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  1. No, You don't speak for me. I have no problem with them. If you don't like them don't watch them.
  2. F the patriot and Chill the F out and get off the roof tops, it just game one.
  3. I love what we have in coaching experience here but if you look around the league your seeing the same thing. Where some former HCs get fired and they need a job somewhere because its only 32 HC gigs.
  4. Wow, I was looking forward to what he could bring to this team. It really sucks but I wish him well and a speed recovery.
  5. At this stage of his career there is no doubt that Matt has great input on what he likes and dislike as far play calling goes. This is the MR2 offense with a little kutty.
  6. Isnt this already a done deal?.
  7. I'm riding with Beas until the wheels fall off, cause his success is the Falcons success.
  8. Not true (every offseason) but if the FO said they would take care of him then thats on them to get it done. Future Gold Jacket players cost money to keep and we have two good for us.
  9. Really Really liking this pick!
  10. His arm length is long enough and will not impact him what so ever from doing his job esp. Being 6-7. Cant wait to see him mauling dudes.
  11. These guys maybe rookie but neither seem like the type to just lay down for him. Also F this basket case.
  12. But gained a 1st
  13. Welcome to Atlanta G.A. where the players play.