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  1. PFF has him as #5 https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/grady-jarrett/9570 There is a reason why all sports media sites that have composed a respective list have him listed in top five best free agents.
  2. Hopefully, the Falcons will get his deal done soon.
  3. Does that factor in potential dead money for the cuts?
  4. He came into possession of Atlanta fair and square while playing a version of Monopoly he made up and plays by himself.
  5. I wish they would some sort of squat test at combine
  6. I wish they would add Kazee also.
  7. The NFL later admitted they missed several personal fouls on hits to Favre during the game including one that occurred during a red zone turnover. The missed calls were the only reason they won that game.
  8. Last years Bills game where Ryan threw a incomplete pass 15-20 yards down field and it was ruled a fumble and taken back for a TD. One of the Fox broadcasters (Charles Davis maybe) covered the Falcons game the next week and was still mad about that call.
  9. Sending money to Atlanta will teach the Falcons and their fans a lesson!
  10. Payton's reaction to hearing ref #60 may have some pills on him.
  11. There only championship came from missed calls in the NFC championship versus the Vikings. The nfl admitted later they missed multiple personal fouls on hits to Favre including one that occurred on a redzone pick. They are the last organization that needs to complain about missed calls because if it weren't for them, they would have no rings.
  12. Same person they pick in the third, fourth, and sixth rounds.
  13. They are coming from a spread offense and there has been alot of concerns in the last couple years about the learning curve for such lineman. The footwork is much different in spread offenses compared to NFL ones. Camps aren't as long as they used to be either. i don't know if it would be a good idea to have the whole right side of the line blocked by two rookies from spread offenses.
  14. Fournette has missed eleven games in two years. It probably won't get better considering his running style.
  15. I just saw a report saying that the Packers are interested in moving him. He is in the last year of his contract so he could be available on the cheap. Considering the Falcons current issues at safety, how would you feel about a move for Ha Ha as a temporary fix?