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  1. I agree. He sucks against elite or tough defense. Poor game plan and can't adjust at halftime.
  2. Let's trade u
  3. Let's trade u
  4. Browns play everybody tough
  5. In the first quarter come on man lol
  6. Exactly why I posted
  7. Glad we didn't get that idiot. Quin knows better than us
  8. ESPN says we got 98% chance to win chill
  9. Josh vs Julio lol.
  10. Amen brother. All these Julio haters. And look at obj and all his bs. We win more games with julio
  11. Best receiver on team. We ain't the same without Julio. Another Julio hater lol
  12. Obj saquan no td lol ESPN is disappointed
  13. You'll never hit the lottery