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  1. How are you able to get Sunday Ticket without Direct TV? I would love to be able to dump Direct Tv.
  2. Tuggle was actually in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) last year. I build an all Falcons team so it was pretty cool to have Tuggle and Grady on the field at the same time.
  3. As far as 2000 yards goes, one would now have to average 118 yards per game instead of 125 so its not a big difference
  4. But remember in 2015 when Brady agreed to significantly reduce his base salary? I am sure that had nothing to do Brady's suspension costing him a chunk of his base salary that year. He still was paid the rest of the money but it was moved to another year(and converted to signing bonus). Just because the move saved Brady millions of dollars doesn't mean he didn't do it "for the team." All sarcasm aside, I think this is part of why people believe Brady has done team friendly deals when in reality it was done only for his benefit.
  5. And they all fill needs at the same time (except MAYBE Pitts who is too good to pass up).
  6. Me too. He has actually worked in the field and is not just another talking hairdo (Dan Patrick would call them).
  7. TF will have to do a lot of salary cap magic for that to happen
  8. For what its worth, the people on NFL network are saying he is second round talent, so it sound like good value.
  9. Didn't Charles Davis have us picking that guy in the third(for what its worth)?
  10. Owusu-Koramoah, Moehrig, Onwuzurike, Williams, or Ojulari
  11. She could potentially be happy about the thought of you dating other women and potentially be excited about the thought of sister wives. My wife could potentially do the same.
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