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  1. I saw a video on Twitter that showed 21 other passes from Winston this year that could have been intercepted but were dropped by the defender.
  2. The same thing could have been said about Terance Mathis. I am not saying that he will come here and put up numbers like Mathis. I am just saying lets wait and see how he does on this team.
  3. Would anyone sign him right now considering they cannot have their doctors look at him first?
  4. Not for corners since there are multiple ones out there almost every defensive package.
  5. 16th highest paid cornerback (as of right now) is not average imo
  6. The media would focus on what went wrong in New Orleans and Tampa Bay
  7. I hope we add a veteran corner. We have alot of youth at corner. Maybe a Robey-Coleman type. His contract wasn't bad with the Rams. I don't know what his market value will be though.
  8. They gave him away because of his salary: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/denver-broncos/jurrell-casey-7796/ I don't think we could afford him
  9. The Ravens had too many good tight ends (Andrews, Boyle, and Hurst) for Hurst to shine there. Hopefully, Hurst can make a big impact for the Falcons.
  10. do we know for sure that the Falcons didn"t make an offer?
  11. After hearing this guy's story, I really want him to succeed. Would be even better if he had a great career as a dirtybird.
  12. Does our current cap space factor the increase or will we have an increase?
  13. As already mentioned, Brady was paid very little his first two contracts due to his draft position and the market value of qbs in 2002. Also, the Patriots have found ways to pay Brady that do not impact the salary cap: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/report-patriots-pay-a-brady-owned-company-run-by-suspect-partner/
  14. Great addition. Capela is 4th in the NBA in rebounds and 7th in blocked shots. His contract is reasonable and he didn't coast the Hawks alot to get.
  15. It would cause too much dead money, especially Trufant