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  1. I remember watching the 2006 Tennessee vs Alabama game at the MWR at Camp Striker in Iraq. Erik Ainge was intercepted multiple times, but made a huge play by tackling the Alabama defender that picked him off short of the goal line, then the defense forced them to kick a field goal. Arian Foster scored a late TD to take the lead. At least UT doesn't get to lose next weekend since it's their open date, then heading out to Arkansas to probably lose that one.
  2. 2013, when they won the National Championship over Auburn, I'm assuming for Pruitt's good year? Fulmer has done some great things over the years in Knoxville, but he's also done some lousy things. The Pruitt hire, then subsequent extension is looking more & more like a lousy thing under Fulmer's watch.
  3. The UT ticket office has called me, as well as sent e-mails trying to sell me basketball tickets. Odds are the basketball team won't lose by 27 at home to Kentucky, plus might actually beat them, as well as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, etc.
  4. For what it's worth, it'll probably be even worse next week. Except everybody gets to see it as the 3:30 SEC Game of the week on CBS. I'm not calling for his dismissal, but why give Pruitt a raise/contract extension before this unusual season even started?
  5. Back to the drawing board. Bring on Kentucky before our annual beat down from Alabama. This is just frustrating plus, but I suppose it's part of it.
  6. Georgia's Offense is better than I thought they'd be, but they definitely have great talent all around.
  7. Congratulations guys! Saying that Georgia's Defense is legit is an understatement. Their Offense is really good too. Hopefully anyone who got hurt gets fully recovered quickly. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out in the SEC. Good luck, especially in Jacksonville, FL vs the Gators.
  8. I'm thinking Georgia 27 Tennessee 13. I think it'll get to 27-6 in the second half, but UT scores a late TD to make it a bit closer. Georgia is currently just better overall. I was very impressed with their Defense from the little I watched of it last night, plus the second half at Arkansas. UT's offensive line/running game looked very good vs Missouri/South Carolina, but the talent level of the Bulldogs is much better than the previous opponents. Good luck, Georgia fans. Here's hoping for a hard fought, well played, injury-free contest.
  9. I recall the 2000 game too, when UT scored really late to win 17-14. I was expecting South Carolina to drive down the field then score with no time left last week til the guy got hit by the punt.
  10. I unfortunately missed this game on account of work, but I heard that it was a great performance by the o line. Good team win, even though Missouri isn't very good.
  11. That one had to sting for SC fans, but until the 2019 game, UT was winless vs Muschamp. A close loss in Columbia in 2018 kept UT out of a bowl game, plus 2017 in Knoxville J.G. threw an incompletion in the end zone as time expired to lose 15-9. Then there was the 2016 loss in Columbia 24-21. Jalen Hurd quit the team the following week.
  12. This has nothing to do with this game, but I was hoping that UT, FSU would both finish 6-6 in 2018 for a 20 year reunion game for the 1998 BCS Championship Game.....
  13. Just glad to leave Columbia, SC with a win!! Onto the Mizzou Tigers in Knoxville next!
  14. At least he's better than Dooley, thus far.
  15. Even though it's extremely rare for my team to beat them, that's an awesome jab at the Gators lol.
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