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  1. Ugh...I had it several years ago, and it was awful. It was terribly painful - especially after getting out of bed in the morning. I did Achilles tendon stretches and got some professional orthotics made for my shoes. Also did a lot of icing and ultimately had a cortisone shot. I took a few weeks off from running and then started back slow. I haven't had a problem since.
  2. I swam all through college, but not sure about the foot problem. Since it's cramping and not just numbness, the potassium and hydrating advice is good. If it's numbness, it could be nerve related and it could be something as simple as a bathing suit being too tight. I would try some other things to mix it up and see if you're still having the problem: ~ swim with fins (you can get a cheap pair at Target or Sports Authority). This is good exercise anyway...we used to train with fins a lot. ~ swim with a buoy between your legs so you won't kick at all. Really tough workout. ~ use a kickboard and/or just do kicking exercises. You will hopefully be able to figure out if it's something specific. Congrats on swimming. It is great exercise and most people can't swim but a few laps! 30 minutes is great!!
  3. Where are you going? I spend a lot of time on an island with no gym, and hardly any paved roads. It's amazing what swimming, running, kayaking, etc. can do for you! I usually leave in better shape than I arrived. I'm jealous that you're going to an island for 3 months!
  4. My week is: Monday: Stretching & a little strength training (or a day off) Tuesday: Run Wednesday: Cross training (I do a workout class or swim or walk on the treadmill) Thursday: Run & a little strength training Friday: Off Saturday: Cross training (same as Wednesday) Sunday: Long run I have been doing this for a couple of months, and feel great on my long run days. Admittedly, I am not running real long distances right now (4-5 miles on my long runs, and 3 during the week), but I am having no knee issues. For years, I felt like I the only way I could train successfully was to run 5-6 days a week. So this has been a nice change of pace - the changes keep things interesting.
  5. We just booked our rooms (and our day at the spa afterwards) for the Big Sur 1/2 Marathon in November! Looks to be moderately difficult, but absolutely beautiful, too. I can't wait! I have finally figured out how to stay in good running shape without the need to run every day which was just too hard on my body!
  6. I don't like running in oustside in freezing weather, either. Living in Boston means running on the treadmill for most of the winter. We're in Atlanta for a while, but it's too freezing for me to run outside here, too. To me, it's more important to enjoy the run vs. struggling through an outside workout. So I stick with the treadmill myself, too. That's hilarious about your guy trainer! I don't love working out with a trainer, but this one who gave me the workout seems to be the best of the bunch. She is super knowledgeable and doesn't just throw me on different machines to pass the time.
  7. Running a race is a lot different than running on a treadmill. But if you're running 2-5 miles a day on the treadmill, you're in pretty good race shape. I think a 10k is a great goal, but I would start off with at least one 5k race. It's good to just see how a race works and how you feel on race day. You should be able to do one of those now and then see how you feel about doing a 10k from there. I HATE strength training. My motivation comes from running, so I got a trainer to help on the strength training side. She gave me a good workout that covers everything: Abdominal reach (3 x 20 with 8 lb. medicine ball) Accordian crunch (3 x 20 with 8 lb. medicine ball) -alternate reaches and crunches above (little to no rest in between). Abdominal reach is flat on your back with your feet flat on the ground. Hold the medicine ball straight up (arms locked) and reach STRAIGHT up as far as you can go. Accordian cruch is when you take the ball and bring it all the way over your head and have your legs out straight. Bring the ball towards your knees as you bring them in. Push-Ups (3 x 15) Plank (3 x 30 seconds) -alternate push-ups and planks above (little to no rest in between). Prone cobras (2 x 20) Opposite arm/leg reach (2 x 20) -alternate cobras and arm/leg reaches above (little to no rest in between). Prone cobras are when you lay on your stomach and put your arms out in front like Superman. Use your abs to lift your arms and legs off the ground. ______________________________________________________________ Standing cable chest fly (2 x 20). I always do this on a machine, but resistance bands would work. Just push out straight from your shoulders/chest. Machine rows (2 x 20) Lat pull downs (2 x 20) -alternate rows with lat pull downs Wall squats using a big abdominal ball (2 x 25) Single leg step with ball reach (2 x 15) -alternate squats with single step reach. Use 4 lb. medicine ball. Step up onto something 8-12 inches off the ground and with both hands, reach the ball above your head. Curl and shoulder press (2 x 20) Tricep extension (2 x 20) -alternate curl and shoulder press and triceps. Curl and shoulder press uses dumbbells. Do bicep curls and then immediately go to presses over your shoulder/head. Leg press (2 x 20) Lunges (2 x 20) -alternate leg press with lunges
  8. You should definitely change shoes more often than a year - even if you're not running every day. I change every 3 months or so. Even if the treads aren't worn out, the shoe support starts to go. It's amazing how good I feel and run in a new pair of shoes.
  9. Last night's dinner was a bacon cheeseburger, french fries and cookie cake. I did have a Diet Coke, so that cancels out the rest of the calories, right? My eating habits are a joke with my family - I actually got a french fry Christmas tree ornament this year.
  10. Shhhh...I just about had everyone roped in!
  11. Yes, that is me on vacation this past fall. I'm not saying I need to lose a ton of weight, but no matter how much you weigh, it's no fun for clothes to be tight! I am the worst eater in the world (love junk food and hate veggies), so I have to make sure I exercise. I ran 3 miles tonight. It felt good to put the iPod on and go. I'm going to be sore as anything tomorrow, though.
  12. I've been in fantasy camp for the last month. Thanksgiving, then a 3+ week vacation, then Christmas. I tried on real clothes this morning, and they are TIGHT. I've hardly exercised over the past month. Two feet of snow on the ground in Boston didn't help. We're in Atlanta for a little while now, and tonight I hit the treadmill! I told my trainer I was taking a break from her for a while. I want to focus on running. Next vacation is in 8 weeks, so hopefully things will fit by then! I'm sure there was a time over Christmas that I wasn't eating, but I sure can't seem to recall it.