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  1. That 91 secondary was my favorite until now. I remember in 86, the Falcons were facing the 0-13 Colts and still had a chance for the playoffs. The Colts blocked a punt at the end of the game to win it. Those were some awful years.
  2. Blank: You should wear a hat like mine. It drives the ladies crazy!
  3. The red ones that say "2017 Gritz Blitz" are pretty sweet also
  4. The Titans Stadium opened in 1999 and it had PSLs
  5. One that sticks out for me is when Reeves traded 2000 first round pick for 1999 second round pick. The Falcons picked up Reggie Kelly who spent moxt of his career with the Bengals. The 2000 first round pick ended up being the #5 pick overall which the Ravens used to get Jamal Lewis.
  6. I would be cool if they could do that and play during the offseaon to fill the void
  7. Beasley looked huge in that clip of him swinging a hammer at the soccer game that was on twitter
  8. Plus he has an arm length of about seven feet
  9. This site says the Falcons have a little over 23 million in cap space and espn says more like 18. It's weird how each site has a different number so who knows the real number. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/
  10. You are thinking of the franchise tag
  11. Come to think of it, I have never seen Bill Bellichick and Dennis Rodman at the same place at the same time. Dennis Rodman IS Bill Belichick. Peopl need to open their eyes to the TRUTH!
  12. Heath's Patriots Underoos are on too tight for hiim to understands things such as: 1. Julio Jones was still getting over turf toe. 2. The Falcons do not have to have Julio on the field evry play to move the ball 3. Players snaps are managed to get optimal performance
  13. I was going to guess it was "IheartRoddy"