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  1. I'm optimistic. This was a essentially a preseason game. One loss is not the end of the world. We lost game one in 2016 and that season went pretty well. If you are ready to chuck everything after one game, you have been playing too much Madden. This team has the talent. I think there are issues that can be corrected. B E L I E V E....
  2. They stole "Who Dey?" from the Bengals and turned it into "Who Dat?". So it's not surprising. Maybe they can make it Brotherhood into "Butterhood" and put some on their popcorn while they sit home for the playoffs...
  3. I was about as wrong as humanly possible about Shanahan. I was impatient.
  4. Based on something the NBC crew said a couple of times during this game... There is no more Superman. There is only GRIMACE!!!
  5. maybe the committee of GMs & a Jerry Jones wannabe owner is making folks re-think things...
  6. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/01/16/report-mike-tice-joining-jack-del-rio-in-oakland/ SMH...
  7. Jay Adams from the Falcons has RT it. I'm confused.
  8. how can they hire Tice is he has a contract & the Falcons denied permission to talk with him? I call BS.
  9. what is the rush? I know the fans want to know but, if the Falcons want Quinn & are forced to wait, what is lost? A couple of off season weeks? Are those weeks required to make an unstoppable defense? Everyone is in such a hurry. I'd rather the front office make a right choice rather than a fast one.
  10. If some folks are willing to pay it...more power to ya. For me...not gonna happen
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