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  1. How are you not banned yet.

  2. 1 friend, 847 negs, 'nuff said

  3. all this dude does is troll, WAAAAAHHHH GET RID OF NOODLE ARM TD, WAAAAAAH I WANTED A NEW QB NOT A WR, seriously dude just go away,

  4. Let me go on record and say that I would gladly welcome MV7 back.
  5. My tickets did not drop one red cent! I am pissed!
  6. Me: - Finger Sandwhiches (Ham, turkey and cheese) - Beef Nachos - Beef Tacos - Fried Chicken Drumettes - Mixed Fruit - Apple Wedges (with Peanut Butter!) - Nutter Butter Cookies - Vanilla Cream Cookies - Nilla Wafers - Pita Chips (Cinnamon and Pesto Flavors) - Popcorn - Salsa and Chips - Other: - Miller Lite - Silver patron! Lastly: - Off Work Tomorrow
  7. I do pray that MV7 will be back. I really do.
  8. I would take him back in a heart beat. He is the the most exciting player to ever play in he NFL. EVER. PERIOD. I got to watch him live. I am honored.
  9. Man, that game is sold out! People may be in and out, but it's full.
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