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  1. Haha! I like that. He should show his appreciation.
  2. I don't know if it was playing at home on the turf, but there was something special about that pass rush last night. In the 2nd quarter, it looked like the pocket was breaking down every play. The Falcons DL was getting after it. The only thing that saved Dak was his mobility. He was doing an excellent job of escaping the rush and was gashing us a bit, but it just kept coming and was non-stop. IMO, the thing that always hurt the Falcons pass rush was the lack of push straight up the middle. What I noticed in the dolphins game was we were allowing Jake Cutler's bumass to have a lane to ste
  3. Don't tell me I can't blame coaching when I see the offense disappear for 2.5 quarters and making dumbass play call after play call. We had a real opportunity to go up big on Carolina after Jonathan Stewart's 2nd fumble, but we didn't capitalize and our offense tanked until late in the 4th quarter. That 3rd and inches play action pass attempt to Hooper was about the most idiotic play call I've ever seen, but yet I can't put any of the blame on coaching? Yeah ok. Do you know what Carolina fans and media are telling themselves this morning? They are saying that they have the best defen
  4. Not very much to that one. A HS player makes that catch. Ball couldn't have been thrown any better. Velocity wasn't an issue, he just blew it. One of the worst drops I've ever seen from one of the most catchable passes I've ever seen.
  5. Do y'all wanna cut Julio too because he's dropped some pretty big passes in his day, not to mention yesterday's inexcusable drop. Hoop frustrates the heck outta me too, but its a lil overboard to ask for the man to be cut. He's not as bad as some of you claim he is, but he does have lapses in his focus and yes he drops passes, but so does 100% of other TEs in the NFL. There isn't a rhyme or reason for everything that happens. I don't know what he was thinking on that Freeman dump pass? He's still a young guy which means he's going to be prone to dumb shyte.
  6. There are a few plays each game that makes you ask if he's who we thought he was, but then he battles back and put us in a position to win. Julio dropped TD was inexcusable. That dumbass pass play to Hoop on 3rd and inches was inexcusable. Ryan taking a sack on 2nd and 1 was inexcusable. There are a lot of things that equal this team being where it is. Ryan isn't THE problem, just part of it. Play calling is horrendous, especially in the 2nd half of football games. On 4th down with the game in the balance, why is Ryan going to the smallest guy on the field? The Falcons are finding ways to lose
  7. Thanks for pointing out that she was black. I'm sure somewhere down the lists of reasons why she dimed this dude out, that's important.
  8. I'm sorry, but you are wrong. You don't throw a fumble 8 yards down the field. I've never seen that happen until last night. It's total garbage that you couldn't see that Matt squeezed the ball before throwing it. That ball was thrown not fumbled.
  9. Literally at a minimum, this is the 4th thread you've created to say the same crap! We get it, you're angry! Your feelings are well-documented. Thanks for your contribution, you can stop now. Anti-American? Where did that come from? I've never heard a single person say they were anti-American. Is it that anybody who doesn't agree with your narrative is anti-American? You're actually the one who's anti-American if you don't believe in freedom of expression. As the spouse of an ex-military member and relative/friend to many more, I love this country, its values and everything it repres
  10. And you're insane! No way you're gonna tell me a team that had 281 total yards was the better team. That's bs. One, we played flat majority of the game. Two, playcalling was suspect at best. 3rd and 1, and neither of the 2 best playmakers you have left don't touch the ball? Three, your top two WRs went down with injuries. Lastly, the league still don't know how to interpret their own rules. That wasn't a fumble and that 2nd INT was trapped on the ground. His hands were on the side of the ball. If his hands were under it, I wouldn't say anything.
  11. Actually, I'm very clued in, but you're angry man! I don't understand ppl like you? What are you so angry about? No one gives a shyte about your f'ing point or agenda. Keep your azz at home if you don't like what you're seeing. Everybody has an opinion, and if yours drives you to not want to show up at games, don't. But this tkt sales garbage you want to promote, no one is caring like that. You're too invested in that narrative. One thread was enough. Why did you have to start up multiple to convey the same msg? Enough already.
  12. Yeah, for all the same offense just a different terminology talk, it sure doesn't look like it. This was a flat performance reminiscent to the bears game. Just no flow or rhythm. The defense are attacking us vs us attacking them. We had them guessing last year. Not so much this year. Sark should've went I-formation on 3rd down. He's struggling right now.
  13. Then thanks for giving the guys next to you the extra space. I'm sure it will be used wisely and you will be missed.
  14. We good here in Charlotte. Game will be on locally.
  15. While you're questioning someone's IQ because they don't agree with your msg, maybe we should be questioning your motivation for trying to pump this unsubstantiated bs. It's ironic to me that you're questioning IQs when you are obviously not catching the drift that nobody gives a shyte. Stop trying to politicize everything. If sales are down, fine! Guess what, I'm pretty dayum sure you can look through other years and see sales being down at some point. It happens. There's no direct proof that sales are down for the reason YOU want them to be. It's all speculation and hear say. But please stop
  16. The "Trump Effect". What a joke! With 2 natural disasters of epic proportions, people are still trying to piece their lives back together. There are a lot more important things in life, football should come secondary. If people don't want to come to the games because he said so, fantastic! Not crazy about being in the midst of politicized, blow-hards, sitting on their hands all game anyways. I'm there to enjoy my team play, not play politics. For that website to try and give glory to that guy, is sloppy reporting, with no way to definitively prove any of what they're saying. Just more crap to
  17. I'm sorry, but "It's Atlanta!", is not very convincing when someone wants to know why they are not the best 3-0 team in the league. How lazy is that? If you can't come up with 3 facts to back up your opinion, then whatever comes out your mouth is irrelevant.
  18. Buffalo's kinda helter/skelter. You just don't know who's going to show up at QB. Tyrod can be horrible or he can be Vick 2.0 at times during the game. Keep him contained, don't let him outside the box. He's very dangerous when he breaks contain and improvises. Tak is going to have to play a different style than he's used to. It can't be all attack Sunday. He needs to be conscious of his rush angles. I'm not sure if the Falcons are going to try and spy Tyrod with the LBs, but we should be able to win this one if we control the clock and watch the turnovers.
  19. Somebody needs to tell McNabb that his crooked azz beard is overrated. How about he stop worrying about what almost happened and take notice of what happened. If the Falcons go 16-0, with an avg point differential of 1 pt. Guess what? They're still 16-0, bottom line. Crooked beard or not.
  20. Winning on the road in the NFL is hard as ****.
  21. All that truly matters is we got the win, but no way in **** you're gonna tell me a pick 6 isn't on the person who threw it. I don't care how good of a play it was. The other two were not on him, especially the Sanu pass. The Coleman pass was a little off target, but he was just trying to make a play. I just hate throwing INTs that are just 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. Those kill me.
  22. I don't think watching the games is the problem, understanding what he's watching is. I don't think he understands Poe's role.
  23. I believe he came on a stunt and got Rodgers square in the rib cage. He was a split second from getting to Rodgers before the pass was out, which caused him to rush the pass and almost caused an INT but Poole dropped the pass. I love the way he's being brought along with situational purpose. You can just see that he gets it. He's gonna get his first sack soon enough.
  24. Okay cool. I'm on the road driving so I haven't had a chance to watch any Sports shows today but was just listening to General Sports Talk Radio and that was the takeaway that I got.
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