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  1. Exactly. If we had Brady or Brees. He would have double touch downs and a super ring. If Rodgers demand a trade. I say trade Ryan
  2. They make about the same salary. I think the gm. Should consider. We would be instant contenders and ticket sales would soar. Fans would be excited
  3. we about to find out how good he is. when he gets the number 1 corner week after week
  4. Legion of boom was better. So that means nothing
  5. 8 wins or less lol. Probably gets hurt battling number 1 corners
  6. I guarantee 8 wins or less. Another stinker season
  7. I don't blame him. I got banned on here for saying it as a fan. Im tired of the losing too. Looks like another 500 or less season. Will see how good our offense truly is without him. That tight better be the real deal. And we will see what that other bama receiver can do vs number one corners every week.
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