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  1. Girlie to St. LouieColemie to Atlantie Tracie to New Yorkie
  2. Falcon Will Use Draft To Go 6-10 There I fixed it for you.
  3. Cappy, I have had much respect for you throughout the years. I only ask that you please wake up.
  4. Get your paper bag ready. The sky is not falling. It just is what it is.
  5. Please stop the bleeding and vomiting. The heck with popcorn, get your paper bag ready.
  6. I'm speechless, disappointed, and totally embarrassed. The sky is not falling it's just a shame that the FO couldn't do better. I don't need to see the draft or anything else to know that not enough was done. Everyone will see the results or lack there of shortly. Get your PSL's while they're hot.
  7. Wake up and please avoid mind altering substances.
  8. Wow! No wonder the Falcons are the JOKE of the league. Please don't forget to purchase those P.S.L's. 2015(if lucky) 6-10 again
  9. Atlanta Falcons= Joke of the NFL.
  10. Excitement will easily grow into embarrassment. If it did, would you admit it?
  11. Love it. Let's face it, the sky is not falling. The FO and Coach Quinn will do the BEST they can but it won't be enough. For all my TATF brothers just remember "Not enough and Not this year". That is all.
  12. Hey support the FO and Coach Quinn, support free agency moves, support the draft and support the Falcons. Just don't get your hopes up or be disappointed when you realize what was done was not enough.
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