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  1. Not everything about the Butch Jones tenure was bad, but I'm glad to see him leave. It was obviously time for him to go. I don't feel all that bad for him because he's going to get a ton of money to not be here anymore, but I still wish the best for him in the future. It's not saying much, but at least he was better than Dooley.
  2. We should really try to keep Haynesworth happy, seeing as how he's been known to have anger issues. Just ask former Cowboys C Andre Gurode.... Haynesworth Face Stomp
  3. Every UT game feels like a Crying Jordan meme to me.
  4. Agreed. On a side note, Bituli #35 was stupid for starting crap after a kickoff return to get himself ejected. I had never seen blanked unsportsmanlike conduct penalties like what happened in the 1st QTR. He had to know he would get ejected for another unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
  5. So far, it's been a pretty good game. If UT can slow down Bennie Snell Jr, they stand a good shot of winning.
  6. I'll eat crow about my previous statement. That said, maybe the Defense can start slowing down Bennie Snell Jr, so they can leave Lexington with a win....
  7. I'm not surprised that Penn. State is winning, but didn't expect it to be 21-3 so early. Barkley is playing big time today.
  8. Oh ok, thanks for the info. I don't follow them closely, but knew that they usually had a good program. Think that Jimbo might be forced out after the season, or would they allow him to revamp his assistants?
  9. This is a must win for Tennessee, if they expect to make a bowl this season. That said, they'll need to score offensive touchdowns tonight. Kentucky generally gives UT a good game, but they're favored this year. They'll likely make a bowl game, regardless of the outcome of this game. A win tonight would make their 2nd win over the Vols since 1985.
  10. I love the fact that FSU is who UT beat in the 98 National Championship Game. Totally shut down Peter Warrick that night. What happened to FSU? I know they lost their starting QB in Atlanta week 1 vs Alabama, but it sounds like they've totally fallen apart.
  11. Those Gruden pics are hilarious. I saw a pregame prediction for UT/UK being Wildcats 28 Vols 19. Whoever came up with that is crazy... Anybody see how atrocious UT's offense is? They'll be lucky to score 10 tonight.
  12. What a great comeback by the Razorbacks! Not that he was given all that much of a chance to stay past this season, but it seems almost certain that Matt Luke won't be Head Coach at Ole Miss past this season.
  13. I'm glad to see Mark Richt doing so well in Miami. He's a great coach, but seems to be an even better person than he is a coach.
  14. It'll be interesting to see how Turner Field looks for Football. I'm glad they didn't tear it down like they did Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Not to mention tearing down the Georgia Dome next month.
  15. 5 Star Heart