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  1. crazy that's not on Ryan that's on Quin, Head coaches get paid to make those big decision.
  2. When did TI and Ludacris represent all falcons fans? they don't speak for me and never will. SAS has never like us and never will and the feeling is mutual. I truly understand why Kwame Brown can't stand him.
  3. Its easy to cherry pick bad plays on a teams that lose a game. I can even do it on teams that won.
  4. This game has been very very very over analyzed. Coach Smith should go into belichick mode and say he's moving on to the next game and not answer question unless its about the bucs. It's just ONE GAME!
  5. Most nfl player commercials are a little corny but, I don't mind them. Twice the Ice right❄❄
  6. Well if the TEAM plays well and don't get penalties in the RZ they will score TDs Sunday.
  7. Rich doesnt like coach smith because he get his fragile ego rubbed the wrong way by coach smith on an interview. So he can miss me with that bs.
  8. That may be true but, it will come every time the media talks off seasons move like players gained and players lost during game coverage. (just watch and see).
  9. Pure ignorance, someone should be fired for write that.
  10. Yeah at 11 it was exciting but never knew just how great a play it was as the world seemed a lot smaller then.
  11. More like our 4th and 5ths with maybe 2nd oline. 3rd ollie.
  12. You maybe right but we had 4s and 5s against thier 1s and 2s.
  13. With the ball placed that perfect, It will be hard to stop that play.
  14. I enjoyed watch the def. and them LBs Def Def Def Def
  15. Well, he is a Matt Ryan's OC and that has went well for them all.
  16. Has thrown some of the best deep balls passes in the league but some people don't want hear that.
  17. Unbelievable! They actually get paid to just spew this bs. HD hit them with the true and they change the narrative. people like marcus are still mad the Falcons didn't get a QB in the draft Hate on, dont need your opinion and dont care for you opinion. I have my own.
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