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  1. hard to look good with people in your face all night.
  2. Well Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson and, Nick Foles should be talked about as being great.
  3. Simply NO!
  4. In 99 with the same user name. WOW!
  5. None at all.
  6. Great he's realizing that the NFL stands for "not for long" if you don't make plays. So I'm glad to see he's putting in that WORRK!
  7. If we would have given him the ball on a hand off this wouldn't have been an issue.
  8. Funny how none these people have beaten the PATs in the superbowl but they want to advise after the fact. That game is over and done there is no take backs.
  9. I say both.
  10. What about the hurries/Matt running for his life and Matt getting the ball out fast because we cant hold our blocks for longer developing route. Although I agree on stunting issues but we wasn't that good either JMO.
  11. Stop playing and pay the money to get a norwell or a pugh but just be creative. we whiff on lane and it cost us. Make it happen!
  12. Nothing here IMO all head coaches get more involved in other areas as they grow.
  13. I'll take knapp over sark.