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  1. Not only did UT finish 4-8 last season, but they should have been 2-10 had Paul Johnson not decided to go for two in Overtime in Mercedes Benz Stadium Week One, but had UMass not lost their starting QB, they likely would've won in Neyland.
  2. I particularly want to shut down Missouri's Offense since Derek Dooley is now their Offensive Coordinator. It'd be quite embarrassing for his offense to put up a lot of points on us, especially in Neyland this year.
  3. Agreed, 6-6 would be a great season in 2018. The biggest thing I'm hoping for is to see a better team with player development increase each week. West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia & Auburn will probably blow us out, but crazier things have happened.
  4. I'll believe it when I see it, in terms of Pruitt being more dangerous at UT than Smart at UGA. I'm going to give Pruitt the benefit of the doubt, although I just don't see him leading UT to the National Championship Game in year 2 of his tenure then bringing in multiple very high recruiting classes. If he does, then great, but I just don't see anything better than 6-6 regular season this year. Honestly I think that 4-8 is more likely than 6-6. Not trying to be a "Nega-Vol" or whatever they call negative posters on VolNation, but Butch Jones left the program in shambles.
  5. I miss the ticket prices of the Georgia Dome. The Benz is nicer, of course, but twice as expensive for season tickets.
  6. I'm a nice guy, but not that nice lol. On a side note, Butch Jones got over $8 million to not work for UT anymore. He has no excuses to not help you out.
  7. It's embarrassing to be a UT fan these days because of foolish decisions like that. I live in the Knoxville suburbs, so I need to get a job at UT then get a buyout. I heard on the radio that UT's paying $24 million in buyouts, starting with the Fulmer firing in 2008. I get so frustrated with the incompetence.
  8. I'd like to see him do well there, also. He was an outstanding player there and did a great job at UCF, but we'll see if that translates to winning on a bigger stage.
  9. There's a very good chance that Davenport p*ssed off the Haslam's. Plus the good ole boy system at UT might have not been ready for a female Chancellor. She was better than Jimmy Cheek, who was given so many chances, but Davenport wasn't, which isn't fair. I like Fulmer, but yes, he's a snake. He gets what he wants by throwing others under the bus.
  10. UT fires Beverly Davenport The turmoil on Rocky Top continues. Another Chancellor fired.
  11. It'll be interesting to see if Frost can turn things around at Nebraska. I doubt things will get changed as quickly as they did at UCF though. Looking at their schedule, they might be able to qualify for a bowl game this season: Nebraska
  12. Oh ok. If I go, I'll let you know
  13. How expensive is a typical ticked to Jordan-Hare? I'm thinking of going in October when UT plays down there.
  14. Despite the lack of wins I think Tennessee will have this season, I'm looking forward to traditional things happening again. Especially no more cliches or catch phrases. No excuses anymore
  15. Haha, no problem, man. But I'd gladly take any bowl game this season. I had a lot of fun when I went to Jacksonville in 2015, but I didn't have to deal with many Gator fans like UGA fans do in late October in Jacksonville