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  1. ATL has proven that if you build it, they will come. Granted, the fan base as a whole will never compare to the likes of NYK, LA or Boston, because the city is too transient for that, but ppl will turn out. You are correct, ATL fans do have a history of being sorta nonchalant and uninspired in their fandom, but we still love a winner and will show up for one too.
  2. So Mercedes-Benz is going to have 2 stadiums in the NFL with their name on them?
  3. Thank you! Please Mr. Blank take over this dumpster fire. And the Braves too, while you're at it.
  4. Sounds good but who's on the roster again? They can try and enhance the fan experience all they want, but at the end of the day the fans still want to see a winning product. Otherwise, you're going to have a fan experience mostly comprised of your opponents' fan base. And that's not a recipe for long term success.
  5. My point is this. I don't give a dayum how talented you think your WR/TE/RB corps are, if you don't have a QB to get them the ball, it's a moot point. Who cares that I have the likes of Julio Jones, Mike Evans or Antonio Brown on my team when I can't get either of them the ball because I have a below avg QB? NE routinely takes avg WRs and all of a sudden these WRs are ballers because now they're catching passes from Brady, in that system. That's why that fricking list makes no sense because the author is trying to have it both ways. He wants to say this list is supposed to be a compa
  6. Dude, that's bad! Saw it up close and personal on Sunday (from the outside of course), it's a gorgeous stadium. The falcon sculpture is ridiculous! Hands down best stadium in the NFL, if not all of sports.
  7. I was at TC yesterday and I'll tell you, Campbell is a large human being. Him, Schweitzer, Toilolo and Hageman dwarf people.
  8. Somebody had Jake on skates! Really hoping he has a good season. That's MR2's blind side.
  9. ****, we're going way back! Lol! He played RB at UGA. The other guy said UGA's notoriously known, so I was expecting this long laundry list of players. I'll give you TD, but I have to say that's going back 20 years, which to me doesn't make that guys point, but there were a couple things that factored into Davis' UGA career. From backing up Garrison Hearst to injuries.
  10. Houston was an All American and 1st team SEC his junior year. He was pretty good at UGA, especially his final season there. I think he flourished in Todd Grantham's 3-4 defense. If he would've came back for his senior season, no telling what kinda season he would've had.
  11. As a UGA die hard, pls allow me to ask who the **** are these players that got better once they got to the NFL? Outside of maybe Geno Atkins, who was taken in the 4th Rd not because of his lack of collegiate production, but because of size concerns, who are these notorious players that got better after they left Athens? If anything, it is skewed overwhelmingly in the opposite direction.
  12. I don't know about players getting better, per se, but certainly the systems they play in or the personnel they play with can, which can all of a sudden elevate one's play. Gabriel actually showed early in his career that he could play at this level. I think playing in Cleveland was more of the problem than anything.
  13. I think that's the point, Yo. That spot HAS to be the WR's. He can't afford to let the defender have that spot. Matt Ryan can't afford to let the defender have that spot. And I guarantee you, Julio was telling him this much on the side.
  14. Gabriel is a difference-maker, he takes pressure off your offense and puts it on the defense to stop him. You don't just want a good receiving corp, you want a dangerous one, too. He's apart of makes us dangerous. Resign if you can. We'll see how Hardy does this season. Reggie Davis is nowhere near an answer. I'm surprised he's still on the roster. He was never impactful at UGA, mediocre at best. Any suggestion that he's comparable to anything Gabriel brings to the table is a mistake.
  15. Free has been outplaying his contract for couple years now, and that's ok. He's an exceptional, uniquely talented, football player, and the Falcons know that. Knowing their track record, the Falcons aren't out to short change anybody. In terms of his new contract, just negotiate. The job of Freeman's camp is to come in high. If they didn't, it would be irresponsible on their behalf, BUT they need to be realistic about their demands. What you want and what you can get are two different things. IMO, asking for anything over $9 mil per is a waste of time. Free is a very good RB, but if
  16. First of all, DF24 should always do what's best for DF24. Given the nature of the business, the NFL is not loyal enough to its players for any individual to have that kinda mentality. Players getting cut 1 yr or 2 yrs after signing a 5 yr deal. Makes no sense. I'm ok with anybody, whether it be the NFL or general population, maximizing their value. Outside of the QB position, there's an extremely short window to get paid in the NFL. In all likelihood, this will be DF24's only chance at a big payday. If he signs a 4 or 5 yr deal and actually plays through it, that puts him at 30 yrs o
  17. Dude, this isn't a homer comment by me, but their analysis is flawed. I don't care how deep you think you are on offense, if you don't have a QB to deliver the ball, then what's the point? I'm giving the nod to Atlanta over Miami simply because I know what I have in Ryan and Tannehill, and based on that alone, Miami's "arsenal" cannot be better than Atlanta's. Do you really think on a 1to1 comparison, NE's WRs/RBs are better than Pitt's, ATL's or even MA's? **** no they aren't, but they gave them the nod because they know Brady is going to put up numbers.
  18. Being a life long Falcons fan has afforded me the ability to think more clearly than some of the other fan bases that I have had the displeasure of living around (ie. Washington Redskins) because we were bad for so many years. As a result, I think we as a fan base (not all, but most) are able to be more concise and honest about our prospects without any overly-jaded point of views. I'm not going to give any win total expectations, just one week at a time. Now that I got that out the way, I think we're going to beat the living shyte out of the Bears.
  19. Hage is still my guy. If his price tag comes in too high, slap a 2nd rd qualifying offer and see what happens.
  20. Good culture will do that, plus we have a helluva chance to get back to the show, which is always an attraction to any veteran
  21. You left off Brian Poole, bruh! But you are right, this roster is stacked. And you could make an argument for some others to be put on that list, such as: Jake Matthews Ryan Schraeder Austin Hooper Clayborn Jack Crawford (I'm a fan of this guy; think he's gonna have a surprisingly good year) Derrick Shelby Ricardo Allen (can't forget about him)
  22. Dayyyuuum! I see Rich McKay has been studying up on his owner's manual! That dude was able to go through the specs with car salesman-like precision! Can't wait to see it in person.
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