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  1. I don't care about his political views as long as he help us win games. JMO.
  2. You mean the same Andy Reid who blew the Superbowl against the same team and same hall of fame duo of belicheck and brady.
  3. Rodgers, Mahomes and brady when to already good playoff teams. You draft your heir apparent after you have a good team. Why draft a QB just to get beat up on a bad team.
  4. I've seen this show for years now. Some fans fall in love with media hyped player and get all butt hurt when the team doesn't draft their favorites players.
  5. I like the pick, one of the top corners in the draft.
  6. One of the best corners in the draft.
  7. So you named 4 or 5 HOFer RBs which most team dont have and only 1 of the backs you named has a superbowl ring.
  8. Getting faster and stronger while Growing into his man body.
  9. 6'7 250 Colby Parkinson TE Stanford. He just could be what we wanted Levine Toilolo to be. You know how we like those stanford TEs.
  10. Im a big Derek Henry but lets not down play that OL and their defense.
  11. Pretty deep ball by Ryan though but sherm was beaten
  12. It's Defense All the way. if had the niners Defense we could make some noise.
  13. Very excited about Qadree Ollison and would keep Ito. There is no way I would spend early round picks on RB.
  14. enjoyed watch Henry play grown man football but if NE had a better offense they win but fun game to watch though.
  15. Been watch DH22 since Yulee, and this game against the pats reminded me of a high school game where he was their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th down option on mostly all of their plays. tandy had to make that 1 play to help them win this game and he has to make more to win against the ravens.
  16. Quinn was hired as the HC not the DC or OC I get wanting to put your stamp on def. But Mike Smith said it best when asked about HC/DC(coord.) that it was tough and he could do it. Find the best OC and DC give them your vision and let them do their job. its what they get payed for and be the best Head Coach possible. (Its what you get payed for)
  17. I like this on so many levels and I am old enough to have watch his entire career.
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