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  1. Only one julio, rid just need to be the best calvin ridley and that will be good enough.
  2. Been on here over 20 years before my son was born and now he is 20 yrs old. I held the same name since the beginning. I used to post alot until during the mid 2000s our post count got restarted. Now here and there as I feel like it. Still around though and loving our falcons for years to come.
  3. Soooo, in way Ryan indirectly responsible for us getting AS as a head coach.
  4. Sounded real calm cool and collective. Very mature and confident in who he is as a person and a player.
  5. Too much is made of this, when the wr next to you is roddy or rid and you are double or triple covered you hit the single cover guy. He has been offenses that multiple receivers had TDs. Still will be a HOFer Those TD stats are just that stats because no one is catching Jerry Rice in TDs
  6. 1. William Andrews 2. Jessie Tuggle 3. Deion Sanders 4. Andre Rison 5. Jamal Anderson 6. Michael Vick 7. Warrick Dunn 8. Matt Ryan 9. Michael Turner 10. Julio Jones My Personal Favorites in the order of when I first started watching football and all who I have watch play for the falcons until now. These are the guys who in my opinion made it fun to be a Falcons Fan.
  7. One of my early free agent favorites has deceptive breakaway speed for a guy his size.
  8. A good, bad or, indifferent doesn't matter but wins in the long run. No one cares how nice you are if you are losing. So AS just needs to be himself and win games.
  9. Ill go with antoine smith my fav ST player, He was a heck of a gunner and unblockable at times.
  10. I don't care about what JJ11's cap hit is, The front office job is to make this happen anyway the can do this. legally or maybe (Illegally) just don't get caught or I will deny this comment claiming my account was hacked. 🙄
  11. I really love his energy and his candor.
  12. Remind me a little of roddy, strong and physical accel ar running that 9 route. P.s. I said a little like roddy.
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