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  1. I don't care about his political views as long as he help us win games. JMO.
  2. You mean the same Andy Reid who blew the Superbowl against the same team and same hall of fame duo of belicheck and brady.
  3. Rodgers, Mahomes and brady when to already good playoff teams. You draft your heir apparent after you have a good team. Why draft a QB just to get beat up on a bad team.
  4. I've seen this show for years now. Some fans fall in love with media hyped player and get all butt hurt when the team doesn't draft their favorites players.
  5. I like the pick, one of the top corners in the draft.
  6. One of the best corners in the draft.
  7. So you named 4 or 5 HOFer RBs which most team dont have and only 1 of the backs you named has a superbowl ring.
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