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  1. Yes, John is my husband. He and JB have done lots of fundraisers together and have been aquaintances for a few years. We have run into him a few times here in the BVI. You will love your March vacation! It is so nice to get away when it's still cold back home. I am hoping to squeeze in one more trip before these babies arrive this summer.
  2. Cappy, Mexican and American Idol is a close second for me.
  3. From the department of labor web site: You must be unemployed or partially unemployed through no fault of your own to receive benefits. Information will be obtained from your employer regarding your separation. Examples of potentially qualifying reasons are: You were laid off due to lack of work. You are still working but the employer reduced your hours due to a lack of work. You were fired without work-related misconduct. You quit your job for a good work-related reason.
  4. I could eat FF every day - for at least 2 meals. Unfortunately (or probably fortunately), our fast food choices in Boston are very limited. McDonald's with extra salt (because they aren't unhealthy enough) are tough to beat. I like Chick-Fil-A's fries, but I only like the waffles that I can see all the way through. I hate the end of the potato where they're chunkier and not see-through. My mouth is watering.
  5. I am not an expert at all. But my ring was appraised at over 2 times the price paid.
  6. We are having 10-12 people over for dinner and the Peach Bowl. Or whatever it's called now. And by dinner, I mean chili. I might even stay in my sweats!
  7. It's a huge joke with my friends...with a gun to my head, I would not know where to go to buy drugs. Although I guess I could ring my friend who's an ex-addict. You are sweet to ask...I guess the ankle is getting better. I'm in a cast for another 5 weeks or so. We had 2 feet of snow the weekend that it happened, so it wasn't a lot of fun moving around in that. But I'm pretty used to it now and it gives me an excuse to watch 4 hours of Intervention. As far as the babies go, all of my clothes are now tight (I'm blaming the babies, anyway). If it weren't for that, I wouldn't know anything was brewing in there. I feel great - not sick or tired thankfully!
  8. I asked my dad. They do pressurize the cargo area - they just don't heat it (except for one small section where the animals are). But he figures that if the airlines see it in your luggage, they'll get rid of it just to be safe.
  9. I'm not sure that transporting it on the airplane will work. They do not pressurize the cargo cabins, so it could easily explode in your bag. In fact, I think it was a Qantas flight earlier this year where oxygen cylinders exploded in the cargo area. I doubt anything like that would happen, but I will ask my dad. He was a pilot.
  10. There was a lady who wouldn't swallow? You mean anything? Did she have a feeding tube? I've only seen drug and alcohol ones. I just fired up an episode on On Demand. This girl cuts herself. My God. What is the reason behind people doing that? I have lived in a crazy sheltered world. None of my friends did drugs and I haven't been around it at all. Two years ago, I get the call that one of my best friends was in rehab for a cocaine addiction. The first round didn't take and he was back in 3 months later. He's been clean now for almost 2 years. He had EVERYTHING going for him. Played football at UNC, got an ACC post-grad scholarship, went to law school, got a huge job after graduating from law school, married a cardiologist, and along the way picked up a coke habit. He lied to everyone he loved. It was completely devastating for me.
  11. Wow - that poor guy only had 3 people show up for his intervention. And I'm pretty sure he hit his girlfriend in the parking lot.
  12. Oh, I get so excited when it's successful. I want to send her a congratulatory note. And yes, I realize that is not normal. I can't believe I am going on my 4th hour of this show tonight. I am equally as obsessed with First 48. And I have to say that I am more than a little concerned that you know that crack makes your nose bleed.
  13. There was one last year where this very typical southern housewife was a horrible alcoholic. She lived in NC and had a great life, but alcohol completely ruined it. That was awful to watch just because she could have been any of my friends' mom or even my own mom. I'm watching one right now where the mom just offered her daughter mini bottles of alcohol thinking that was more helpful than telling her about the big fat bottle that she had. The parents have equally as many problems as the kids in most cases.
  14. Does anyone else watch this show? I can't turn it off yet it is probably the most depressing show I've ever seen. It scares the crap out of me yet I can't seem to look away.
  15. Is your mailbox locked? If not, you definitely need to stop it. You don't need your mail sitting in your mailbox for 3 weeks. It's a good chance for mail to get stolen, and it's also pretty obvious that no one is home. We didn't stop ours when we went out of town for two weeks (we both thought the other did it), and when we got back, we had a tub of mail sitting at our front door.
  16. U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name I know, a total girl pick.
  17. Thank you, guys! It's been a funny 24+ hours. It's very surreal and just something that we were not even thinking of just yet! Thanks for the reminder about the baby weight. I don't know what I'm going to do since I can't do much exercising over the next 6 weeks (ankle). I have to figure something out or I will have to be cut out of my home. Oh, and don't you worry...These kids will be nothing but good southern kids. They will learn to say the 'r' in the middle of words and not to add an 'r' to the end of words. I will make you proud! Oh God...I just said "kidS."
  18. Yesterday, while racing around the house trying to get stuff done, I fell down the stairs. It was a somewhat ugly fall and I knew something was not right with my ankle. So my husband takes me to the hospital. No big deal, I'm figuring I'll be spending Christmas in a cast. Which, unfortunately, I am. But before we got to that, they needed to do an X-ray. So I get the "could you be pregnant" question. "Well, I COULD be, but I'm not," I tell them. "Are you sure," they ask. "Well, I guess I'm not positive," I say. So they give me a pregnancy test and SURPRISE! A bun is in the oven. Because of the fall, they decide to do an ultrasound to check to make sure everything is okay. And while I thought we had gotten the news that would change our lives an hour or so before, I had no idea what was about to come. Twins. I think we sat in silence (except for some laughing) for at least an hour. Needless to say, our family Christmas party last night was AWESOME!
  19. Here's Fenway at the beach. She's bigger now, but it's my favorite picture.
  20. We have a Golden Retriever. Her name is Fenway. She is hilarious.
  21. I heart Chapel Hill! It is one of my favorite places on earth. ENJOY it
  22. As my dad always asks me when I'm worried or stressed: Do you find that it helps or changes anything? You're only adding to your problems.
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