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  1. When they discuss the Falcons vs Green Bay game from last night, all they choose to say is what went wrong with Green Bay rather than straight up giving Atlanta their props. If it was New England who had just destroyed Green Bay for the second consecutive time, all they'd be talking about is the greatness of Brady and Belichick. But when it comes to the Falcons, they just can't seem to muster up the ability to say this team is legit and perhaps all of Falcons going to miss Shanahan talk was a little overrated. It's ridiculous
  2. Umm that guy could start a war! I almost punched a hole in my wall. Good stuff right there!
  3. To be honest, I don't have a problem with anything he said. The dude literally went down a list of our very own history and some of you are salty about that? Own that shyte! It won't hurt as much if you did. Hopefully, this year's team can erase some of those demons, but we've earned every criticism. I'm ok with that. Gonna make the good times even sweeter.
  4. Players are getting inventive with ways to get out of Cleveland these days. Staging fights, what's next?
  5. I like it. I'm ok with everything he said. He brought up a good point about Quinn too. His philosophy can be his undoing in a sense. Still a great coach and motivator, though.
  6. What's the deal with the PSLs, seats, etc? Does it really make a difference? Can I still go through sites like stubhub? What's the easiest route to get tickets in y'alls opinion?
  7. Only people who care about the preseason are Cleveland Browns and Jax Jaguars fans. That's the only time they have during the football season to collect Ws. Nobody else cares. The preseason has nothing to do with wins and loses. It's strictly about player evaluation, that's why you saw so many of ATL starters sitting out this preseason. Quinn knows what it all means.
  8. Ha! Hue Jackson is an underrated HC. If he's given some time, he can make them a good football team
  9. Cleveland is cleaning house. They're no longer letting bad players rot on their roster.
  10. So why was this guy on the streets? There are tons of other teams needing quality OL? I hope he turns into a steal, but does make you wonder.
  11. I think when it comes down to the info that's out there about his team, DQ wants to be the author and distributor of that info. Seems like he's taking a page out of Belichick's book. That guy only provides what he wants, when he wants. He doesn't really care about the agitation or discomfort it causes others, so long as he's controlling the narrative. I think DQ has decided he's seen too many money players' seasons ruined in preseason and he's not going to run any further risk at this point. He's seen all he needs to see from Free. I agree the lack of specifics does only leave people to d
  12. Seriously man, I don't know what your malfunction is? I don't know if you're an arse by nature or just one of those types who try find something out of nothing? This is a msg board homey, keep it in perspective.
  13. Dude, if u think I was wound up, then ur the one who needs to chill. Different opinions doesn't surprise me as when you're talking about final WRs spots, you're talking about guys who are on that proverbial bubble. I have to admit, Davis has surprised me. He was pretty much a mediocre at best player in college. Pretty much goes to show the type of QB talent UGA has had over the years.
  14. Everybody's entitled to their opinion, you can Lol all you want, but if we're carrying 7 WRs on this roster, I think he makes the cut after Julio, Sanu, Hardy & Gabriel. He's shown some ability and he has the size.
  15. I think Dable makes the roster
  16. He's obsessed with this guy. As if nothing else matters. Meanwhile, Sark is mixing it up like it's nobody's business. Hall dropped an easy TD, btw. So, rt now Sark is looking very good with his playcalling. Defense is on rollerskates.
  17. I remember Cobb when he was in college at Minnesota. I thought at the time, he was going to be the next thing to come out of that program at the RB position. Never materialized. I think this is a sign that the Falcons are good where Devonta is at. I don't think you'll see much of him for the remainder of this preseason. They'll use that designation to their advantage and keep him out. He's going to be strong out the gate.
  18. I think what people see in Sanu is somebody who's actually accending, coming into his own, whereas Marshall is on the downturn, otherwise he'd still be a Jet. He's still going to be a very effective WR because of his size, but you're not going to see the Marshall of years past ever again. He's just not the same guy.
  19. I think you're taking who the QBs are into stronger consideration than the actual depth. I'm with you on the Giants WR corp, but the Bucs, Raiders, Pack, Pats and Steelers are not deeper than the Falcons, but we'll let the season play out.
  20. There's always room my man, in either direction. The Falcons broke all kinds of records last season, still room for improvement. Rams stunk on O last season, could be worse, could be better.
  21. I have a teenager, he just shook his head in disbelief
  22. I don't have Directv and I'm scrolling through Spectrum's guide and I don't see them scheduled to air tonight. I have a firestick (jail broken), but Not seeing an add on or anything for sports streaming. Any ideas?
  23. Because football is brutal sport with an avg shelf life of 3 yrs. RBs are notoriously known to have windows in which they must maximize their value. That window for RBs is typically their first contract after their rookie deal. This will likely be Coleman's biggest payday. He's going to seek max dollars, and given the nature of the sport I can't blame him.
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