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  1. Ya know what , I'm having surgery for cancer tomorrow and since its under my arm I can hardly type but what you just typed is a out right lie you are NOT the same poster ......now your just a attention HO once I'm recovered I'll be back and I'll have lots more to tell you sam
  2. if TDW started spamming the board every day and started out right telling lies and then repeating them AFTER he had been corrected I would have words with him also .........you should try going back to the ole swift BEFORE the Vick wars............you were a much better poster sam
  3. I don't agree with tdw but he does have my respect as a poster that's something you used to have too swift even when we didn't agree sam
  4. Dago, to me you seem like a pretty good poster and I can honestly say I would trust your eval of the Falcons over swifts. Swift has become a attention ho and does anything to bring attention to himself and lie like a dog when corrected he waits a week and tells the same lie again MORON >>>>>>>>>>>>>>SWIFT
  5. Gazoo my friend the only ones that blame Ryan are one of three things 1. idiots 2. butt hurt Vick fans 3. attention ho's that are in love with A Rogers ANY one else that knows anything about football knows better keep preaching the truth I got your back sam
  6. $5000.00 dollar fine for any player showing up out of shape to be repeated daily until playing shape is acheived 2.if the QB is hit late and the off line does NOT react to protect him fine EVERY DAYUM player on the line GET MEAN AND NASTY
  7. This is NOT gonna be popular thinking here but IMO our biggest problem was with stunts up the middle allowing pressure right off the bat AND not allowing Ryan to step up in the pocket to elude the def ends . Not only were we playing with less talent but also with confused players and to me that is coaching sam
  8. OK , I'm on meds this morning and my mind may be a bit off but didn't Lofton take LESS money to go to NO than what WE offered ? So if I'm right why blame it on team instead of on Lofton where it belongs ? sam
  9. For some reason my quote feature is NOT working Swift but your still a lying attention HO that this board would be better off without
  10. This board is paying for it because we have to put up with two dumb jackasses like you and swift
  11. WHY bother posting this, everyone knows that the attention ho named Swift knows more about football than anyone in the world and between him and the low life Vick fans that came back this season when the team is not playing well they have RUINED this board for any decent discussion or objective debate because of their hate of Ryan . Ryan is the best QB the Falcons have ever had these low lifes are too blind or stupid or race driven to know it sam
  12. Which idiot called the trash that comes out of Nashville country music.............I don't even think its music much less country sam
  13. Billicheat has won ZERO superbowls since they were caught cheating...........Gazoo my friend forget getting a straight answer from the attention ho .........hes NOT a Falcon fan and lies through his teeth as well sam
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