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  1. MV7 is a former Falcon, I will always root for him; a former Falcon. The Dude is literally a guy I watched every live game in the DOME and he did unrealistic, unimaginable moves. Period. Periof. I saw them live. One of the great ones...I watched it live. Unbealiveable. WOW is all I can say...
  2. Dude, I am in your camp. domeOfpain. MV7. Game time 4PM Sunday. 10 year Falcon season ticket holder, 100 section.
  3. Question - how many of you that are complaining are actually money spending season ticket holders like me? You? ?? Me? Section 123, row 11 (Before MV7). Now, I am in my seat yealling like **** and at the game at introductions. If you spend the money, you can do whatever you wanna do. Period. You want people in their seats? Buy one and be there 2 hrs before the game! I am, 2hrs before the game. People who spend their hard earned money and stand in the hall having a beer its their freaking business. Now, if a player needs every person sitting to get "pumped," well he needs to find
  4. Whom ever designed the new website needs to be fired or give the money back! Period.
  5. get an outdoor stadium = you can have seat 1 section 123
  6. Why I hate the Saints, that's an easy one. Because I am a Falcon fan!
  7. I could never root for the 'aints! NEVER!!!! And I don't even like the Colts!
  8. The location is perfect. If ever moved, it has to be a short walk from Marta. If not, Bye bye season tickets! For me at least...
  9. Please let the 'aints lose! BAG HEADS lose!
  10. I have premium seats and I did not go to the last home gm as I am totally dissapointed in the team's performance this year. I love my Falcons.
  11. I love my Falcons Dearly. Have since 1977. But, Matty does not have (has not shown) the arm strength to make all the deep throws....I like Matty, (alot) but he does not have the arm strength to make all the throws. Just my opinion as a pure "Falcons fan." The deep ball is (consistently) non-existent for Matty. Consistently in the season. I love my Birds. GO FALCONS!
  12. I got my Brukski and Dr. Pepper Ribs! (Man these are great if you never had Dr. Pepper Ribs - you otta!)
  13. I am a die hard falcons fan season ticket holder - for many many many many years. Section 123. Ryan is not the answer...no arm to stretch the field. Nothing against Ryan as a person, but, his arm is our weakness. Please leave the Vick crap with you.
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