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  1. First of all, he said Free is an "easy" top 7 RB, not #7. There's a difference. You name me 6 RBs who are better than Free in the NFL today? Secondly, what the heck is up with this Kevin Faulk comparison? How is there any debate between him and Free? Faulk couldn't be Free on his best day, and he never was. Mad disrespectful. It's laughable that you said Kevin Faulk was shiftier than Free, who by the way has more Barry Sanders in him than Walter Payton. Yet, I'm supposed to believe a career 2nd tier RB like Faulk is on the same level as Free because you're still scarred from a missed
  2. Did you notice any of his other positive plays that put us in position to win that game (ie. his rushing TD, big catches and runs) or are you only going to bring up the one negative play? And what's messed up is you're bringing that up like that one play cost us the game. Let it go man.
  3. I don't think anyone would offer anything reasonable for him bc they know the Falcons just dropped a 2nd on him 2 drafts ago and they're not going to take a 5th or 6th rd for him now and many teams would rather just wait it out and see if the Falcons will cut him and they get him for nothing
  4. I mean he had Sanu waiting for an hour before he decided to throw the ball. Cut Ryan now before its too late
  5. Man, he ate Levitre's lunch! Alex Mack is a stud! Poe is gonna be a good addition.
  6. Paper rosters are all you got at this time of the season my man. If you can't look at film of Crawford's play over the past couple years and be excited by his addition, then I don't know what to tell ya. And yes u and I agree Takk is the one outlier, but given that he's a rook, there's never any telling
  7. What exactly do you mean? Are you saying because they all haven't played together collectively you're holding off on your excitement? Because I think every single member of our DL has proven that they can play at a competitive level, at the very least. The only unknown is Takk. Everyone else has shown to be good to exceptional.
  8. Meh! It just rubs me the wrong way to think we can't build enough pride in this city for our sports franchises to turn down a few dollars. Saying it's for the money seems fairly weak to me. I can't imagine a Dolphins or Bills club being able to buy a billboard in the middle of Boston or Pittsburgh or Cleveland fans being able to buy a billboard in downtown Baltimore, so why are we not above saying no thanks. But whatever, I'm just one person who can't make sense out of it.
  9. Legally?? This is not a legal matter. That billboard is owned & maintained by either someone or some entity, and to sell out is what I'm questioning, not whether or not a law was broken.
  10. I don't care all that much about the sign personally, they playing it up like they directly benefited from our loss? My only thing is where's the city's pride with the ppl who allowed the saints to purchase a billboard spot to put that shyte up in the first place? I hope we kick the shyte outta the saints this season. I mean really beat their arses. Like 47-3 type of arse-whipping!
  11. He doesn't come off as a rookie. Ladies and gents, this kid just might be a player.
  12. He's a big dude! If he has any speed to boot, he might have a shot. Julio was really been working with him on the side to help Dable out.
  13. Vandy, ur preaching to the choir! Ur 100% correct.
  14. What do u mean by approved? Thanks in advance btw.
  15. How can you watch via kodi? I have a couple myself and would love to watch some games. Thx
  16. To each his own, and I respectfully disagree with your assessment. If you like Chad Hogan better than Sanu, that's your prerogative, but all I know is Chad Hogan wasn't shyte before he got to NE, but Brady has been known to do that to WRs who come there, so good decision on Hogan's part. Hogan never had over 450 yds receiving prior to last season. Once again, thanks to Brady and NE's pass happy offense. This was Sanu's 2nd best season in his career. Had 790 yds in 2014. Sanu also rocked a catch % of 72.8% last season. Hogan is respectfully 65.5%. They both came into the league in 2012 and
  17. Gronk is a beast, no doubt! I was talking about them collectively as a unit, but they have gotten a lot better. Julio > Crooks Sanu > Hogan Gabriel = Edelman Hooper < Gronk Free > Dion Lewis Coleman > James White 1 to 1 comparison, there isn't one. Just saying.
  18. I thought Hoop started to come on towards the end of the regular season and had a really good playoffs. This guy is obviously not very clued in.
  19. I'm still surprised to see one sponsor able to own multiple stadium naming rights in the same sport. On top of that, two rivals.
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