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  1. Matt has had flashes of being an elite QB, but right now he has alligator arms when the throws matter in the redzone. We beat the Packers pathetic defense the last two games. I get it. I know that Green Bay would never trade Aaron because he is heads and shoulders better than MR2. Aaron would put up 50 points per game with our offensive players. He does more with less talent around him than Matt does with our crew. Only a fanboy homer would disagree. Hopefully, Matt gets his mind right and we do a better job giving him time in the pocket. Unless the pocket is clean, history has shown that MR2 folds like a cheap tent.
  2. It's obvious that Sanu was the right read. But with a better throw, Julio would have still scored a touchdown seeing how the main defender on the play had his back turned. Bottom line is that Matt is playing timid and scared. He's thrown so many interceptions in the redzone now that it's in his psyche...
  3. Bringing up an old thread, so please relax... Any of you MR2 fanboys still prefer Matt over Aaron Rodgers? I want Matt and our Falcons to succeed, but he has regressed to a game manager. I recall an article during the offseason after being with Kyle Shanahan for one season where he trained with Tom Brady's guy in California. Matt talked about throwing to an area or window when passing to his receivers. It appears to me that he now waits for guys to appear open before throwing. He just does not have the arm strength to perform this way. I hope that he gets his mojo back because he definitely looks uncomfortable compared to when he was slinging the ball. Sark is partly to blame, but Matt still has to play better and make the right reads.
  4. Aaron is unhappy about his QB Coach being let go without being consulted. Link: http://thebiglead.com/2018/02/02/stephen-a-smith-is-right-aaron-rodgers-should-demand-a-trade/ I know that the chances of this trade is far fetched, but I would definitely approve!
  5. Almost the entire front seven is the pressing need. Quinn will undoubtedly make Hageman a much better player. We need both DE's and all three linebackers. I won't be terribly upset if Gurley is the best player available in the second, but defense is in shambles right now. Do we really want to spend a 2nd round pick on the offense? Now if Amari fell to us at our 2nd pick, I'll be all for that to complement Julio!
  6. With all the Gurley talk, let's not forget our injury prone roster from past dummytroff mistakes like Perai Jerry, Sam Baker, Witherspoon, Mike Johnson, etc. We have more pressing needs than RB. Our front seven needs an overhaul. Good, serviceable RB's can be found in late rounds much easier than linebackers and d-linemen. Isaiah Crowell is a good example along with numerous other NFL RB's that played well this past season.