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  1. Why people feel the need to make numerous post trying so many different ways to disprove Ryan.

    We get it you dont like Ryan as your QB which is your right, but the numerous different ways to come up with post to say you dont like him is getting Old. (For all who this applies)

    I like vick and I like ryan who has represented us well from day one.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, SoldMySoul said:


    I still think JJ is the better receiver. But I see potential in Ridley and with Sanu would work fine. I guess ultimately the problem is with all of receivers we have we should be beating teams into the ground. Many have lost our minds because of our season.

    U cant beat teams in the ground with a Leaky OL and a def lets other team keep the ball away.

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  3. Some act like you can get great players as easy as going to the grocery store.

    2 on offense that are falcons for life and still performing at a high level. Ryan and Jones. (Future Falcons ROHsaæ)

    2 on defense are Jones and Grady.

    Still evaluating the rookies.

    Everybody else can be traded or replace.

    Ridley cost us nothing to keep right now.

  4. 1 hour ago, savannahfalcon912 said:

    The most talented team assembled on paper and we still suck!!  Many NFL teams have had much more success with less talent than us. Period!!!


    Im going to have to dis agree on the talent part. We really need to reevaluate the OL its alway been leaky in crucial situation. LG, RG, and RT(He actual may get better.) and sometime LT.

    Defensive we have a serious lack of talent on the back end, lb and DL.

    There are holes on this D and its not even funny.

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  5. 2 hours ago, matty72780 said:

    It’s pretty crazy when you think about this but in looking at the Falcons coaching decisions by upper management it’s impossible to not start pointing the finger at Thomas Dimitroff. In many cases head coaches in the NFL coach a couple of teams in their tenure and have fairly good results. However if you look at the Falcons moves from a leadership perspective we always seem to be making the wrong decisions which the brunt of the blame needs to be TDs, Blanks are fault too but you can’t fire the owner. 

    Look at these coaches, and what do they all have in common? Jim Mora Jr, Bobby Petrino, Mike Smith, Dan Quinn.  These coaches span the last 16 years as the Falcons head coaches and NOT ONE has ever gotten another HC job for an NFL team (I’m including Quinn here because let’s get real, no other teams hiring the greatest choke artist in NFL history). 

    Now let’s look at these coaches: Matt LaFleur and Kyle Shanahan - two coaches that were already on our staff that we let walk and are now the HC of winning teams with far less “on paper talent”. 

    At some point the finger needs to be pointed at the person who has hired 4 incompetent coaches to fail and allowed two great coaches to leave and find success elsewhere.

    Just another Falcons year of the Falcons being the Falcons.


    I think the far let talent thing is a bit overstated. GB has That  Guy Roger and A heck of a receiving core but I agree about letting Lafleur walk.

  6. Didn't Matt run for a 1st down yesterday? Anyhow Ryan isn't going anywhere anytime soon and has everything we need in a QB to win. (plenty arm strength I saw some bullets yesterday) The Offense as a Whole needs to fix whats wrong and do what what we do best and hide whatever weakness we have. Football is the ultimate team game and everybody needs to do their part to be successful.

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  7. 4 hours ago, Jerz #Quinning said:

    This has plagued Ryan in any offense he’s been in. We just had a OC in Shanny that elevated Ryans game to the point where we overlooked his flaws.

    How long is Koetter going to be here? Theres a good chance Ryan won’t get the the perfect OL for a couple of years. 

    Ryan elevated shanny just as much as he elevated ryan and got the browns OC cast off payed like he has with other OCs

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  8. 6 minutes ago, ChiefGSU275 said:

    He has to evaluate his route concepts. Too often receivers are stagnant when making a catch, which allows for the defense to either blanket them or quickly converge after a catch. The concepts do not get players open, it relies too heavily on crisp routes and even then results in small windows for Ryan to get the ball into before a defender is there. And let's be real, that is not Ryan's strong suit. I do not understand how so many teams will have plays with receivers running wide open, yet here we are back in 2014 where our guys are working twice as hard for half the results. 

    Also, the run game has to be fixed. If the defense knows we're just going to pass all day, then they can focus on pass coverage and disregard worrying about any threat of a run game. We seem to have abandoned the outside zone runs, which Freeman excelled in, and now we're back to those terribly designed inside runs where he's fortunate to squeeze through and pick up 3-4. 

    Bottom line is this - every scheme, concept, and play call works to perfection on paper. But if you cannot get your players to execute it on the field, or if the defense is not being manipulated as the play design would suggest, then it's time to re-evaluate. 


  9. 11 hours ago, Atlantafan21 said:

    Best example was the final 4th down attempt. Every receiver on the field was completely blanketed. Props to the Tennessee defense, but there’s no way in **** an offense with Julio, Ridley, Sanu, and Hooper should ever get completely shut down like that UNLESS the o-line is getting massacred. 

    Make me wonder whatd going on schematic wise because its been a while since we have been blanketed like that. 

    Also on another note I saw some major zip on those ryan throws in the game but the OL is still a little leaky.