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  1. i want quinn back. it was just a bad year. if we finish strong
  2. he had 4 touchdowns. if he falls to us we have to take him
  3. we want be able to get him. he will go number 1 if he wins it all. i say draft tua
  4. He was always going back to saban. They are all buddies
  5. Trade ryan. Draft tua
  6. Sarkisian just might when the natty
  7. Urban Myer. Wouldn't coach here. He said he wants to be a cowboy. I'll take Jack del rio
  8. No he is a quitter. When he has issues
  9. We win by 10 because. They put Ramsey on Julio with no help. So Julio explodes
  10. Tua and the LSU quarterback
  11. First draft tua. Build around him. He would not need the best line. And we score lots of points
  12. I said it weeks ago. Draft tua. Or the guy for LSU. Tua would bring excitement
  13. Julio balling. So we good
  14. Now I'm worried about da colts. They not laying down for tua
  15. Draft tua. If Matt Ryan doesn't win this game
  16. This the best defense we ever had. Top ten d for sure
  17. Everyone needs to chill. He lost 5 straight including Superbowl year.
  18. Matt Ryan doesn't win week 1. He lost 5 straight including Superbowl year
  19. Plus ESPN posted a stat. Matt Ryan never wins week 1. He lost 5 straight
  20. I remember people whinning about Zimmer bend but not break defense
  21. Now he crying about a helmet. Lol. And peeps complain about Julio wanted his last big contract
  22. The 90s cowboys sucked in preseason and won 3 Superbowls
  23. I would like Marvin lewis
  24. When Matt time is up we need a tua type quarterback. We need a mobile qb. That's the now nfl
  25. I like Ohio State quarterback