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  1. As a longtime Saints fan since the late 60's, when both our franchises entered the league, I am glad to see some here remember Tommy Nobis. He was a tough as nails, hard-hitting LB. I hated that guy. He 's very under-appreciated by NFL historians. Same with Jeff Van Note. They both gave the Saints fits. Either would be a great choice to represent the Falcons.
  2. You can beat this Mr. Blank. Best of thoughts for you and your family from Louisiana.
  3. http://506sports.com...ps-2013-week-1/ Maps are up. Destin will have Atl @ NO. The panhandle of Florida is Saints country, so they usually show their games.
  4. I don't know, he looked pretty good on that pass defended against Roddy.
  5. I can't help but think that if Lofton was still a Falcon the Saints don't rush for 150 yards.
  6. Interesting read. http://newsok.com/nf...article/3696558 “I feel I'm back in a football city,” Lofton said. “Coming from Oklahoma where football is everything, I went to Atlanta where they have so many other things going on. In New Orleans, the Saints are No. 1. Everybody loves the Saints. It's been awesome.” “I wanted to stay with the Falcons. All I wanted was a fair deal. That didn't work out,” Lofton said. “Five or six teams called my agent. After visiting the Saints it felt like family, so I canceled all my other visits. I'm excited. They won a championship a few years ago.”
  7. That's not going to happen. The Falcons and the final score are in the the statue's inscription. Very childish and petty Mr. Blank.
  8. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. After that bout of mental masturbation, you deserve it.
  9. Did you smoke a cigarette after that go round of mental masturbation?
  10. It was the usual Saints-Falcons war. The Falcs will have home field throughout the playoffs after they knock off the hapless Panthers next week. See you guys in a few weeks for the re-rematch.
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