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  1. He coached fields in a mock game versus lawerance his team won. So he is high on him
  2. Ryan cannot get us over the hump wakeup. We need a watson or a mahomey
  3. Yes. Sometimes the qb has to win some games. Look at the chiefs
  4. He cant get us over hump. He hust a good quarterback. We need a great one
  5. Exactly we need another qb. We stunk since super bowl. Ryan just get stats but no wins because of his mistakes
  6. They say they would give macaffrey and 3 1st picks. They said whatever it takes. Why can't we do the same. Trade all our picks and matt ryan
  7. Justin fields if we cant trade for watson. I dont want wilson who plays against coastal carolina lol
  8. His message is dumb. If we had maholmes we be in playoffs. We will never beat brady with ryan. Its a wrap till he retires or we get another qb
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