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  1. Haha! I agree! He's been awesome today. Offense has been garbage at best
  2. But we called the TO and we didn't have time to score. So, this so-called blueprint football didn't work. This is the argument. Do you play textbook football or football in real time aka what's really going on?
  3. First of all, this is the problem. That's not situational football, that's textbook football. That's you doing something that some presumptive script says to do vs going with the situation. Stop assuming for one sec and make a call based on what's going with the game itself. Remember, a few weeks ago against New Orleans, Quinn declined a holding penalty because he assumed what the text said to do there vs what he was supposed to do. Instead, Peyton went for it on 4th and 1, picked it up. Although, the Falcons won on an unbelievable play by Jones, that doesn't take away from the fact of Quinn m
  4. Who...gives...a...dayum...if...Carolina...bleeds...the...clock...and...calls...a...timeout? Let them. If they're gonna call a timeout, get the same play call out there and convert, it's gonna be on their dime, shouldn't have been on ours.
  5. So, it's dumb for them to call a timeout on 3rd and 23, but makes sense for us to call one for them? Because that's essentially what we did.
  6. Dude! Pls understand. If Carolina doesn't call a time out, and tries to come back to the line with the playclock running, that totally changes the opportunity for them to call a better play. ATL does them a favor, calls a TO, gives Carolina time to regroup and call a better play. That's what happened.
  7. So what if they do bleed the clock? Is there anything wrong with having a 7-3 lead? It was 3rd and 21. Under very low circumstances do teams ever convert that. ATL offense hasn't done jack since the first drive. What's the rush to get them back out there, anyways? You're the coach, you should have a good temp of what's going on with your team. Throw out the, "here's what you're supposed to do", playbook. Know the situation, not the rule. Just let things play out for a chance.
  8. In that particular situation, if anyone calls a TO, it's gonna be Carolina because they were the ones with the burden to score, not us. But giving up a 3rd and 21 is indefensible, too. So, the botched time management is par for the course.
  9. Yeah it's pretty pathetic. We've squandered a lot of possessions with the lead, running a high school level offense. Even if we somehow end up squeaking into the playoffs, I don't like how we're looking to win anyways.
  10. Thing that concerns me about Free is he's so physical as a runner, he doesn't avoid contact and he's fresh out of concussion protocol. He was straight dropping bombs last night. After every run, I was checking his demeanor to see if he got up slow or wobbly because he was extra physical last night. Felt sorry for Tampa's Safeties. Free tried to go through both of them last night. Got Ward up outta there, and Conty was on the cusp to bowing out it seemed at the end.
  11. Everyone on here has made good points on both sides of the argument. For me personally, I'm just tired of seeing Beasley dropping into coverage on key rushing down situations, which imo is minimizing his impact. He's not good in space, but that's not his fault. He's a rush end, not a LB, plain and simple. Stop trying to be the genius who reinvented the wheel, and let this man do what he does best. The more opportunities he has to rush the QB, the higher the chances of him coming up with a sack or at least disrupting a play. You're doing the offense a favor by dropping him into covera
  12. I thought it was widely accepted that Free was really concussed in the Caro game on a missed block by Hoop?
  13. Against Dan Reeves, Tom Coughlin, Bill Parcells, yes you might be right, but this was Sean Payton. One of the most aggressive coaches in the entire NFL. All about knowing your opponent, not the standard because 9 times out of 10, they are playing by a different set of rules.
  14. I know the old mantra is, "any given Sunday", so anything is possible. I get it, but I don't see the Panthers beating the Vikings. I think we're going to be tied with them record-wise after Sunday, with them owning the tie-breaker because of the head-to-head win, and will make our next meeting that much more important
  15. And I get sick of people coming onto a MESSAGE BOARD complaining about people having an opinion. We're all happy that we won, but having a discussion about things that can prevent us from winning in the future is not complaining. No one's about being a blind loyalist.
  16. Sorry man, but they held the saints to 17 pts, plus a spectacular play by Jones to seal it. Defense won this one.
  17. And I call a blind dog a blind dog, doesn't mean it's good for hunting. Nobody's bitching about a dayum thing, just not going to sleepwalk through the remainder of this season with blinders on. When we lose a game or two due to nonsense, it'll be guys like you who will be the first ones on here complaining about why we played so poorly? That'll be when a win is not just a win because there's a thin line between ugly wins and bad losses. You address the things you can control, not chalk them up as simple mistakes. You're supposed to learn from them, not repeat over and over.
  18. That's probably the most asinine response anyone could possibly give because you're throwing out every single thing that happened during the course of the game and jumped right to the end, as if nothing in between ever took place. Simply saying they won is an even bigger problem because you're not addressing anything. You're essentially sugar-coating reality, failing to recognize that in the NFL you may get lucky and win one, but you're going to lose a lot more. We might as well just watch the games with blindfolds on and wait for the final score then, if that's how you view sports.
  19. What? You must be blaming the Saints for catching them INTs and compounding his problems. Only one of those INTs weren't on him. The other two were ABSOLUTELY on him. Just dumbass, indefensible decisions. We should've won that game by no less than 10 points last night.
  20. one that could've cost them the game was his decision to decline the 10 yd penalty on 3rd down, which would've made it 3rd and 11 vs 4th and 1. I don't know about y'all, but given the true distance to the first down (less than a full yard), I knew Payton was going for it. NO easily picked up the 1st down on the very next play. I know what Quinn was thinking, he assumed Payton would play it safe and just kick the FG on 4th down, and he assumed wrong. I was thinking to myself he needs to take the yards in that situation, not the down. In year 3, I guess you can say he is still learning
  21. Of course they are improved. When you add a talent like Kamara to your roster, automatically you are improved as a team. He turns simple plays into explosive plays. It's gonna be tough sledding for our defense when they use him as a receiver because there isn't a LB who can check him. Then you add Ingram and you got somebody who's gonna pound you. Kamara can run between the Tackles too. Finally, it's a homecoming game for Kamara, so he'll be extra motivated. But the biggest difference-maker for the saints has been their defense. They've always put up points, just could never stop any
  22. Matt's most effective when he's spreading the ball around. I don't think that comes as a surprise to anybody. It was very good to see Hardy be targeted for that TD catch. Matt has to continue doing things like that because he owns defenses when he uses all of his weapons.
  23. You want 3 RBs in case of injury. If you only dress 2, and 1 gets injured, then you're down to one RB for the rest of the game. You dress 3
  24. That is one of the worst mischaracterizations and overreactions I've ever seen. Has he dropped some passes, absolutely, but I've also seen one of game's greatest (JJ11) drop even more catchable balls this season. Are you gonna call him stone hands too? We all can be guilty of allowing our emotions to dictate how we view things if you catch us at the right time, I get it. But the fact is you're wrong.
  25. I'm gonna go ahead and send a congrats to Mr. Claiborne. The man balled out last night. I don't wanna hear who he did it against. None of that matters to me. When you step on that field, you're fair game.
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