in meaningless Bowl Games lol!
  10. I agree with you totally. If he gets exceptionally lucky, he'll lose in the SECCG. Maybe some big boosters will get tired of mediocrity and hire a big time coach. Not sure who yet at this point. Otherwise, UT will be going to the TaxSlayer or Music City Bowl on the regular under Jones. He's improved the depth, overall talent level, won some good games and the program is in much better shape than it was when he took over, but that's not saying much, because Dooley was God awful.
  11. Don't forget about "Brick By Brick" too. He's in way over his head at Tennessee.
  12. I figure UT will go 8-4 next season. Wins over Georgia Tech, Indiana State, UMass, South Carolina, Kentucky, Southern Miss, Missouri, Vanderbilt and losses to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, LSU. With so many question marks, especially at QB, it's hard for me to expect more wins than that, but I hope I'm wrong. I like how Butch Jones has improved the roster since taking over, finally beat Florida last season, got a couple wins over Georgia, went 3-0 in Bowl Games, as well as get over the 5-7 awfulness, but Volunteer fans are getting tired of 8-4 regular seasons. I think that Georgia will be the preseason favorite to win the East next season.
  13. This is almost as bad as losing local product Randall Cobb to Kentucky, who Fulmer barely even recruited. Another one UT lost to Clemson was Jay Guillermo, who started at Center for the Tigers in the last 2 National Championship Games. I don't think that Dooley didn't recruit him much either. These guys, including the Oak Ridge players, were from the 865 area code. Aside from Memphis, Tennessee isn't known for having a whole ton of in-state football talent, so UT really needs to try to sign what talent they do have in state. As far as Jones goes, I don't think he'll ever be better than 9-4, or maybe 10-3 absolute tops. I wouldn't be too shocked if he's fired after next season, especially if the new Athletic Director isn't named Phillip Fulmer.
  14. I'm willing to give both a fair shot. I wouldn't mind Fulmer getting a job with the Athletic Department, but would rather have a younger guy like David Blackburn in there as AD..