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  1. Good depth cost a little money but better than not having good depth. (See last year)
  2. Its not your money and we signed DL help in FA.
  3. Smh.
  4. The guy is huge and it can be said that we are serious about the trench.
  5. Cody Ford Jawaan Taylor maybe there is a reason?
  6. Lets allow this draft to play out before some of you go crazy. relax
  7. Regardless of how people feel one way or the other, Congratulation to Chris Lindstrom on being the Falcons 1st round pick. Welcome to the Atlanta Falcons
  8. he's not peter knoz but a little shock about the pick because of the FA moves.
  9. with sweat, greedy, j. simmons left on the board.
  10. It's not that serious but, There needs to be a (PSA) public service announcement going out to all NFL players, other sport personnels and celebs to check their vehicle license situation. This happen wayyyy to often.
  11. Cappy husband but good father it happens all the time.
  12. He's still a Falcons player to me. I think people forget Brooking played about 10 years for the falcons and played college ball at Ga-Tech. So I get why he was butt hurt when we move on from him. Also despite how things ended here. A point can be made that he was a Really Outstanding LB for us, especially in the early 2000s.
  13. All QBs can be erratic at times and all have over/under thrown passes, fans only watch full games of their QB and highlight of other QBs. Also who are these fans who hate Matt Ryan because I'm seeing nothing but love. Greatest Falcons QB of All Time.
  14. I applaud anyone who is "puttin in work" on their craft.
  15. I find it funny how fans act like they're the ones in charge of paying a player. Smh.
  16. Not true, We all know that NE would not break the bank on Julio just ask R. Moss who said NE don't play players. (Big Money not named brady and he's under paid)
  17. Not buying that he's not a good coach but maybe wasn't quite ready for DC at this point.
  18. I have been on since the beginning (1999ish) althought lessor known but with the same name. Me4falcons
  19. Its the Matty Ice effect. All his ex OCs continue to eat.
  20. We are not the only team who has former HC as positional or coord. coaches. When a HC gets fired, they either pick up another HC gig or go back to what they were known for as in OC or DC to get work. Also position coach is an option for some. Only 1 out of 32 wins the Superbowl. So there is always hiring and firing going on. It just how the NFL is.
  21. It you listen to Quinn in his interview with beak and shock. This decision started building from August until now and was not a whem decision on firing sark.