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  1. I'll take knapp over sark.
  2. Guard play is one of our biggest problems.
  3. Quinn's knowledge on Def. was proven and he had to build a broken Def. Sark knowledge on Off. hasn't been proven on this level. So he took an Off. that was already built and made it broken.
  4. Just get me any OC who has an NFL mind that's well planned and not scared of big moments.
  5. Well I dont if it's broken. Also this shanny comparison is crazy. People didn't dislike shanny because he couldn't coach but because he can be smug at times and how he handle Roddy who is very well liked by fans. At no time was his talent as an OC questioned or that the job was to big for him.
  6. We need better receivers we have no deep threat that can play the Z position. I said earlier this season that gabe is a #4 or #5. Also if you don't have an #11 on your jersey you can be upgraded. It had to be said.
  7. Not true, they love their team and just haven't had much to cheer about. They just get a bum rap like we have by media types who really don't much about this fan base.
  8. hey can we talk you into being the oc after the season. LOL.
  9. could we just sign him up for the rest of the playoffs?(Roddy) I am kidding but, could we for real.
  10. I dont blame Sark for everything but he is indirectly the problem in that he's not holding guy's accountable and his use of personnel. With shanny he uses the right personnel for the right play. Also he held guy's responsible for these mistakes and would get rid of you if you didn't do it gis way. I really look more at DQ for trying to turn our offense into Seattle south. Even though they beat Dallas it was painful to watch their offense. It immediately reminded me of us. DQ is forcing a passing team into being a power running team. We are not built that way. Right now we are a high performance car that's only allowed to be in first gear. It would be nice if we could get it together though. Idk just still p.oed.
  11. only bad if you're the Falcons it seems, other teams seems to get a pass. Ugly wins are simply "wins"
  12. He kept at least 3 drives alive with scrambles.
  13. I would definitely beef up the OL because Quinn want up to be a balance team slightly more toward the run. Anyone not named mack can be be upgraded if possible Also gabe is a 4 in sark offense and not a 3 wr. And design plays to his strength.
  14. The offense also can be credited with keeping the saint offense of the field. Our Def. this year has push that bend but don't break to the limit.