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  1. weiner and blaylock will be here next season. everybody else is up for debate. mcclure is the veteran, but he very well be the weakest link in our chain. he's smart and i get that, but petrino's offensive scheme is based on braun, not brain. petrino needs a guy under center who can come off of a snap driving his guy down field. if mcclure isn't holding his guy, he's getting man-handled by bigger dl and needs help just about every down w/ either a straight-up double team or a chip from 1 of the guards. i guarantee we draft 2 ol high in next year's draft. maybe the 2 second rd picks will both be
  2. hey man, i'm all for ppl coming together and discussing issues that affect americans and america as a whole, but i must say this article by whitlock is a bunch of crap. the dude is a very intelligent person, but like all intelligent ppl when given too much time they will come up w/ something that's probably not there. while whitlock cares only to talk about players that are apart of losing teams, why don't he check in on players that are having successful seasons and see what their attitudes are like and let us know. last time i checked, adrian peterson was an african-american who listens to h
  3. before everyone jump on the blame petrino bandwagon, could any of you stiffs imagine what this team would look like if mora and company were still in charge? we look at our record of 1-5 and everyone's quick to say it's been a miserable experience. no, what's been a miserable experience is seeing our real starting qb go down in flames, best defensive tackle get hurt on a fricking jet-ski (which is like seeing grady jackson riding on a tri-cycle), te age 10 years in one season (alge looks like a 20 yr veteran) and an overly-exposed ol. now, you throw all of that into a big pot and mix in a new
  4. i don't think that a captain tag should be given to the guy who has been on the team longer than others. the captain should be the guy you can rely on to either make a big play or lead others to make a play and therefore feel that brooking should give up his captain's "c" and hand it over to abraham because that man along w/ grady and boley are the one's on defense who play w/ any passion.
  5. as long as he's the qb behind this line he will appear to be a lot worse than he truly is. harrington has proven to me over the past weeks that if given the proper protection and play call he can make the play, but unfortunately for him this is not the team that's gonna give him either. i have gained a lot of respect for harrington over the course of this season. i was one of his biggest critics when the season began, but the guy is actually one of very "few" players on this team who has any heart and show signs of resolve. i guess it only comes from his time in detroit where he got it from, b
  6. this was the 1st game where i felt ashamed. not because we lost, but because we allowed ourselves to lose w/ no fight what so ever. the defensive coordinator allowed manning to sit in the pocket in the 1st half and pick apart our pourous secondary. boley's pick came after they were already up 21-10. it was too late by then. we're not the kinda team that's gonna come back from any kind of deficits. that's why as a dc, his job is easy. you sell-out every single down you can and get burned being aggressive and not get killed sitting in a soft zone. it looks horrible when you have a td thrown on
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