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  1. Not true, We all know that NE would not break the bank on Julio just ask R. Moss who said NE don't play players. (Big Money not named brady and he's under paid)
  2. Not buying that he's not a good coach but maybe wasn't quite ready for DC at this point.
  3. I have been on since the beginning (1999ish) althought lessor known but with the same name. Me4falcons
  4. Its the Matty Ice effect. All his ex OCs continue to eat.
  5. We are not the only team who has former HC as positional or coord. coaches. When a HC gets fired, they either pick up another HC gig or go back to what they were known for as in OC or DC to get work. Also position coach is an option for some. Only 1 out of 32 wins the Superbowl. So there is always hiring and firing going on. It just how the NFL is.
  6. It you listen to Quinn in his interview with beak and shock. This decision started building from August until now and was not a whem decision on firing sark.
  7. Give me an OC thats a leader over all his staff and players who hold people accountable. Someone who understand situational playcalling and play construction. Someone who doesnt let big moment get to big for them. Matt and Julio are playing at a high level and we will feast on weak teams but coaching and talent will beat good teams.
  8. Should have just stuck to football and not the insults.
  9. Im simply saying is Elway wants to keep him and what come out of this is on them.
  10. There is No way in h3ll this would happen. If Sark was the guy Quinn would have kept him.
  11. I dont believe this. Kubiak is man enough to decline an interview without Elways helps. You block interviews when you want to keep coaches for yourself.
  12. Colin opinion mean zero to me. Also he was just bashing Aaron Rogers the other day.