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  1. sounds like he doesn't respect jameis, but we don't need his respect.
  2. if he sweep the bucs and saints and beat kc he should be hired right away.
  3. He had a dominate Defense though, and the reason we ended up hiring DQ
  4. These are not Rahs player with him being head coach and we clearly have no DEs.
  5. Not like he took the jets to the superbowl. He went to a team with a great coach and a stacked play-off team already built.
  6. Didnt throw a Td but looked good running one in.
  7. Brick and morris are connected at the hip than have the same way of seeing things
  8. No way on your keep it real take, in fact there were times I wish he TG21 was in when he was on the sidelines.
  9. Kn22 is working off that rust of not playing from injuries.
  10. On another post im on record for saying im on the Ryan train even if I have to drive it myself.
  11. Not like you can find an OC willing to coach for just 11 games.
  12. Im all for hiring the right guy but sometimes the right guy wasn't even given an opp to interview. I personally believe that we never really view armstrong as a serious HC hire and even other teams used him as token interview.
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