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  1. He has the same last name as the previous owners
  2. Even if the Jags were to pass on him(which is unlikely), someone would jump up ahead of us and snatch him at number 2.
  3. Would be cool if he ends up with the most pick 6s by a lb especially since Tuggle has the record for fumbles returned for tds by a lb
  4. Lets see how he does before deciding either way.
  5. During Peyton's last year as a Colt (the one that he was on IR the whole year) the Falcons played against the Colts in Indianapolis. Anyways, there were Colts fans there in Andrew Luck jerseys even though they had not drafted him and Peyton was still a Colt. I am not trying to contradict or prove you wrong. That just reminded me of it.
  6. Eric Bieniemy as HC and a Gregg Williams or Jim Schwartz type as DC
  7. They just saved me a bunch of money! I have been paying way too much for direct so that I can have Sunday ticket. I am going to be switching to another provider this week.
  8. Weird. 49ers went from being one of the youngest(12) to one of the oldest (29) teams per this article https://www.phillyvoice.com/ranking-nfl-teams-age-after-53-man-cutdowns-2020-edition-falcons-jaguars-eagles/
  9. shaquem griffin. At least give him a look. Lb play will be very important this year.
  10. Sounds promising. I think linebacker play will be crucial considering how Brees, Brady, and Bridgewater throw so many underneath passes
  11. I would be interested in a comparison of his production in the first of the season versus the second.
  12. It's creepy for sure. It's much better numbers than what I expected.
  13. I was trying to see if there are any rehabilitation updates for Keanu Neal and found a site that does sports injury predictions. I have no idea how accurate this site is or what data they use to make predictions. I just thought it was interesting. According to their site, he is low risk for injury and there is an 80% chance he will miss 4-5 or less games this upcoming season. Also according to the site there is a 49.2% chance he misses at least two quarters, that he will miss 0.7 games in 2020, and has a 4.1% chance of injury per game. I apologize if this has been shared before.
  14. I remember thinking we were about to give up a big play. Grimes corrected that for me.
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