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  1. Fields didn't start and take all the snaps all training camp and practice weeks. He got thrown in 3rd quarter. Ryan threw 3 pics. And he is a vet. It's unacceptable
  2. I agree. We got the wrong guy. They never ready to play another slow start. He had a vet quarterback. No excuses unless Ryan is the wrong quarterback for his offense
  3. Trade Ryan for Watson straight up. Just like the Carson Wentz trade. Their salary is similar
  4. There salary are about the same. Straight up trade
  5. We need to cut the head off the chicken. Draft a qb ot trade for Watson
  6. I agree. He ain't the right guy. But it maybe I because of his quaterback
  7. Yes. Matt Ryan ain't Tom Brady. He can't play till his 50 lol
  8. Should drafted fields but I say make a play for Watson. A straight up trade
  9. Julio will be missed when. Matt Ryan and our receiver's struggle. Julio was a chain mover. Hopefully the other Bama guy can handle number 1 corner without getting banged up. He smallish
  10. If we suck this year then he is gone. Nobody is irreplaceable
  11. We should have traded Ryan. Complete reset. Drafted fields. People are already making fun of our preseason performance at work
  12. izibit74


    i just want the franchise to show aggression. matt ryan has 4 straight losing seasons. now having a new coach and offense and no reps in preseason game. what if he gets hurt. what if he starts sucking in this new offense and he goes 1 and 4. Cam can be a security blanket and bridge to a new quaterback. Do you want the Bucs to get him and Brady goes out he'll kill us with those weapons. I Still dont know what team Franks came from lol. Rosen is a bust that maybe can. Atleast if matt gets hurt or sucks Cam can make it interesting and still sell tickets.
  13. izibit74


    So yall don't think he better than our backups.
  14. izibit74


    Sign cam. He will be an excellent backup/ bridge quarterback. What do yall think?
  15. He will struggle without Julio unless the tight end balls out of control
  16. Sine watching my grandfather watch Billy white shoes.
  17. That rookie tight end better play alot he ain't no vet lol. Our coach is soft
  18. He needs to work on his late interceptions. But he does do better with a beast tight end. If this kid is half as good as Gonzales we will be fine. But can someone step up and be julio
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