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  1. This one is on the Fans.
  2. Why people feel the need to make numerous post trying so many different ways to disprove Ryan. We get it you dont like Ryan as your QB which is your right, but the numerous different ways to come up with post to say you dont like him is getting Old. (For all who this applies) I like vick and I like ryan who has represented us well from day one.
  3. I believe that is what shanny did best as an OC he coached the details.
  4. This is not all on vic, we have multiple situations and I believe we are playing hard but lack talent on def.
  5. No and No! why waste money on a trouble RB Would rather see what we got in Hill and the rookie.
  6. U cant beat teams in the ground with a Leaky OL and a def lets other team keep the ball away.
  7. Some act like you can get great players as easy as going to the grocery store. 2 on offense that are falcons for life and still performing at a high level. Ryan and Jones. (Future Falcons ROHsaæ) 2 on defense are Jones and Grady. Still evaluating the rookies. Everybody else can be traded or replace. Ridley cost us nothing to keep right now.
  8. Tech. The offense is the same with or without sark(still got OL problems) but the def has gotten worst it not the same def as the superbowl one. Lot of key role player were let go and no healthy Neal, Babs and freeny and on.
  9. Saint and panther, patriot are all winning because of defense.
  10. Build the defense please and fix the OL and we will wind a super bowl with Ryan. Build the Defense whatever it takes.
  11. Were married to julio(just signed a big contract) and ryan.
  12. Its not just beasley, if that was so we would have won more games. The FO has over-rated the talent on this def.
  13. Im going to have to dis agree on the talent part. We really need to reevaluate the OL its alway been leaky in crucial situation. LG, RG, and RT(He actual may get better.) and sometime LT. Defensive we have a serious lack of talent on the back end, lb and DL. There are holes on this D and its not even funny.
  14. He's a defensive captain and was asked a question should he not say anything.
  15. Football is the ultimate team game and You are only going to be as good as the team around you. Doesn't matter if he is top 10 or not at this time. However he is a more than capable QB whose team is not playing well as a whole.
  16. I think the far let talent thing is a bit overstated. GB has That Guy Roger and A heck of a receiving core but I agree about letting Lafleur walk.
  17. The defense is doing to much thinking instead of playing loose and we look lost at times.
  18. Somebody go get your uncle he's done got into to granny rheumatism medicine!
  19. Didn't Matt run for a 1st down yesterday? Anyhow Ryan isn't going anywhere anytime soon and has everything we need in a QB to win. (plenty arm strength I saw some bullets yesterday) The Offense as a Whole needs to fix whats wrong and do what what we do best and hide whatever weakness we have. Football is the ultimate team game and everybody needs to do their part to be successful.
  20. Ryan elevated shanny just as much as he elevated ryan and got the browns OC cast off payed like he has with other OCs
  21. when our offense is rolling we do it to other teams.
  22. Make me wonder whatd going on schematic wise because its been a while since we have been blanketed like that. Also on another note I saw some major zip on those ryan throws in the game but the OL is still a little leaky.
  23. I agree but, people are in full melt down.