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  1. Cutting Tru in 2020 would cost over 10 million in dead cap space.
  2. He could have saved alot of time he put into making that video and just said "I don;t know what I am talking about."
  3. Glad that is done.
  4. Capela is solid. I am not sure what the Rockets are thinking.
  5. I don't think it is "pile jumping" considering the names on the list. There seems to be a good correlation between this stat and good players.
  6. I don't know if this has already been discussed, but Olukun had the third highest tackle rate in the NFL last year behind only Vander Esch and Leonard per NFL Network. I am pretty excited about how good this defense could be if they can stay healthy.
  7. I was hoping Jordan Bone would go undrafted and the Hawks could scoop him.
  8. I didn't start listening to older music until college, so it makes sense
  9. I think your are right (missed bonus money eolling over). Gronk missed out on at least 2.2 million (maybe up to 2.1 mil more) in bonus money by himself.
  10. It says the Hawks have traded for him in post-draft analysis if you click on his name. https://www.espn.com/nba/draft/rounds
  11. You are probably right. I just hope they make a move with someone not interested in Culver.
  12. There are reports that the Pelicans are shopping the number four pick. I what the hawks reasonably offer them though..
  13. Why would the Pelicans have ever done that with the Lakers offer out there?
  14. I dunno, but i am pretty sure their rival is Morehead State.
  15. Will there be any sort of ceremony? I want to go if there is one.