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  1. I would be interested in a comparison of his production in the first of the season versus the second.
  2. It's creepy for sure. It's much better numbers than what I expected.
  3. I was trying to see if there are any rehabilitation updates for Keanu Neal and found a site that does sports injury predictions. I have no idea how accurate this site is or what data they use to make predictions. I just thought it was interesting. According to their site, he is low risk for injury and there is an 80% chance he will miss 4-5 or less games this upcoming season. Also according to the site there is a 49.2% chance he misses at least two quarters, that he will miss 0.7 games in 2020, and has a 4.1% chance of injury per game. I apologize if this has been shared before. For what it is worth: https://sportsinjurypredictor.com/player/keanu-neal/7516
  4. I remember thinking we were about to give up a big play. Grimes corrected that for me.
  5. In the state I live in, these charges have mandatory sentences that have to be served. No probation, diversion, etc
  6. This. The people who were mad at the pick because of the LSU game remind of the people on these boards who wanted us to draft Kevin Dodd in the first based on his performance in the BCS game versus Alabama. He lasted two years in the NFL
  7. We don"t. A great example of the "experts" not always being correct is the 2005 draft. Roddy was the SIXTH Wide receiver taken and none of the ones taken ahead of him had close to his career. The best receiver taken ahead of White was Braylon Edwards and he had about half the numbers Roddy did.
  8. First thing that comes to mind for me is the game versus Buffalo a couple years ago where Matt threw a incomplete pass down the field and it was ruled a fumble (recovered by the Bills) and replay upheld it. One of the announcers happened to cover the Falcons game the week afterwards and even he was still mad about it seven days later.
  9. There are too many variables from year to year to put any weight into SOS. Changes in roster, coaching staff, injuries, and sometime luck are a few of them
  10. Morris is my favorite coach on this staff. I am so happy they brought back over to the defensive side of ball.
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