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  1. Wow, the Packers who snuck into the playoffs and played a Bears team that had nothing to gain by winning...
  2. They won't be playing in the Pro Bowl. They'll be playing in the Super Bowl.
  3. Biermann is tough as nails but it would be nice to have a guy that can get to the QB like Abe in his prime. Good in the rotation but I don't think this guy will ever be the next Patrick Kerney some projected him to be.
  4. Awesome! I live in Charleston, thank you for your service and enjoy the playoffs!
  5. I hope we get the "bad" Seahawks, the ones that get blown out in games.
  6. I could go along with this as long as they don't get HFA.
  7. It might be tough to do that unless Carolina can't defend the run at all. Forecasting rain in the area, might be a tough day for the passing game.
  8. I might sit him against Carolina but Seattle is a funny team. When they're good they are more than capable of pulling off an upset with homefield advantage.
  9. Would love to have him but realistically can't see this happening. And whose to say we couldn't find a gem with one of the draft picks we'd have to give up?
  10. The play of William Moore this year has proved to me not to give up on a player after one year or an injury plagued season.
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