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  1. I hope we destroy brady. Im going to this game. If they don't raise the price too much
  2. Draft Dobbins. He shreaded Clemson nfl defense
  3. He doesn't win without Julio. Look it up. We can't seem to score either
  4. A Patrick Mahoney
  5. Yep I'm glad he got beat
  6. Y'all still want Kyle now 2 super losses
  7. Y'all still want Kyle now 2 super bowl losses
  8. He ain't winning. Nobody beating Mahoney. We need to draft one
  9. They said yesterday. It's still shanny terminology. So keep koetter
  10. Keep Dan Quinn. Or hire Riverboat Ron. We need defense
  11. Draft tua. He is hurt let him learn.teams will pass on him because of durability
  12. Keep Dan Quinn. Trade up and draft. That buckeye
  13. Let's draft all d. Forget the o