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  1. I think it's time..with a covid season we got going on now I do believe it's the perfect time to let Quinn go..We have made change after change and still we can't hold onto a lead..now however I wudnt mind keeping Quinn on as a d.cord. But we need a off.minded coach to run the show.
  2. Matts avg per year is better then any QB on that list..good job
  3. soon as Atlanta is either eliminated from playoffs or does not make it to nfc championship dq will be gone..but I have a good feeling about this year remember 2016 we lost to bucs in home opener..we were good against the run..and the off line looked good. It was just our 1rst game and without any preseason practice..teams are still working on the links..dan sticks around...
  4. Quinn went from legion of boom to legion of doomed..it's just frustrating as **** More like where is defense
  5. Since Quinn took over defense we are allowing more points. Ugh I'm a very frustrated fan right now. Our window of opportunity has closed. But I have not seen no improvement in our defense. Dan the man threw himself out there by taking over the defense. Should we start looking for a new coach or do we suffer more with our typical sorry football team and coaching staff? Ps. Very pissed off to a point I put away all my falcon stuff...I feel like we are back in our old 4-12 selfsagain..
  6. Practice 6 hours aday snapping the ball and handing off..we need to stop fumbling..we are still 6-2 we hav time to turn this slump around..Come on Boys tighten up..Go Falcons
  7. Turn overs are killing us..we beat ourselves against the saints we almost beat ourselves against the titans and we beat ourselves against the bucs..and remember we arent 100% healthy either..
  8. I will be loud down here in south florida...with a banged up defense i feel alot better about miamis #1 reciever possibly out for the game mike wallace is wjth a groin injury...snelling has always step up to the plate for us i wud like to see him get Alot of the carries..grimes mite need sum help with jones leaving douglas or white opened lets hope...but we will need a big day out of rodgers or snelling...loud and proud in south florida..Rise up lets do this
  9. I became a falcons fan wen i moved to ga..watching bartkowski and william andrews..and all of georgia loyal fans i jumped on th e band wagon and hav ridden it every since..ive never in my life not even once wore any thing from another team nor will i ever..I LOVE THIS TEAM WE AS FANS HAV LEARNED TO ROLL TOGETHER...WE LOVE R BIRDS AND WEN I DIE IM WEARING MY JERSEY TO MY OWN FUNERAL..I LOVE THE OWNER AUTHUR BLANK I GOT TO MEET HIM AND HAV MY PIC TAKEN WITH HIM..i WUD LOVE TO SERVE MR BLANK AS HIS PERSONAL ASSTIANT..I LOVE WUT HE HAS DONE IN ATLANTA..AND I THINK HIM VERY MUCH FOR LOVIN HIS FANS
  10. i think its safe to say we r builing the best team in the nfl..although we will be depending on the draft to fill any emty spots..I wud like to see 1 more vet on the dline..and a good pick up in the def back field..and they will be set..with the resigning of tony and bringing in steven jackson and de usi...we lookin strong,,by far the better over all offense..we wer cheated last year..but the lost is wuts gonna make this team even stronger..i pick atlanta to make the big bowl game


  12. Even thou we let the 49ers come back I still feel they had alot of help from the refs..2 OF THIER tds CAME AFTER ARE DEFENSE HELD THEM ON 3RD DOWN ONLY FOR A REF to call a BS call that wud give the 49ers a free 1rst down and thats wut help are defense tire down..Like the finger tip on the QBS helmet when he was just swatting at the ball that was the biggest help for the 49ers the 2nd biggest help they got when roddy was being held like the guy wanted to dance or sumtin that shud hav been called..ther were a few hits by the 49ers that shud have been called...Dam just thinkin about it stings..IF
  13. im goin bak to that hold on roddy at the 5...wtf if refs had called it we wud be goin...oh yea a finger tip on the 9ers qb and 15 yards...the refs went with the 9ers for sure...it was the help of the refs that kept 2 drives alive for the 49ers...
  14. its a maybe for me i did miss last year..I am back living in south florida so it will be a 10 hour drive but well worth it as i have done it my 1rst couple of years ...
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