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  1. That win in Rupp was great, but it seems like so long ago now with no sports. Hope everyone is staying safe out there.
  2. I'm afraid this will be a transition year for basketball. I am confident that Coach Barnes & staff will develop the young guys to have them play at a high level in upcoming seasons though.
  3. I almost left the game early last night because I was so disgusted with the QB play. Glad I stayed til the end though.
  4. I'm looking forward to heading down to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl here soon. Basketball isn't shooting well, but from what I understand, the recruiting class yesterday was great.
  5. Agreed, much better weather. I went to Jacksonville vs Iowa in January 2015, plus also plan to go again in a few weeks vs Indiana.
  6. Despite the weather delays, it was really nice to finally beat Vanderbilt. I'm very proud of how the team never quit, despite the terrible start. I'm looking forward to seeing which bowl selects Tennessee. Men's basketball looks pretty good, aside from the FSU loss with too many turnovers. Lady Vols have played well too.
  7. I went to Thompson Boling Arena for the men's basketball game last night. This years team isn't anywhere near as good as the previous two teams, but I do think they'll improve as the season goes on. One is the issues is the lack of consistent big man play in the paint. As far as football goes, big win in Lexington. I'm proud of how this team didn't give up or quit. They really seem to be buying in to what Pruitt & staff are teaching them.
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/florida-state-coaching-candidates-bob-stoops-mark-stoops-lead-replacements-for-willie-taggart/ I think Mark Stoops would make sense for FSU.
  9. I just got back home from Neyland Stadium. Had fun despite the trashy women behind me. Defense played pretty well for the most part, especially forcing turnovers. J.G. #2 may play erratically at times, but there's definitely no questioning of his heart or toughness.
  10. I'm a bit nervous about UAB, although I'm not sure who they've played to get their 7-1 record so far. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, which was surprising after the terrible start to the season. If UT can do their part to get to a Bowl, I'll at least try to go, if I can get the time off from work.
  11. It's great to finally beat Will Muschamp!!
  12. Typical UT vs South Carolina game so far. UT needs this one badly, but are down 21-17 at halftime.