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  1. We definitely should have paid him $10 million for two years! That's a bargain for what Teco brought to this team. What a steal of a deal.. Teco should fire his agent.
  2. Almost the entire front seven is the pressing need. Quinn will undoubtedly make Hageman a much better player. We need both DE's and all three linebackers. I won't be terribly upset if Gurley is the best player available in the second, but defense is in shambles right now. Do we really want to spend a 2nd round pick on the offense? Now if Amari fell to us at our 2nd pick, I'll be all for that to complement Julio!
  3. With all the Gurley talk, let's not forget our injury prone roster from past dummytroff mistakes like Perai Jerry, Sam Baker, Witherspoon, Mike Johnson, etc. We have more pressing needs than RB. Our front seven needs an overhaul. Good, serviceable RB's can be found in late rounds much easier than linebackers and d-linemen. Isaiah Crowell is a good example along with numerous other NFL RB's that played well this past season.