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  1. As long as we still have MR2 under center. I feel good about the up coming season.
  2. I believe Matt deserve more credit than people think, It was Matt who went to shanny and said what will work for him and what will not. Shanny had to put his ego aside and work together with Matt. Also all of Matt's OCs are Head Coaches in this League and I would not doubt it if Sark end up getting a look in a few years.
  3. That's true, but hopefully the Ryan doubter start to see what most of us already knew. (Already Elite.)
  4. Never heard this at all. (False)
  5. Yes, They had the same problem during the regular season. There were three games in which Ben threw zero TDs Phi, Buf and Cle. Against Miami and Cincy at the end of the season 1 TD. He was very hot and cold. Maybe something was wrong or Maybe he really just want to retire. JMO.
  6. Simply (Matt 6:14-15) If this applies great.
  7. Straight Up, No!
  8. I hope i'm wrong too but, not really feeling this pick.
  9. Who Dat? dude dat KN22 knock the crap out of. (Pun intended)
  10. If the team left i would want to keep the naming rights for a future team but I could not support a move. (No for me)
  11. Georgia born and raise living in Jax, FL. The Falcons are very well represented here in Jagland.
  12. Don't over pay for positions we can get in the draft.
  13. His never really had a great game against us even in his prime but Evan's is different.
  14. I saw this in the first half of the SB and was concerned about our defense playing too many plays even though we were up. Which is a defensive problem of not get off the field. Make the defense stouter and we will close games out.