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  1. DQ's the HC, and ultimately the final decision is his to make, but forgive me for not buying that he was targeting a D-II DE from a school with barely a program and a lil Caesars meal plan. On top of that, knowing that rush end is a need on this team, the only plan with this guy is to tack 25 more lbs on him and see what happens.
  2. Now we see why he jumped to take Comisky. It appears to me that he was chomping at the bit a little to take the hometown kid. But whatever. I'm over the fact that the guy is even on the roster, but taking him where they did in the 4th, I hope this doesn't become a TD picked with his heart and not with his head situation. We'll see.
  3. I don't understand how folks can look at Rico's body of work and come to any conclusion that puts him in the same ballpark as Kazee. One of the things I couldn't stand about Rico was he always seemed to be just one step behind on plays. A step late, but rarely on time. Now that we have somebody who has displayed the ability to not only sniff out plays, but be on time to make a play on the ball, we want to hand the position back over to Rico? I think Rico's an ok player, but not special.
  4. That would be solid draft. Love the Winovich & Montgomery picks. The only thing that prevents this from being a very good draft is the Lawrence pick at 14. Not sure he's going to be a good pro. He has potential, but I'm leaning towards him being a mediocre talent.
  5. The Falcons need to be better at identifying and drafting DT talent, not spending top dollar in FA for it. That's how you stay in cap ****.
  6. Statistically speaking, we weren't that great on defense the year we went to the NFCC, either. We ranked on the wrong side of every single defensive category in the NFL. But our offense was so good that it literally masked how bad our defense actually was. What did we have that we haven't had since 2012? You guessed it, a running game. That off-season, we got rid of two of the most important pieces to the success of that team, Abe & Turner. What made Abe irreplaceable was the guy was clutch. Seemed like every time we needed a big play on D, he was the one who stepped up and made it happen. That off-season, Dimitroff overplayed his hand and thought the Falcons were more talented than they were. 3 seasons later, we're still trying to fix this roster.
  7. I'm sorry dude, but you spout out a lot of nonsense and I'm not exactly sure where it's coming from? How can you call Gurley a hood ornament, when it's you who broke down the definition of what that means?Redskins signing all those players that one off season is the definition of hood ornament roster building. Raiders signing Warren Sapp was a hood ornament signing. The Cardinals signing Emmitt two years after his prime was a hood ornament signing. Whether coming off an injury or not, the Falcons drafting the best RB on 85% of all NFL teams rankings does not fit the bill. He is somebody that can make a difference everything he touches the football. Now again, I agree with the notion that the Falcons should not be thinking about taking him at 8, but your attempt to make your point by tearing down the man is not cool. You called him gimpy earlier, that's bs. If he was gimpy he wouldn't be on anybody's radar. ACL tears are not viewed the same as they used to. They're not career ending injuries like they were back in the day and I would expect you to know that already. It's like having Tommy John surgery. Teams don't like it, but if it needs to be done they're comfortable with it.
  8. And that's where you and I agree because they have too great of a need on defense vs. offense.
  9. I really don't see your point here. What do you expect them to say, Falcons have no faith in Freeman? I think the young man will be given a shot, but I'm not 100% sure that he's viewed by the Falcon brass as an every down back.
  10. Anything is possible, sure. But the point I was trying to make is the guy is a top 5 talent and to view him as such shouldn't be frowned upon simply because some think that everyone's motivation is based on where he went to school. The man is a legit top five talent. Do you not agree with that?
  11. We have to remember, there was a time not so long ago that Seattle's defense wasn't that good either. And to be honest, they've been luckier than they've been good in the draft. Since 2009, they've drafted only 3 guys within the first 4 rds that make an impact on their roster (Thomas-1st, Wagner-2nd & Irvin-1st). Outside of those 3 guys, it's been bust after bust. Where they have made their money have been in the later rounds (Chancellor-5th, Sherman-5th, Maxwell-6th & Smith-7th). Later rds is where Dimitroff struggles. He hasn't done a very good job of finding those diamond in the rough players.
  12. [quote name="DawnOfThemBirds" When people say that the Falcons would be stuck with the 3rd or 4th best pass rusher vs Gurley, what if the Falcons value those pass rushers slightly higher than Gurley on their board as well? Value vs. need are two entirely things. That's like saying the Falcons value Beasley over Winston. We all know they don't, BUT since they don't have a need at the QB position there's no sense in having the discussion. From a sheer value perspective, all teams rank players from highest to lowest. That's how bpa comes into play in the later rounds when most needs have been satisfied. Because they've already done their homework and can easily transition from need to bpa. In terms of value, I don't believe there's any question that Gurley is in most NFL teams top 3-5. In terms of need, that's where draft boards start to differ. That's what you're talking about. And for the most part I agree with you, except I wouldn't be so quick to assume the Falcons view so many DEs ahead of him simply because there's a greater need. At the end of the day, any need is still a need. Whether it's a major or critical, both need to be addressed. When you read ppl on here saying that the Falcons should draft Gurley, it's not simply because he went to UGA, I'm sure that's true in some cases (maybe even majority) but, there are also those who recognize it as an opportunity for the Falcons to get a top 3-5 talent at #8, because there is a need for a RB on this team. With that said, I still say the need for a pass rusher is too great to ignore though. And the primary reason why I feel addressing the pass rush need in the first round is a must is because I absolutely do not see anybody in the 3rd & beyond rounds who I feel could come in and make an impact on day one. On the other hand, I think there are a number of RBs that will be avail on day two that can get the job done. I still like Mike Davis from S. Carolina. My problem with rush ends is I am having a hard time separating them. There are those who say Fowler is the best of the group, then after that it's a crap-shoot because I've seen Beasley and Ray both drop to the late 1st to 2nd rd lately. And the same could be said for all of the guys ranked after them. That's not good. I can't wait until Thursday gets here so we can finally put all this to bed.
  13. It's not so much about him being the local hero as opposed to being the best player available. Look at it like this. If we were in need of a DE, much like we are now, but AJ Green was available at #8, you're telling me ppl would be wrong for clamoring for him only because he went to UGA. No, it's getting the best player at his position vs. the 4th best DE. I'm not in the draft Gurley category by any stretch of the imagination, but let's not act as if we are solid at the RB position. There's a need there too.
  14. I think it was nice of Gregory's agent to put this video together. Definitely gave me more perspective.