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  1. With the adding of pitts who will get double coverage or will it be jones? Either way ryan shud hav break out year. We got jones,ridley,gage,pitts,hurst. Wow talk about sum weapons. Now if we get good play calling theres no reason Ryan cant hav a better year then 2016. Is anybody else excited?
  2. How will my other recievers get open if we trade coolio jones?? Will i still hav a job next year?
  3. I think it's time..with a covid season we got going on now I do believe it's the perfect time to let Quinn go..We have made change after change and still we can't hold onto a lead..now however I wudnt mind keeping Quinn on as a d.cord. But we need a off.minded coach to run the show.
  4. Matts avg per year is better then any QB on that list..good job
  5. soon as Atlanta is either eliminated from playoffs or does not make it to nfc championship dq will be gone..but I have a good feeling about this year remember 2016 we lost to bucs in home opener..we were good against the run..and the off line looked good. It was just our 1rst game and without any preseason practice..teams are still working on the links..dan sticks around...
  6. Quinn went from legion of boom to legion of doomed..it's just frustrating as **** More like where is defense
  7. Since Quinn took over defense we are allowing more points. Ugh I'm a very frustrated fan right now. Our window of opportunity has closed. But I have not seen no improvement in our defense. Dan the man threw himself out there by taking over the defense. Should we start looking for a new coach or do we suffer more with our typical sorry football team and coaching staff? Ps. Very pissed off to a point I put away all my falcon stuff...I feel like we are back in our old 4-12 selfsagain..
  8. I do expect the defense will be better then last year because we do have guys coming back from injuries and Quinn knows how to get the best out of his defense. I hope we have a great draft and add a great veteran on both lines.
  9. I'm excited to see what Quinn can do with the defense. Will he prevail in his do or die situation ??
  10. You hit the nail rite on the head. I wud love to see wages lowered and then a maximum wage set in place.
  11. Matty Ice hasn't missed a game in 10 years. So we shudn spend a lot on any backup QB..send schaub walking if he doesn't take a pay cut..Ryans game attendance is unbelievable only missing 2 games in his entire career with the falcons. Last game he missed was in 2009. And that shows just how tuff he really is considering all the hits he has taken over the years..because of this stat I wudnt pay much for a backup
  12. I think we need to start thinking about bringing in sum one younger in the draft in the next year or two to start learning behind Ryan like Rodgers did with favre. I also think we do not need to spend 5 million on a backup to a QB that doesn't miss games..bring in a cheaper vet or have shaub take a pay cut..
  13. I think it wud be cool to have another hard hitter out there..We cud use the improvement..Im for it but don't want to give up to much for him..
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