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Everything posted by izibit74

  1. The NFC south offences are loaded. That's why they was trying to get chase young
  2. I hope he is all pro. But the Ohio State guy was better by the eye test
  3. My point is he ain't a deion aka game wrecker
  4. They don't play nobody till the playoff. That why there players get so many inflated stats
  5. Clemson dline is elite and they have a watered down schedule
  6. That means he needs an elite dline to be good
  7. He got destroyed by NFL caliber receivers of LSU
  8. He got burned by LSU NFL caliber receivers I don't like the pick
  9. draft tua if he falls to 16. we dont have a choice. we need a mahoney
  10. if tua falls trade up and draft tua. next year trade ryan. we need a mahoney
  11. your not a real fan your a hater lol
  12. when u a beast it dont matter. everyone who aint a falcons fan hopes his knee is bad. its sad
  13. I hope we destroy brady. Im going to this game. If they don't raise the price too much
  14. He doesn't win without Julio. Look it up. We can't seem to score either
  15. Y'all still want Kyle now 2 super losses
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