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  1. I also like the all-black ... hate to say it, but the Aints unis look good tonight in all-black!
  2. OK, so I have not posted on here in a while, but I would like your opinions on our current unis as opposed to throwback unis. A few teams have gone back to their traditional throwback unis in recent years as their current unis. If we would go back to the retro look as every-Sunday unis, would you rather the 70's look (red helmets, old bird, gray/silver pants, red or white jerseys, like we use on occasion now) OR would you rather us go back to the Glanville Back-in-Black 80's look ?? I personally prefer the 70's look like we use for special games now, but I am a traditionalist. Opinions??
  3. anyone?? Bueller?? Bueller?? Please PM me with a working link .... I am suffering through the damned Saints game here!
  4. Plain and simple - the game shoulda been won b4 the OT ... we had our chances to put it in the "W" column in the red zone in the final minutes and we didn't.
  5. That, my friend, is our most glaring weakness ... the inability to make halftime adjustments when other teams seem to do it so easily ... why the heck did our offensive game plan change after halftime?? We lack the killer instinct and when we smell blood, we cease to go in for the throat!! We back off when we need to push it!
  6. Sitting here in the deep south hungering for a link to the game ... please PM me with one!! Thanks in advance!!
  7. How many times did we get them in 2nd-3rd and long yesterday, then blow it by terrible coverage or blown assignments?? BVG is horrible at situational defense!!
  8. Is it me, or do WE always seem to give up the 2nd-3rd and long plays ... our defense is really crap!
  9. Here's a novel idea ... let's call them by their NAMES!
  10. BRYANT, BABY!! In the immortal words of Foreigner .. "You're as cold as ice"!!
  11. Bryant needs to tell that stupid camera guy to get the F out of his face!
  12. Rogers coulda set up a lounge chair and drank a margarita with all that time, and still managed to get the pass off.
  13. Just one freaking big play by the D and they choke!
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