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  1. Nothing but respect for Rico and his story is amazing. He is the example of the kind of guy you need on your team.
  2. Guess I'm not seeing what some are seeing in mac jones because, I wouldn't call him a 1st rounder at all IMO. There were a lot of short area throws and good talent around him (A good Thing). I will however say that he was very decisive on where to go with the ball. He may be good but not 1st round talent good along with other projected 1st round QBs but teams are sometimes desperate and will over draft QBs.
  3. That's on Matt, he would have made treadwell look good. (See the list of other wr who left and did poorly w/out him.) Anyhow JMO maybe he's a better WR4 but we could used a better WR3.
  4. We need a better WR3 and WR4 behind Julio and Calvin IMHO.
  5. Or penei sewell and best pass rusher.
  6. I have no problem with that. He is still playing at a high level. Im not down with getting rid of people just cause. JMHO
  7. Where our CB no one talks about, really want to see him evaluated. I like AJ and Maybe Oliver.
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